Jun 152014

Question by stonesfan_17: What could you do with a double major in computer science and physics/aerospace engineering?
Right now I’m in my second semester of my computer science degree. During these 2 semesters I’ve had to do research for my english comp class. From this research I have noticed I am greatly interested in AI programming and space type topics.

So just out of curiosity I’m trying to find out some information on how a double major in either physics or aerospace engineering would bring me closer to this field of work. Mainly the goal would be NASA, which seems obvious for this type of work.

At this time physics seems to be the most practical considering I already have to take around 15 credit hours of science classes (physics can be used for this) for my computer science degree so that would be easy to turn into a BS physics degree. On the other hand aerospace engineering seems like it would be more of an eye catcher on a resume. The only down side to this would be having to transferring schools since my current one does not offer a degree in it.

So is this career path worthwhile? Will a double major help in securing a job or is it just a time/money sink? And will the degrees even work together?(I know designing software for an aerospace system would benefit from that degree…but would you actually put the knowledge to good use instead of just using it as background knowledge for understanding the requirements for the software)

Basically my education path can take 3 routes by this:

A: Complete computer science degree and be done with it. Most likely with a mathematics or physics minor.

B: Computer science degree + physics degree.

C: Computer science degree + physics minor, then transfer schools for an aerospace degree(assuming enough credits transfer and the degree can be gotta in an additional 1-2 years).

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Answer by Andy
I would keep on the Computer Science / Engineering route and you’ll do very well!

With that background you could work with me…
I work on GPS space systems for a large defense contractor. All our electronic systems are software driven. To do this job you must know both fields to excel. The age where you could specialize in hardware or software are over, to make it today you have to be a jack of all things geeky.

While you are at it get a Management Graduate degree and you’ll be very successful if you have ambition!

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Jun 132014

Question by ahahathatsfunny: I know what I want to study, but what to major in?
Im interested in researching and studying mental diseases and disorders like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s, and such…but I’m not sure if this means that I should major in neurosciences or psychology?
Thanks :)

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Answer by SassySarah
behavioral neuroscience

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Jun 052014

Question by Vitaly: I am terrible at Physics, but I would love to major in Computer Science.?
I love computers and programming and all. The technology and the way things work with a computer language is just amazing. I am an incoming freshman this fall and wondering, physics…My worst subject in my whole history of schooling! I had a B allllll year during my senior year. Absolute terrible….But math is all good to me. Calculus, I can do it! But Physics…what do you all think? Any stories you have or people you know that do not like physics but still came through with computer science major?

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Answer by Matt Hintzke
Do you actually not like physics? Or are you just not good at applying the math you learn to real world physics problems? If that is the reason then I would stick to it, because physics is hard, I am a Mechanical Engineering major (and actually might switch to CS myself) and I have to take the exact same physics classes that CS majors do. My advice would be to continue trying and eventually I am sure your brain will just “click” one day and you will understand it better. Plus, a B is not bad at all. I myself hate chemistry, but had to take a year of it my freshman year which was terrible, got two C’s. Both were the worst grades I have ever gotten in school. So stick with it and you will be ok.

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May 082014

Question by ραλπθ: Do you really need to know physics as a computer science major?
Some universities require three calculus based physics and I’m desperately trying to get out of it. UC’s such as UCLA and UC San Diego, gladly berkeley doesn’t so I can still apply there and other UC’s. I’ve taken AP Physics before and the subjects gets really hard after awhile.

What are the pros and cons of not taking physics and just go for the chemistry series? I feel like I have a better chance of getting an ‘A’ in chemistry and be able to maintain a good gpa for berkeley.
i like math and i plan to make up to differential equations. i just dont want to take it same time with calculus based physics. its going to be hard.

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Answer by cabbage
you don’t need physics at all, but there’s lots of advanced and different kinds of math in physics. especially calculus based physics, and the broader your knowledge in math is, the better you’ll be as a computer scientist.

