Nov 042013

Question by American citizen and taxpayer: Is it possible that all moments in time exist simultaneously?
I remember reading something about this in a science article, concerning physics.

Can anyone explain this concept? Does it apply only at the smallest subatomic level?

Is the human conception of time somehow at variance with the laws of physics?

Any information would be helpful. thanks.

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Answer by StormXibalba
This sounds interesting but i think my brain exploded too complicated for me

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Mar 012013

Question by : what were your favourite moments of fullmetal alchemist brotherhood?
it can be funny, sad, serious, anything that caught your attention .

for me it was when mustang was in episodes 53 & 54full of vengeance and he almost killed envy, another one of my favourite moments was in episode 62 when the soldiers and alchemists went all out on Father

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Answer by Sebby ♥’s sнιzzy-beαr
Omg, I loved Roy Mustang when he was all “DIE ENVY!” And shooting fire at him. Was it just me, or did Mustang look even more sexy when he was pissed?

And I also loved in the last episode when Edward proposed to Winry and then in the ending credits it showed a picture of Edward and Winry holding babies :D It was soooo cute!

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May 082011

Click Here to watch part 2 first: This time around I tried something new with uploading these videos. I uploaded the original part 2 to Machinima and made a super speshul part 2.5 just for you guys. This way you dont gotta go searching through the tons of machinima videos and you’ll be alerted when I make a video by staying subscribed to me :D Believe it or not I gotta make a living too so that’s why some episodes may appear on Machinima and pretty much everything else will appear on my channel. Anyways this episode around I tried something new, instead of just gameplay with text comments by me I added some “fitting” music overlay. Let me know if you think it contributed to the lulz or it just got distracting. Lastly I’m finally getting my new computer soon so hopefully the next part 3 – 10 will be in pure HD and look amazing. Until then no need to flame me with angry comments about making more videos, I’ll make what I can when I can. Hope you guys enjoy :D -Criken
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Oct 162010

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