Apr 122014

Question by Sridhar: Must he study Science and Mathematics?
I might have asked this question to a narrower audience, but I am too lazy to search such a forum. I apologise to all those for whom this message is a bother.

I know a 12 standard (grade) student studying in Chennai, India. The question he has is – Must he have the science and mathematics in his 12th, if he wants to do a graduate degree in Science in India. (B Sc. Physics, or Bsc. Maths.)

Second Question –
Are Science and Maths required if he wants to join the Indian Airforce?

(Again, I apologise to the majority to whom this question might be irrelevant. Maybe you can tell me if this is possible in your country / university.)

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Answer by lexie
I’m not completely sure I understand the school system you are refering to. In my experience a 12th grader would benefit from the extra science and math courses if he intents to continue in that field as a graduate student.

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Jan 132013

Question by Supply Side Jesus: What are the most mind boggling problems in current mathematics?
For example, in Physics we don’t know WHY the physical constants are what they are. We don’t know WHY gravity is an inherent property of all mass. We don’t know what came before the Big Bang, if anything, or even if that question makes sense. In Neuroscience we don’t even appear to be close to having either a workable conceptual or physical model of consciousness.

So, what are some similar mind boggling, unsolved problems in modern mathematics?

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Answer by Bruce lee
Is 0^0 undefined or 1 ?

Do odd perfect numbers exist ?

Are there infinitely many Fibonacci primes?

For more:


Hoope this helps
Feel free 2 email me if u have any more questions !!

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Nov 242011

Question by KEVIN D: If the bible was filled with Science,Physics, and mathematics and not religious dogma?
What would the world be like?

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Answer by kappalokka
Religious con-men would find another way to steal from the ignorant.

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Sep 252010

Question by Terminator: Is it normal to love Mathematics and hate Science(Physics, Chemistry, and Biology)?

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Answer by ClicketyClack
Normal is a subjective term. It’s not unusual, however!! : P

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Sep 212010

Question by SUp1: Marine Biology, Computer Science, Physics, Aerospace Engineering, and Mathematics?
These are the possible majors that interest me. But I am still uncertain of what major to go for. Does anyone know any possible jobs that a person can get with these majors, average salaries, and any positives/negatives about them as well.

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Answer by eri
Marine bio – major in biology in college and do marine biology in grad school. Not a very high salary for someone with a PhD, which you’ll almost certainly need, and no, you won’t be working with dolphins.

Computer science – pays pretty well, you’d probably be doing programming or network security somewhere. You can do that with a bachelors or masters.

Physics – pays pretty well with a bachelors, can lead to many grad programs – physics, astronomy, geophysics, biophysics, physical chemistry, engineering. With bachelors, masters, and/or PhD, you could work for colleges, national labs, NASA, research and development, companies like Sony, GE, IBM, nuclear power companies, and many others.

Aerospace engineering – work with planes and rockets. Highest paying major with only a bachelors degree. Very employable.

Mathematics – applicable to many fields.

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Jun 272010

Question by Thuystar: I enjoy science [physics, bio, chem, you name it] and mathematics, so what should I study in university?
I can’t think of any career that I would enjoy. I’ve contemplated engineering but im not really keen on it anymore.

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Answer by Castle
Study medicine if you like science. Highly paid jobs in medicine eg doctors and dentists

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