Mar 092014

Question by helen: What kind of jobs can you get with a Masters in Neuroscience?
I am thinking of getting a bachelors in Neuroscience at UCSC and then getting a masters in UCB. What type of jobs can I get and do I have to get a Phd?

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Answer by iluvaaron<3
You can probably go into medical research if you are interested. I hear a lot of corporate companies are hiring neuroscience majors as well.

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Feb 262014

Question by Rachel: PhD vs. Masters in Neuroscience?
I am a 3rd year undergraduate student double majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology with a Biology minor. I am interested in going on to graduate school in the field of Neuroscience. Is it worth it to get the PhD or just get a Masters degree? Many jobs require only a Masters, but any graduate student in the schools I am interested in receive a full scholarship plus a decent stipend. I feel like I might as well go for the PhD. isn’t very helpful when looking for jobs in this field. I want to do research! Is this a high demand area?

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Answer by mboles22
You need to understand that degrees in any subject do not necessarily translate into a specific job. So you are not going to see a listing on Monster for a Neuroscientist.

Most people pursue a PhD because they want to do research and secondly teach at a post-secondary institution. If you’re interested in this then go for the PhD. Especially if you want to be the person in charge, the big boss, the head honcho.

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Feb 252014

Question by Beth: Forensic Science degree program, with Masters in Forensic Psychology?
Since I do not have a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice (my B.S. degree is in Business) I am hoping a few people with experience in teaching Criminal Justice at the undergraduate or graduate level can help me.

I desire to go into Forensic Psychology at the Masters level. I may need to take a few lower level classes in psychology since I’ve been a business major for the last 7 years.

However, If I go into Forensic Science at the PhD level, what will I need to do (as in classes) to better prepare myself (after I attain my Masters)? I know that the psychology would help me.

Would a certain class in math help, perhaps calculus? Would taking physics or chemistry be a requirement to obtain a undergraduate degree in Forensic Science?

(If physics or chemistry is requirement at the undergraduate level, I better take it now).

My mind works in details and I know that I know that I know that I want to do investigative work. I analyze like crazy. Any information would help greatly.
Tink, thanks so much. Randy C, you put a lot of time in for those degrees. I did find out that,

“People interested in careers as science technicians (such as forensic scientists) should [take/have] a background in applied chemistry, physics, and math is vital.” Got this from

I guess I better take a few classes in chemistry and physics. I do not want to wait to take these later. The good thing about this is

“Jobs for forensic science technicians are expected to increase much faster than the average.” from

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Answer by Tink
If you want to do forensic psych you better go for a PhD.
A masters will get you nothing. Its the consolation prize for not kjumping for the ring…and people in the field know that its practically worthless.

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Apr 192013

Question by John: if i do a double degree could i do a masters in either?
I want to do a double degree – computer science (majoring software systems) and science (majoring in physics). If i decided i wanted to pursue science for example, could i do a master of science majoring in physics?

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Answer by Nygdan
You’ve already asked this question and had it answered here:;_ylt=ApQn_uJlLi0l425J3UncPAnsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120810091055AATv0od

If you want to do a Physics Masters program, then having a Physics undergrad major is what you need, regardless of whether it’s part of a double major, and vice versa.

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Dec 022012

Question by L A: At the masters level, what is the best route of study for the Science of Consciousness?
I already have a bachelors in chemistry, and am interested in the study of consciousness. Any suggestions?? Specific Programs??

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Answer by Jt
Science of Consciousness seems more of a Physics field. As some people believe consciousness arrives from the quantum world, they call it ‘quantum consciousness.’ I’d like to suggest getting a degree in Theoretical Physics rather than chemistry if you’d like to study ‘indirectly’ consciousness.

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Nov 082012

Question by Steven TJ: Where can I study a combined Masters’ Degree in Actuarial Science and Theoretical Physics?
Is there such a degree?

Which College/University offers it?

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Answer by eri
You can’t; no college offers a degree like that. The two fields are not even distantly related, and have very different pre-requisite coursework demands. You can do the masters separately, but since again, they aren’t related, there’s no point in having both since you wouldn’t need both for a job. And ‘theoretical physics’ is a way of approaching physics, not a field of physics, so most schools would just call it a masters in physics. You won’t be doing much theory (not new theory, anyway) at the masters level.

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Aug 142012

Question by : Masters in Physics, science undergrad?
I’m an undergraduate student with a major in science. I’m wondering if it’s possible for me to apply and be accepted into a masters program for Physics even though my undergrad isn’t physics. I do have to take quite a lot of math and some physics for my science major, but I’m not sure if that would help.

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Answer by Arbitrary Person
Look up the requirements of physics programs. Often times, you need a significant number of courses in physics, but your undergrad degree doesn’t have to be physics. If you have time, change your major now.

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Feb 172012

Question by : Can a biomedical engineer get a masters in neuroscience?
I really like the brain and studying it is what I really want. So, is it possible for me to get a bachelors in biomedical engineering and a masters in neuroscience? thanks :)

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Answer by Prof. Cochise
That is wonderful preparation for further study in neuroscience.

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Jan 292012

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