Nov 192011

Question by Paranormal I: How accurate are prediction markets in US elections?
Like intrade for example in terms of prediction how US elections go? Historically how accurate do they turn out to be? I notice Rasmussen is using them to help predict how the Electoral College will go.
Am not talking about polls I’m talking about prediction markets based on probability.

Best answer:

Answer by j.aides
Everyone knows polls mean nothing.

well, I hope they do…

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Nov 102011

Impact of genetic modification on country image of imported food products in European markets: Perceptions of channel members [An article from: Food Policy]

This digital document is a journal article from Food Policy, published by Elsevier in . The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Media Library immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

Risk to the image of food exporting countries in foreign markets for food products has been advanced as a reason for them to ban commercial release of genetically modified (GM) crops. The aim of this paper is to explore the reality

List Price: $ 8.95

Price: $ 8.95

Find More Genetic Modification Products

Apr 052011
black art
by tempo

Question by David B: What sustains black markets for priceless art and antiquities?
When a well-known masterpiece of art, or a priceless antiquity is stolen, presumably there is somebody willing to pay for it. But who buys these things on the black market? Presumably you couldn’t risk letting ANYONE see them — it’s not like you can impress your guests with your fine artifacts if there’s a chance they’ll recognize them as stolen. Nor can you publicize your collection if it includes stolen items. So what drives the black market for priceless artifacts?

Best answer:

Answer by MY truth will set you free
This question is about as practical as “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop” because the world may never know. Or possibly the desire to have a picture that can never be displayed because someone will recognize it and turn you in.

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Nov 242010

New Report On Stem Cell Therapeutics Markets Added In Visionshopsters

New Report On Stem Cell Therapeutics Markets Added In Visionshopsters

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Home Page > Health > New Report On Stem Cell Therapeutics Markets Added In Visionshopsters

New Report On Stem Cell Therapeutics Markets Added In Visionshopsters

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Posted: Mar 26, 2010 |Comments: 0



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New Report On Stem Cell Therapeutics Markets Added In Visionshopsters

By: Visionshopsters

About the Author specializes in providing comprehensive collection of online market research reports, conference/events/seminars bookings, country reports, company profiles, latest books and magazines, customized research services offering informative solutions worldwide. We constantly believe in providing inventive solutions to clients all across the globe.

(ArticlesBase SC #2049936)

Article Source: Report On Stem Cell Therapeutics Markets Added In Visionshopsters

Political and business events presage change for stem cell therapeutics, most notably the expected move by President Barack Obama to lift federal funding restrictions on stem-cell research. The U.S. Congress has also indicated a desire to move forward with stem cell research. The momentum in two branches of American government, along with scientific developments and the competition of world markets presages good market conditions for stem cell research.

With their ability to differentiate and become an ongoing source of cells that make up critical tissues and organs, stem cells have potential for new regenerative therapies and as new research tools for drug developers to test emerging therapies on diseased cells.

While companies have found opportunity outside the U.S., President Bush’s seven year limitations on embryonic stem cell research in the U.S. has limited the U.S. market. Changes in U.S. policy should open up U.S. markets. For market-watchers in the pharmaceutical industry, the question is what potential they have and where they could take the market. Kalorama Information has tackled that question in Stem Cells Therapeutics Markets. Kalorama analyst Alison Sahoo has built models to determine the best case and most likely case scenarios for therapeutic markets for stem cells in the coming years. This report breaks down forecasted revenues and procedure volumes for stem cell technologies for these segments in the following disease areas:

Cardiovascular disease

Lung disease








Alzheimer’s disease

Burns (severe)


Parkinson’s disease

Liver failure

Multiple sclerosis

Critical limb ischemia

Crohn’s disease

Sickle cell disease

Multiple myeloma

NH lymphoma


Ths report is the result of exclusive interviews with executives in the stem cell industry, a review of medical and company literature, government databases and publications. As part of this comprehensive analysis of stem cell markets, the following companies were profiled:

Aastrom Biosciences

Advanced Cell Technologies

Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics


ES Cell International



Opexa Therapeutics

Osiris Therapeutics




Stem Cell Sciences



VetCell Bioscience

To know more about this report & to buy a copy please visit :

Contact us:

Website :

Retrieved from “

(ArticlesBase SC #2049936)

Visionshopsters -
About the Author: specializes in providing comprehensive collection of online market research reports, conference/events/seminars bookings, country reports, company profiles, latest books and magazines, customized research services offering informative solutions worldwide. We constantly believe in providing inventive solutions to clients all across the globe.

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Valley Eye Associates: The Finest Laser Eye Surgery in Wisconsin

Looking for laser eye surgery in Wisconsin? Valley Eye Associates is here to not only provide you top-notch treatments for your lingering eye conditions, but also give you consultations before and after you get your treatment.

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Warning – Asbestos Removal Can Be Very, Very Dangerous

Asbestos has been used for more than one hundred years to insulate buildings. Throughout most of the twentieth century it could be found in furnaces, textured paints, pipes, millboard, floor tiles, and various materials that were used to coat the surface of walls.

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Vision Shopsters – The Future of TV: The evolving broadcast and on demand landscape

This report assesses the future of TV in all its forms, encompassing content, technology, consumer appliances and devices, mobile devices, evolving media


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Strategies for Managing Pharmaceutical Workforce and Site Reductions: Analysis of legal, productivity, and quality control issues

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The Natural Gas Power Generation Technologies Market Outlook: Market overview, capacity, generation, new developments and the future outlook

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Emerging Ingredients in Food and Drinks: Growth opportunities in flavors and formulation by product category

It examines leading and newly emerging ingredients in each of the major food and drink categories, identifies developing trends within these categories and give examples of recent product launches.

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The Western European Gas Market Outlook 2010: Country profiles of supply, demand, regulation and infrastructure

This report provides new and updated analysis of 19 Western European gas markets, with detailed data on supply and demand balances.

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Successful Brand Enhancement Through Packaging: Best practice in leveraging unique brand attributes and innovative products

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The Packaging Materials Future Outlook: Key trends in new materials, lightweighting and emerging applications

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Premiumization Strategies in Food and Drinks: Fighting product commoditization through added value product positioning

This report identifies recent and current successful premiumization strategies and considers the impact that the economic downturn has had on the premium sectors of the food and drinks industry.

Food and Beveragel
Oct 13, 2010

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Understanding Your Child Through Astrology

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Future Shuk: When markets are no longer just emerging
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Markets Look Set For Another Dip, While Chinese Equities Emerge As The New Pillar Of Strength
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