Jun 192014

Question by lone dissenter: Modern science, history, geology, biology, and physics have failed to convince you otherwise does some idiot?
Modern science, history, geology, biology, and physics have failed to convince you otherwise, is some idiot rolling around on the floor speaking in “tongues” all the evidence you need to “prove” Christianity

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Answer by The Former Yoshi
when you put it that way….

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Apr 302014

Question by Black Christian Scientologist: How could the Hindu Ancients know what Modern Science has just recently determined without instruments?
The Ancient Hindu prophets allegedly wrote that the Earth rests on the backs of four elephants, which stand on the back of a giant turtle, which itself stands on nothing but mud.

These were people who would have to explain what they had determined about the universe in a form that the people of their time would understand.

The elephant was their strongest beast of burden. Therefore they represented some mighty supporting force. Elephants are sentient; that they would consent to stand on a turtle’s back without wandering off implied that something unimaginable (since they are not depicted as being tied up with rope or something) was keeping them in place.

The turtle might be tough enough to support four elephants on its shell and four legs.
It stands in mud which consists of particles fine beyond Human ken to perceive.
The turtle stands on four legs.

Modern Nuclear Physics has said that all existence rests on or consists of Four Entities, which are the Strong Force, the Weak Force. Electromagnetism, and Gravity. These themselves consist of something too fine to be determined by current theory and technology.

The Four Legs of the Four Elephants makes sixteen legs in all.

The Three Generations of Matter- what everything is made up of- consists of:

SIX types of Quarks, EIGHT types of Leptons, and FOUR types of Bosons.

They aren’t evenly distributed among the Four Beasts, but maybe that was as close as the Ancients could get. (Always presuming, of course, that our infallible Modern science can NEVER be wrong!)

Was there a better way for the Ancient Prophets to have explained this?
Don Juan Matus said when Carlos Castaneda showed him the Tibetan Book of the Dead, that their Lamas must have decided that it didn’t matter what they said, so they wrote up a load of nonsense that wasn’t true, because everyone has to *see* for themselves.

One might ask what use Ancients might have of Nuclear Physics.

. SCIENTOLOGY AXIOMS 1-12. L. Ron Hubbard

Life is basically a Static.
Definition: a Life Static has no mass, no motion,
no wavelength, no location in space or in time.
It has the ability to postulate and to perceive.
2. The Static is capable of Considerations, Postulates, and Opinions.
3. Space, Energy, Objects. Form and Time are the result of Considerations
made and/or agreed upon or not by the Static,
and are perceived solely because the Static considers that it can perceive them.
4. Space is a Viewpoint of Dimension.
5. Energy consists of postulated particles in Space.
6. Objects consist of grouped particles and solids.
7. Time is basically a postulate that Space and particles will persist.
8. The apparency of Time is the change of position of particles in space.
9. Change is the primary manifestation of Time.
10. The Highest Purpose in this Universe is the Creation of an Effect.


(a) AS-IS-NESS is the condition of immediate creation without persistence,
and is the condition of existence which exists at the moment of creation
and the moment of destruction, and is different from other considerations
in that it does not contain survival.
(b) ALTER-IS-NESS is the consideration which introduces change
and therefore time and persistence, into an AS-IS-NESS
to obtain persistency.
(c) IS-NESS is an apparency of existence brought about
by the continuous alteration of an AS-IS-NESS.
This is called, when agreed upon, Reality.
(d) NOT-IS-NESS is the effort to handle IS-NESS
by reducing its condition through the use of force.
It is an apparency and cannot entirely vanquish an IS-NESS.
12. The Primary Condition of any Universe is that
two Spaces, Energies, or Objects must not occupy the same Space.
When this condition is violated (Perfect Duplicate)
the Apparency of any Universe or any part thereof is nulled.

(I had originally thought to leave out this concept that also fits into the Four Fundamental Forces Theory that I tried to the “Turtle.”) Well, if you want to multiply five “Big Macs” to feed 5,000 men (besides women and kids), transform water to wine, and instantly heal illnesses and maimed limbs, you would need to know something on this at least this level- don’t you think?

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Answer by JESUS IS GOD
The Lord GOD has given me the tongue of those who are taught,
that I may know how to sustain with a word him that is weary.
Morning by morning he wakens, he wakens my ear to hear as those who are taught.
The Lord GOD has opened my ear,
and I was not rebellious, I turned not backward.
I gave my back to the smiters,
and my cheeks to those who pulled out the beard;
I hid not my face from shame and spitting.

