Nov 112013

Question by : What are the requirements to get into Harvard Medical School?
I’ve just finishing up my first year at UVa and have a 4.0. I’ve been taking many science classes, and plan on doing a double major of Biology and Chemistry. I’m also getting involved with a neuroscience lab that meets every morning. What are my chances?

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Answer by PE2008
Pretty slim, because the competition is so fierce.

If you keep up the 4.0 GPA, and do well in the MCAT, you’ll probably get into at least one Medical School. But if you don’t get into Medical School you will regret Majoring in Biology and Chemistry. Bioprocess Engineering or Chemical Engineering would be better.

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Jul 042013

Question by Ilookbutdontseeihearbutnotlisten: Can a computer science major go to medical school?
Okay so my passion is computer science but I’d like to use that in helping people, could I go to college and major in computer science and physics and then go to medical school?

What would I have to do? And how? Sorry I’m pretty new to this o.o I don’t really get a lot of the things online I’m the first one to go to college in my family so I don’t know a lot of college terms like ba, bs, ms? aa? I just want to make computer help people since they’re so much fun >.>’ sorry if this was a dumb question I just don’t really understand medical school I hardly understand how college works o.o I’m in high school

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Answer by Micheal
According to my point of view computer science is very good.Because now a days technology become very popular and it play an important role in the every part of life.Computer field is very huge and provide you many opportunities and jobs.

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Apr 292013

Question by Kim: Can you use a biomedical engineering major to go to medical school?
I know that med school requirements are basically biology, chemistry, physics, calculus and english. I would like to know if I majored in biomedical engineering if i could use that to go to medical school and eventually become a neurologist. I know there are neuroscience and biology majors out there, but I just want to have a useful degree if I decide to change my mind at the end of the four years.

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Answer by steam3

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Mar 192013

Question by joshmosh: Can i be a doctor without having taken medical classes in highschool?
I am a junior in high school this year and i realized i want to be a doctor.
my classes are all ap and honors. im taking alot of science classes including physics,marinescience,chemistry,and ap enviormental. but i have never taken med classes. is it still possible for me realisticly to become an internal medicine specialist or a surgeon?

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Answer by Arbitrary Person
Most high schools don’t offer medically related classes (maybe anatomy). You’re on the right track, taking science classes. You have to earn a Bachelor’s degree before you go to medical school anyway.

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Jan 102013

Question by alexisann87: What should I study in college in order to do medical research as a career?
I am really interested in Neurology and doing research in that field but the school I’m going to now doesn’t have a neuroscience program. My major is currently Chemistry. Will that give me enough background to get into a good Neuroscience graduate program?

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Answer by Aeryn Sun
either that or biology.

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Nov 292012

Question by Dav479: What are my chances of medical school admissions with these grades?
I have 4.0 gpa at Community college. i have 3.47gpa at UCLA. I am a neuroscience and general Biology double major.
what if gpa is raised to 3.54?

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Answer by TrumpetGurliee
around 0% if you have a 3.4 at UCLA you need a 4.0 to be even considered for medical school

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Dec 232011

Question by .: Would a major in neuroscience be good if i’m planning on going to medical school?
Would it make my application stand out? What major would you recommend? I was thinking of doing a double major, maybe biology and psychology. I want to be a psychiatrist, so I want to study the brain as much as possible.

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Answer by kim
If you are good at neuroscience then yes. It doesn’t matter what you study so much. Your GPA is a little more important. Also from all the medical schools that I have spoken to, they don’t mind what you take so long as you took the pre-req.s and did well in them.
In this time I would say if you find it fascinating then yes study it, if it is so so then no. They are looking over the same application basically everyday. Do what you find interesting now because when you get to medical school you don’t have a lot of wiggle room for picking what you want to study.

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Dec 022011

Question by African Stig: Would human biology or neuroscience be more helpful for medical school?
I’m interested in being a transplant or neurosurgeon, I know I’ll change possibly, but i don’t want to pick a major that would be a complete waste and put me behind in med school(if I got in).

Human Biology major encompasses EVERYTHING to do with the body including advanced human anatomy and physiological courses, but neuroscience has more pre-med courses already in the curriculum and I’m interest in the brain.

I would like some insight please! Thanks

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Answer by EDL
You are best to ask the med schools you are interested in what they require.

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Jul 282011

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