May 232014

Question by Tupac: What are the specific laws of which we must move through the paths of the universe?
the law of the universe is the law of perception to consciousness in the mind as perceived of reality.
I flip a coin, there are two sides, you judge the chance of heads or tails as 50/50 because you perceive the coin to land two ways, but only at one time… else there would be more than one coin. Lets say if the law of the universe is that each time the coin must land on heads and tails but only one of these will be perceived by the observer… then how could you be cheating yourself by restricting your belief to an assumption that there is always a 50/50 chance to you? Could there be a way to choose which reality you want to observe? Of course your choice of reality would be restricted to what other observers expect to be realistic odds or 50/50… but if i kept observing 100% heads and choose that as my observation, and other observers kept track, would their record differ completely from moment to moment to my observation, yet to them always remain constant as 50/50 odds?
We observe something to either exist or not exist. We know for sure that consciousness exists because we observe ourselves to be so, but reality appears to be relative to observation, because what reality exists where there is not consciousness to observe? We assume that our thoughts manifest from consciousness, and that we progress from not knowing to knowing of things which exist that we do not know of, or unknown possibilities from there being “odds” of something happening each day we do not know of, after we know, then it is a past event which has happened.
Could we be “there” in a sense, and our perception of being separate from others could be called “it”. So when we observe others we talk about “it”, or our perceived separate ness from others. It appears to me that “it” is simply the odds of something happening. So I see the universe could be viewed as many paths of which for each “possibility” that could happen, and the universe being infinite and timeless, is perceived through a filter of being finite and progressing through the paths of the universe according to specific laws.
For each choice you had, there had to be paths for each you may have chosen, as there must be for each choice you will have.
So if we have specific laws of which we must move through the universe, then how are we any different than planets who must follow their orbits?

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Answer by John
Mine is a two cent theory as any and all has to fall heads or tails, laws will be broken in all respects and eventually changed! Life is not based on luck but the energy of love! Its your choice how you spend your time!

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Apr 122014

Question by Sridhar: Must he study Science and Mathematics?
I might have asked this question to a narrower audience, but I am too lazy to search such a forum. I apologise to all those for whom this message is a bother.

I know a 12 standard (grade) student studying in Chennai, India. The question he has is – Must he have the science and mathematics in his 12th, if he wants to do a graduate degree in Science in India. (B Sc. Physics, or Bsc. Maths.)

Second Question –
Are Science and Maths required if he wants to join the Indian Airforce?

(Again, I apologise to the majority to whom this question might be irrelevant. Maybe you can tell me if this is possible in your country / university.)

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Answer by lexie
I’m not completely sure I understand the school system you are refering to. In my experience a 12th grader would benefit from the extra science and math courses if he intents to continue in that field as a graduate student.

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Mar 172013

Question by Archie Bunker: Why must we live a long life and then die in order for us to go into the presence of God?
And why won’t God allow flesh and blood to inherit the kingdom of heaven,Adam and eve had flesh and blood bodies when God first created them.So why is it that we have to die in order for us to enter in to heaven?

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Answer by Dimestore Psycho
Because we just had to eat that darn forbidden fruit.

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Nov 282012

Question by Serenity: What sort of courses must you take to become a Psychiatrist?
You need an understanding in Psychology, obviously.
You also need Chemistry, I’m sure – but what sort of Chemistry? What would you learn in the class?
And I’ve also heard Neuroscience – but what is this, exactly? Is that the chemistry of the brain…. or…..?
I’m curious about what it takes to obtain this career.

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Answer by White Russian
You have to become a medical doctor first so take Chemistry and Biology in school for a start.

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Sep 032012

Question by : Why God must made me so unique (Interests, Passion, Beliefs & Music) that I am hated and despised by everyone?
For the past 23 years of my life on Earth, I have never been a happy person. I hate my life, I am a Social Outcast and a Loner. I am very sure that I will die alone and rot in my house and nobody will know that I have already been dead for 3 weeks until my neighbour smell my rotting corpse from my house.

Not only am I hated in schools, as I grew older, I am also hated in the workplace, churches and public places. Wherever I go, I am hated and despised by everyone. When people see me, they will either avoid me or stay away from me as far away as possible.

I really hate this world! Nobody except my Grandma is good to me. Everyone is “Bastards.” I hate all of these people and my colleagues for what they have done to me! I never forgive and I never forget for what they have done and said to me!

I also have problems communicating with people because I just could not click with them. I just do not belong to the 21st century. The reason is because of my Unique Interests, Passion, Beliefs & Music:

Interests and Passion:

”History of Singapore – ” Colonial Singapore (1819 – 1942), The Battle for Singapore, The Japanese Occupation, The Sook Ching Massacre and History of the Places & Roads in Singapore.”