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Apr 082014

Question by Sirius: Did The Ancients Know About Flight Before Modern Man?
The mahabarata tells of prehistoric vehicles that fly and show as radiant as the sun these vehicles were called Vimanas by the ancient Hindus. These beings that would step out would look just like a Hindu as if the Creator of all things sends you a angel of your bloodline.

The sumerian story of Gilgamesh points out that he meet Noah of the Hebrews but calls him Utpishtim, Gilgamesh the giant also goes to a place that he can seen shine as bright as the sun which I assume to be Atlantis or a place where these gods where dwelling. During his journey with Enkidu threw the water he tells of Flying fiery Chariots that pass over his head oppisite of the direction he is going. Toward babylon where Noah/Utpishtim came from.

Enkidu is taking to Nibiru (another planet) by gods who were from the place Gilgamesh sees showing brightly as the sun, which I assume to be Atlantis , in the tallons of a Eagle Enkidu was taken up, The reason I know he was in outer space because he gives details as what the earth looked like way above the firaments. He says the earth looked like a mill path and the water as a water troph. He goes on and says it also looked as a Jiggsaw puzzle, modern day astronauts of Nasa say the same exact thing.

Native American and Mayans among many other indian tribes tell of beings that rode in the sky in star ships and dwelled on a planet among the star constellation of the pleiades. Kukukalcan and Quetzocoalt were said to be bearded men of light skin similar to the tone of a indian mayan.

Enoch of the Cushites have tales of him being brought among the constellation Orion (heaven) by gods who rode in creatures that showed as light and smoked as a furnace, the same thing happend to Elijah of the Shemite/Hebrews 200 years later. The thing is that these gods where said to look as men with dazzling appereal on. They called these men mighty men of Yahweh, these men were said to be as a black man.

The egyptians along the Nile have tales of Mighty highly advanced beings that flew in the heavens in fiery boats. They called these beings Zep Tepi.

Long runway like markings runs for 1000 of miles in the deserts of Peru, they date back 2,000 years ago when the ancient nascans dwelled thier. Legends say that gods came down who was similar to the nascans with extraterrestrials and landed and used these fields to ride and practice thier flight in there ships.

The stonehenge has always been a mystery I beleive the european giants built it to make contact with angelic alien men who rode in spaceships and looked like them.

So do you beleive the ancients knew about flight before mordern man?

Ecclesiastes 1:11

The Old Testament says nothing is new

9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

10 Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us.

11 There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after.


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Answer by markar
Hello,,only after looking back over their shoulder did anyone discover the future.

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Sep 282013

Question by : The Hindu and Buddhist traditions had already said all about what the modern philosophers tried to say?
Philosophers like Descartes, Plato, Socrates, Kant and so on came after the Hindu and Vedic traditions and these guys just involuntarily plagiarised philosophies that are said in Hinduism about the nature of reality but these modern philosophers get all the credit for what was said in the Vedas and Upanishads. Why is that?

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Answer by Grip Tail
arent hindu and buddhist still two of the biggest religions in the world? i think they are getting their credit

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Aug 312013

Question by Rox Tarr: Why modern inventions are not mentioned in ancient scriptures ?
e.g. electric bulb, car, train, nuclear power, TV, fridge etc ?.. Since god knows everything, scriptures of all religions should have mentioned these. How believers can explain this ?

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Answer by Ben Huddleston
because if god corrupts the timeline he may never have been born

“great scott”

“i know this is heavy”

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Aug 162013

Question by handyman: Could modern detective work solve many an ancient mystery?


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Answer by Ratto
Of course.
Imagine how Jack the Ripper would be caught if there was DNA and finger printing!

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Jan 202012

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Jan 172012

Question by SwiftKill: ancient civilizations in modern times?
With some many civilizations being advanced beyond what we would have ever thought, Is it not possible that perhaps an ancient Greek civilization would have colonized the moon already?

I mean the original pyramids in Egypt are still a mystery. Even the Egyptians wonder who built these before them, Mimicking them was easy, start with a square base and build up.
I guess my point is being missed here…
the dark ages was basically a time when most of everything we had learned about math and science was lost.. this is hundreds of years of no advancing.. america became an electronic/computer superhouse in the blink of any eye,
but with the time these civilizations would have had, how could they not have advanced faster than the rest?

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Answer by bayu p
Well… That’s mysteries, maybe you should read Eirich Von Daniken’s book or googling for Ancient Astronaut Mysteries.

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Jan 152012

Question by Primate: What do you think of mysticism in the modern age?
I have a romantic notion of the alchemists and mystics of old. The whole practice of mysticism seems to be quite redundant and socially unacceptable in modern times.

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Answer by Zach
Have you heard the difference between a psychotic and a mystic? The mystic knows who not to talk to…

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