Jan 082012

Arthur wants to know why everyone keeps betraying him”
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EPIC new pictures have been released for Merlin series 4 featuring Morgana Le Fay, Merlin, Arthur, the Knights, Morgause, Gwaine, Lancelot, Elyan, and Guinevere. They are STUNNING and so beautiful. Honestly I was like jhfbvhjwevfbwj when I found them! Hope you enjoy watching! Music is Brand X ‘Lost Kingdom’ *fangirl hyperventilating*

Jan 082012

Merlin returns for a fourth season. Star Colin Morgan assures us that, even with the Knights around, Merlin will remain at Arthur’s side, and also reveals that this year the boy wizard will be in “fight mode”! Click here for all the latest Merlin news, reviews and interviews: www.digitalspy.co.uk
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Jan 072012

Question by I love you Lawliet <3: In what episode of Merlin did he call the dragon while running away with Lancelot?
It was in season 4 and Merlin was like running away with Lancelot because they were being chased I believe and there was this really awesome scene where Merlin just yells out for the dragon with Lancelot right next to him and yeah it was just freaking awesome.

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Answer by Isabelle
It was a scene from Episode 2 “The Darkest Hour”, Part 2 in Season 4. I really loved that scene, too! I actually like any scene when Merlin speaks in dragon tongue.

Here is the scene on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUQxkX392-c

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