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Apr 202014

Question by : How can I learn about natural sciences (physics, astronomy, astrophysics) if they are not related to my major?
I love science but the only sciences I somewhat understand are biological and social science but I know almost nothing when it comes to the natural sciences (except biological) I would love to learn about physics and astronomy. I want to mention that in high school I only took the most basic physics and astronomy classes (only one time) I am in my first year of college for (majoring in nursing so physics and astronomy are not pre-reqs) and I’m taking psychology, nutrition (biology) and chemistry.

I try reading articles about astrophysics and it’s obvious I need to know about it before I can understand it

I know it’s helpful, if not necessary, to have some mathematical knowledge and being familiar with the scientific method.

Where should I start? Is there a book someone can recommend?

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Answer by eri
You can take a class in those subjects even if they aren’t related to your major. That’s what electives are for. Or you can get an intro astronomy book out of the library.

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Apr 112014

Question by logemon1: Should I take chemistry or physics for Computer Science major?
I am a college student and I have the option of taking either a 3-course chemistry series or a 3-course physics series. I am not sure which one I should take. What are the advantages in the field with both of them? What benefits will I gain from each one as it pertains to my Computer Science career? Thanks!

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Answer by jpturboprop
Take the physics. It has more immediate application to semiconductor theory….

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Mar 262014

Question by emma: can i do major in psychology then do further studies in neuroscience? Is that possible?
i am currently doing major in neuroscience but i am quite confused about it. i haven’t really decided about it yet. So i am wondering if i could do major in psychology then do further studies in neuroscience because i think that both are quite related. Can you share me your experience or knowledge on this?

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Answer by Amanda
Yes, I know someone who majored in Neuroscience, minored in psych.

I wouldn’t though..enough people are psych majors. Actually, there’s a lot of neuroscience majors too…

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Feb 042014

Question by Aurora Sun: Courses to study for a neuroscience major?
I plan to study neuroscience at a large 4 year public university after I transfer from a community college.

Right now I take:
a req. English course-3 cred
A college level math course (Not Calculus)-3 cred
General Psychology-3 cred
Biology-4 cred

Am I somewhat on the right track?

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Answer by carolyn
Get a catalog for CC & 4- Yr transfer school.
Dovetail the Core Requirements to make sure the classes have similar Class descriptions. (Available at their bookstores)
•Read: College Survival & Success Skills 101 by Marianne Ragins.
•Look at www.NIH.gov for governments grants & scholarships.
•You’ll need Paid Internships/Fellowships. (Wetfeet.com/ Intetnshipqueen.com)
•Get a Livescribe Computer Pen (.00/ refurbished) use Evernote App to take notes & organize.
•Read: Debt-Free U by Zac Bissonnette.
•Contact Admissions officer at the 4-yr school and ask her if you are on the right track.
•1 semester before you transfer, submit paperwork. If you are missing anything you have time to course correct.
•Spend 1 summer overseas. use financial aid to pay for it.
•Apply for 100-500 scholarships. Really!
•Make sure you do not over spend on your education. Stay away from private & parent plus student loans. Use government loans only. Really!
•Create a “Brand” for yourself. See: moo.com. Create a student calling card.
Learn to “Network” read: A Foot in the Door by Katharine Hansen.

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Nov 162013

Question by Kevin H: What are the major differences between Eastern Orthodox and Western Christianity?
What are the major differences between Eastern Orthodox and Western Christianity and protestantism?

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Answer by bunnielove89
“The main difference between Eastern-Rite and Western-Rite Orthodoxy is culture based. In the Eastern part of the world, the main cultures we see in Orthodoxy are found in Russia, Greece, and the Arabs. In the Western part of the world, the main cultures we see in Orthodoxy are found in America and Europe. Each region, and each country, that finds itself holding fast to the Orthodox Christian Faith is in full communion with eachother on a Theological level. The culture may be different, and the leaders and administration may also be different; but the Faith and the teachings are the same. We all recognize the same saints, say the same prayers, and teach the same traditions and teachings handed down to us by Jesus Christ and His Apostles.”

^That is a quote from the source in the link. Personally I have no idea though =D

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