British Military in Singapore – Underground bunkers, Gun Batteries, Artillery guns, Forts, Machine Gun posts, Pillboxes and Secret Tunnels build by the British Military

History of England – ”The Middle Ages, Tudor England, Stuart England, The English Civil War, The American Revolutionary War, Home front in Britain during WWII & Children of WWII.”

History of America – ”Life in Colonial America, The 13 Colonies, The American Revolutionary War and The American Civil War.”

WWII – ”WWII in Europe, Battle of Britain, D-Day Invasion, The Holocaust, Pearl Harbour Attack, WWII in the Pacific, American troops in the Pacific and Europe.”


Mysteries: Bermuda Triangle, Stonehenge, Easter Island, The Mayans, Mysterious places of the World, Strange Monuments of the World

Strange Pyramids of the World, Lost Civilizations, Cities of the Underworld, Underwater Cities, Unexplained & Unsolved mysteries and Phenomenon,

Portal (gateway) to other Dimensions (another world)

Ancient Mysteries: Standing Stones & Spheres in Orkney Islands, Scandinavia,
Carnac (Brittany; France), Mystery Hill in the north of Boston, Stone globes in Diquis Delta of Costa Rica, Stonehenge & Avebury, Sacsayhuaman and Easter Island.

Lost Lands and Secrets: Lyonesse (off the Scilly isles), Atland (off the Netherlands), Atlantis, Thera (volcanic island near Crete), Lemuria, Shangri-La, Centre of the Earth, Crop Circles and Time travel.

Lost Civilizations: Atlantis, Crete, Lemuria, the Minoans, the Aztecs, Incas and the Mayans

Disappearances: Bermuda Triangle, Mary Celeste, the mystery of Devil’s Bridge, Missing at Sea, Land and Air.

Lake Monsters: Loch Ness Monster, Sea Serpents and Lake Monsters, Mokele, Mbembe, Mysteries of Water Monsters,

UFOs & Aliens

Extra Sensory Perception: 6th Sense (also called ESP), Déjà vu, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Premonitions, Dreams, Precognition, Recognition, Telekinesis, Ability to see Ghosts,

Near-death experiences, Out-of-Body experiences, Psychics, Fortune Telling and Crystals.

Paranormal: The Supernatural, The Afterlife, Ghosts, Hauntings – “Haunted Houses, Castles, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Places, Hospitals, Battlefields, Highway and Roads ”
Spirituality: Fairies, Pixies, Elves, Dragons, Unicorns


Colonial America Folk Songs, American Revolution Songs, Folk Music of England, Middle Ages Music, Renaissance Music, Baroque Music, An Irish Party in Third Class (Irish Folk Song),

Danny Boy, Celtic Music, 1930s – 1940s songs, Hooked on Swing Dancing, Elvis Presley, Operas and Charlotte Church.

Because my Interests, Passion, Beliefs & Music are so different from other people, people find that I am a freak and an abnormal person.

I really want to know why God must made me in such a way that the Society cannot accept me? Why must God made life so miserable and difficult for me? My mother should not have even bring me into this world. So, is this my mother’s fault or God’s fault?

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Answer by Jesse
This looks like a sad dating profile. If god does exist, it is obviously his fault. He probably doesn’t, so most likely not his fault. You can still enjoy the things you enjoy and have friends, but you do need to meet people half way. Also, hate is a wasted emotion. Good luck to you.

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Jan 312011

UPDATE 2-U.S., Japan must spell out plans to cut debt-IMF
* U.S. and Japan must spell out budget-cutting plans now * Fickle markets could turn; Europe’s cuts on track * U.S. postpones tightening in favor of tax cuts (Adds details from news conference) WASHINGTON, …
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Blackpool sign Reid and Beattie
LONDON – BLACKPOOL signed Republic of Ireland midfielder Andy Reid from Sunderland for an undisclosed fee and also landed Rangers striker James Beattie on loan on Monday. Reid made just 70 appearances during an unsuccessful spell at Sunderland following his move from Charlton in January 2008 and spent part of this season on loan at Championship club Sheffield United.
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U.S. Japan must spell out plans to cut debt – IMF
The United States and Japan urgently need to spell out plans for cutting their budget deficits before financial markets turn on them and force borrowing costs higher the IMF warned on Thursday.
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Oct 082010

Question by “You’ve Got Fail”: When will atheists accept the chromatics deviltries of the world peace? How we must pyridine as one.?

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Answer by The Truth Hurts! Ouch!
Do you need to borrow a plunger?

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