Jun 102014

Question by irishumanist: Is the search for REAL answers to life’s mysteries more gratifying than simply blindly accepting ancient dogma
Is there anybody else who feels an absolute joy and sense wonder and fulfillment when learning about the true scientific reasons for the how the universe and everything that is in it came to be ?

Do you feel an immense sense of wonder and amazement when you contemplate the sky at night and marvel at all we have learnt about our orgins and existance and all that there is still to know ?

Finally do you think that this joy and wonder is far superior to simply accepting ancient dogmatic myths as a way of explaining the world around us

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Answer by nikola333

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Dec 302013

Question by STARR: Site and book that will help me learn more about Wicca?
I’ve recently become interested in Wicca. I’m thinking of converting since I never felt comfortable with being Christian. My great grand mother use to practice Wicca all the time. But I obviously can’t ask her about it since she is dead.

Is there any sites or books that will help me learn more about it? Prayers and such. Thank you!

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Answer by MissDementia
Go to http://witchvox.com/ to start. It’s the largest and oldest Pagan/Wiccan/Heathen site on the net and has useful information and contact information for people of all the old faith paths. They also have a lot of recommendations for study and you can interact with others of the faith through the site.

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Dec 122013

Question by David L: what are the more general schools of philosophic thought of today which are popular?
I though philsophies could be categorized as either Logical Positivist, or Rationalist for the most part, then I suppose Mystic as well, but I read that Logical Positivist is outdated, and I am puzzled by that.

So what are the current general world views or perspectives in philosophy?

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Answer by two11ll
The most popular one I know is Chuck’s School of Philosophical Thought and Bicycle Repair Shop.

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Nov 212013

Question by simple: Do you think Physics or Math is more difficult?
Not “for you” (i know you are all smart out there :) but in general, apples to apples – which is the more difficult science? I think physics is hands down – you really have to be smart to do physics.

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Answer by US Girl
phisics is definitly more difficult
couse one suppose to know math to undertand phisics and for math U don;t need phisiscs
so phisics is like double

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Nov 132013

Question by Sian: Which course is more important when applying for Life Sciences: Physics or Calculus?
Hi, I’m planning my grade twelve courses now (I go to an Ontario high school) and I’m debating whether I should take SPH4U (Physics) or MCV4U (Calculus and Vectors). I want to apply to McMaster and UTM (University of Toronto, Mississauga) for the Life Sciences undergraduate program. Which do these universities look for more and which will better prepare me?

P.S. I’m in the International Baccalaureate Diploma program which doesn’t give me enough space to take both, I’m gonna be taking this in summer school as it is :D

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Answer by oklatonola
Calculus. Physics is APPLIED calculus IRL.

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Oct 012013

Question by Gabrielle Mccartney: Is Hiromu Arakawa going to make any more Fullmetal Alchemist?
As the title reads, I was wondering if the author, Hiromu Arakawa, was going to write any more to the Fullmetal series. I read most of the manga, saw the first version of Fullmetal Alchemist, and my brother and I just finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It was amazing! We were just curious and hoping, as our favorite anime just came to an end. We want more! (:

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Answer by Kurama4Ever!
Well unfortunately the series is over. However, there is an OVA movie. Funimation has already shown a premiere screening of the subtitled version and is currently in the process of dubbing it.

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Apr 232013

Question by Fundy Patrol: Is it strange that Anglicans have been more conservative in some matters of theology than Catholics have?
Anglicans may be more socially liberal, but examples of where they’ve been more in keeping with the ancient church include- infant Eucharist, manner of administering sacraments, and real presence.

Infant Eucharist is a practice that the Roman church stopped, but the eastern church never did. England re-instituted it.

Real presence is the older view of the Eucharist, leaving it a mystery, and not transubstantiation.

Also the Bishops recently voted to remove the filioque from the creed, returning to the more ancient usage.

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Answer by Tolstoyevsky
You are in error. Or psychotic. I’m still not certain.

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Feb 272013

Question by nino: Does more general knowledge give people more consciousness?
What do you think is the amount of consciousness in the average person?… and yours?

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Answer by Jill E
I don’t think general knowledge has any connection to levels of consciousness.

A person who cannot read or write could be operating on a higher level of consciousness then a University Graduate.

It is more about the attaining of wisdom, the ability to see the whole picture, to learn from others, to live with awareness, to see long horizons ….

It is not possible to define the amount of consciousness in the average person, as there is no average person.


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