Jun 182014

Question by aditi3333: Looking for grants for phd in neuroscience degree.?
Hello, I am planning on going to school next year to start my phd in neuroscience and need grants to help me afford going to school. I have never applied to any grants before and am a minority female and want to find as many as I can. Please help me if you are familiar with the process, just starting out and need to know where to look. Thanks

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Answer by Shannon
omg i am a psych major and i LOVE neuroscience. But anywho! have you tried fasfa.com!? they give out grants. other then that, you could try to get a loan from a bank. I havent had much luck. Im a female (white) and all i could get were loans. Its hard out there these days!

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May 272014

Question by mermaid: in simple world what is Cognitive neuroscience looking into?
I know its a mix of psycology and neuroscience, but is it lookign into human act a certain ways cuz of the cells in them?

Like what is is it?

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Answer by M
Cognitive neuroscience helps create a better understanding for chemical and psychological mechanisms for learning.

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Apr 102014

Question by l.p: Looking for some good historical fiction?
set in Renaissance Italy or Ancient Greece.

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Answer by ImaHarper
Elizabeth Eyre writes a series of Renaissance mysteries set in Italy

Marina Fiorato has also written a series with some connectiont to Rennaissance artists
Boticelli Secret etc

Sarah Dunat is another author to check out.

Leonardo’s swans by Karen Essex
Born into wealth amid the political and artistic foment of the Italian Renaissance, worldly and ambitious Isabella and na?ive Beatrice d’Este, sisters and rivals, compete for the attentions of Ludovico Sforza, the Duke of Milan.

Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire (the WICKED guy)
: A retelling of “Snow White” set in Renaissance Italy draws a link between the original fairy tale and the Borgia family’s infamous practice of poisoning its enemies


P.C. Doherty writes the Alexander the Great mysteries
Gates of fire: an epic novel of the Battle of Thermopylae by Ste[hen Pressfield
The King of Persia hopes to learn how the Spartans held back the millions of invading Persians from the sole Spartan survivor of the Battle of Thermopylae

Stealing Athena by Karen Essex
The dramatic and complex history of the Elgin Marbles, the sculptures from the Athenian Parthenon, is viewed through the lives of two very different women–Aspasia, an ancient Greek female philosopher and mistress of Pericles, and Mary Nisbet, wife of the Earl of Elgin, the British ambassador to Constantinople, who played a key role in bringing the artworks to England.

The Mask of Apollo by Mary Renault
The antique mask of Apollo which the actor Nikeratos carries with him when he travels begins to represent his attitude as an artist

And for a twist on ancient Greece
Picture this by Joseph Heller
Conjured back to life by Rembrandt’s famous “Aristotle Contemplating the Bust of Homer,” Aristotle surveys history and profiles historical personalities, ultimately concluding that not much has changed in 2,500 years

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Oct 182013

Question by you.: Looking for a Fullmetal Alchemist cover art?
I remember reading a certain volume of Fullmetal Alchemist (I`m pretty sure it`s an edition published in the US, so the art may be different from the Japanese printings) and it was basically Roy in the middle with his back facing the reader (like he`s walking away from the reader) and two people (one of them is Hughes, don`t remember the other) was beside him, turning back.
Which volume is this and can someone link me to the picture?

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Answer by I Will LOL You :D
Vol 9?


It could also possibly be Vol 15.


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Jun 272013

Question by MandeeCandy: im looking for really good and honest books about the craft and wicca?
if you any additional information i would love to chat with you and possibly give you my email if anyone practices.

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Answer by Abomination of Desolation
Harry Potter

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Mar 182013

Question by August: I’m looking for some really good old movies?
I’m a fan of older movies. I am particularly looking for good old comedies, but anything really works. I love Mel Brooks films ie. Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, Robin Hood: Men in Tights ect. I love the Princess Bride (much more recent). I also like to go back to Casablanca and others like that. Basically, I am just asking peoples opinions on good older movies. I’d like to broaden my movie knowledge.

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Answer by banjo
look into all of eddie murphys old films you should love them

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Feb 042013

Question by Red: Looking for a good book to read – mystery, romance, colorful and possibly set in ancient Arabia?
I’m looking for a good summer read (or two or five…as many as you can give me)! No postmodern, sad/depressing analysis of the futile rat-race that is life; just high-tailed adventure with colour, love and dashing characters (not just a cheesy romance novel though – I definitely need a plot and some development. I was ideally looking for something set in ancient Arabia, but really, anything historic will do. Thanks so much! :)

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Answer by sculpin
I liked “The Walking Drum” by Louis L’Amour. Check out the link, it has some good books in it.

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May 132012

Question by Naj Somtaaw: Do you think human consciousness is like life looking at itself in a mirror?
Humans are a part of life and nature yet we can contemplate and even end our own existence.
We are part of nature yet we can suppress the primitive instinctual drives of other forms of life.
Is meta-cognition uniquely a human trait? Is the ability to contemplate the existence of life-itself independent from consciousness-itself?

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Answer by Naguru
Yes, I also think like that.

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Mar 172012

Question by Daisy Duke: Has anyone ever Fabutan Mystic spray tanned? Does it give you a good tan or orange looking?
Also, does it rub off on your clothing?

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Answer by lexx
yahhh it doess!

answer my question


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Dec 012011

Question by Alexandra: Who’s looking forward to the bbc tv series Merlin coming back?
I love Merlin. It is an awesome programme with brill actors and story lines. It has magic, great acting, adventure, action and great friendships and I cannot wait for it to return for another series.
Finally one of the best tv shows is back on tv.

Best answer:

Answer by Amy
I am a huge fan of Merlin, for all the reasons you said. I cannot wait for series 3 to start this Saturday!
During this past summer, I was able to go to the MERLIN panel at Comic Con San Diego, where Colin Morgan and Anthony Head were joined by the two creators Johnny Capps and Julian Murpy. The panel was BRILLIANT and my favorite of the weekend. Additionally, we got a series 3 exclusive premiere.
PLUS – an absolutely hysterical blooper reel!
Check the panel, and the blooper reel, out on my youtube channel – PotterHallows.

I can’t wait for series 3!

p.s. I met the actors, and writers – and they were just as SWEET as they could be! A true thrill. =)

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