Jun 242014

Question by jkelly_21: Have any males used Mystic Tan? Does it look real? What about leg hair, does that prevent it from working?

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Answer by Dr Universe
i did but i found getting a natural tan was better

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Feb 122014

Question by Asjj Pisk: Do colleges look at if you took physics?
Next year is my senior year. I have to pick between Honors Physics or AP Psych. If i take AP Psych I feel that I can get a B or an A because I have an A in honors psychology. I feel that I can get a B in physics honors. But I heard that colleges look at physics. Is that true?

How important is physics? I plan on taking AP Bio so I will still have a science my senior year. AP Psych will also boost my GPA because I believe I can get an A/B in that class. I have a 3.7 weighed gpa.

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Answer by pj
Physics is a science, while Psychology is a social science – but you knew that, right?

So what you need to do is look at some college admissions pages and figure out what they are looking for in freshman admissions.

Example 1: UCLA http://www.admissions.ucla.edu/prospect/Adm_fr/fracadrq.htm

Especially notice section D – Laboratory Science and section G College Preparatory Electives. Psychology would fall under section G. If you have the other two sciences covered for section D then physics may not be necessary (but it would also count as a plus for section G)

Example 2: Oregon State http://oregonstate.edu/admissions/admission-requirements-0

Page down to the table for required subject area courses. For the Science category it pretty much says the same thing as UCLA.

Example 3: Texas A&M http://admissions.tamu.edu/freshmen/gettingin/requiredHSCourses/courses.aspx

They’ve recently upped the ante and made 4 years of science a necessity.

Here’s something to think about… what will you be majoring in? If you think that you’re headed toward a major in one of the sciences – go for the physics class. If you think that you’re leaning more towards a social science major – take the psych class.

Also do a little more homework as far as exploring your college choices. Once you’ve narrowed it down a bit, then it gets easier to see what is required on each college admissions site.

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Oct 132013

Question by Jane: How much do colleges look at Regents with a semi-mediocre grade over the SAT 2?
I took the Living Environment Regents Tuesday, and I got a 98. I feel awful now, since everyone was counting on me to get the 100.

If I got an 800 on the Biology M SAT 2, will colleges look over the 98, and care more about the 800? I desperately want to get into a good biology program for neuroscience, but the chances seem slimmer now since I messed up one of the easiest Regents there is.

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Answer by Fahjkdjkf Adfjhgas
Hmmm, well remember that the SAT 2′s have pretty big curves, so you could get like an 80% on the SAT2 test and still get an 800, but with your 98, the program will know for sure that you got a 98/100 for sure..So I would actually say your grade is better…

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Dec 282011

Question by Robert R: What website can i look on to get significant information on the Schaefer Exhibit Hall at Mystic Seaport? ASAP
It is at Mystic Seaport… I already tried the regular mystic seaport website, and that definitely doesn’t have it. Please post a link!!! and i need the color of the shipbuilding exhibit also thanks

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Dec 042011

Question by Y2J: Is Black now becoming the new mainstream American look?
especially now that uts confirmed Derek Luke will be playing Captain America. Between this and a black first family. Blacks are becoming more stereotypical American and whites are becoming more “European-American” if you will.

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Answer by Brian-Britney’s Bro
Hell No, NEVER!

It will always be the White look, that is the American look!

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Oct 312011

Question by Andrea Guitar Heroine: Do you prefer to look at the world as a mishmash of supernatural mysticism or as a natural, knowable system?
Personally, I believe that knowledge is liberating, and that viewing the world as a system that operates according to natural laws that can be studied and understood does not lessen your appreciation for the world and the things around you, but can only serve to increase it.

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Answer by Larry R

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Oct 272011

Question by aliciaB: does a mystic tan make you look steaky or orange?
I have gotten so pale lately. I have a tanning membership but it takes a really long time for me to achieve a tan. I want something with faster results. Would you guys recommend a mystic tan? I have never tried it and i am really scared that i might come out looking scary.

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Answer by afoxyfairy
my legs came out streaky. the rest of my body was ok though..

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