Sep 272012

Question by haringmarumo: when a girl tells you she loves being single do you think she is a lesbian?
what do you say, like if you just reached that point or topic in your casual conversation and a 20 year old woman tells you she would rather tour the world and have an adventure of a lifetime and that if she was ever going to be your lover then she doesnt like to get married and would not like to move in with you because she wants mystery and the fun of it, like can you stick with that kind of situation if you loved a woman?
does she become more interesting as she continuosly insists that she likes to be single.

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Answer by Matt
I think ‘hobag’.

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Jan 102011

Question by Leigh: 13 year old who loves to read…books?
I’m obsessed with reading. Can anyone give me a list of books to read? I like history, romance, school life, and vampires he he (allready read house of night, night world, and twilight series). I do like some mystery/horror but only minor like deep and dark and dangerous (nothing too scary…cant handle scary). Help please?

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Answer by aarantxa
Harry Potter
Private Series

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Oct 232010

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Oct 172010

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Oct 142010

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