May 032012

Question by : How long is it going to take Funimation to dub the rest of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood?
There is only like 61 or 62 episodes and they’ve already dubbed 26. Are they seriously going to take a year to dub 30 episodes.

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Answer by Sarah’s Wandering Soul
Apparently, Funimation has gone on hiatus for Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. There has been no exact return date, but it is rumored to come back in Spring 2011 at the latest. Just to clear it up for you, the hiatus isn’t because it takes so long to dub, but think about all the other dubs Funimation is working on. They recently acquired a lot of anime, and are set to be released in the next couple of months (Kuroshitsuji, Eden of the East movies, etc.). All the 26 dubbed episodes will first be re-aired, and then the other episodes will follow after. But they’ll probably be released around Spring 2011, like I said, so you’ll have to wait a bit. I’m getting sick of waiting for them as well!

Good luck!

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Jan 312012

Question by RunningFool31: How long will Hunter Parish be in Spring Awakening?
Hi! I really want to go see Spring Awakening and I know that Hunter Parish (Silas of Weeds) is in it now but does anyone know how long he’ll be staying with the show?

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Answer by Jen
I just saw him in it last weekend, and met him @ the stage door too, he is soooo nice and WORTH going to see in this, it’s a brilliant show. I think he will be in it until Feb. Good luck!

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Jan 142012

Question by Fredy: How long do I have to wait to showe after a mystic tan?
How long do I have to wait… and if I wait longer till the next day will my tan get deeper?

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Answer by onlyxinxdreams9109
When I got a mystic tan, I waited until the next morning to shower.The website says you can shower after only 4 hours, but that it will dimminish the intensity of the tan. The people in the salon said to wait until the next morning.

Good luck, I hope yours turns out better than mine did. It was a horrible experience and I turned out like an oompa loompa, but I am extremely pale in the first place, which may have been part of the problem.

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Jan 052012

Question by Laura: Why does Judaism have such a long and stringent conversion process?
Judaism must have the most lengthy and stringent conversion process of any religion. Only Orthodox conversions are considered valid to every branch and then even not all of those are considered valid by authorities in Israel when a convert wants to immigrate there. It is a long and lengthy process and you have continuously prove you’re sincere. Other religions make it incredibly easy to convert by contrast. Why is it that Judaism has such stringent rules regarding conversion? Why should it take two, three, or four years or more to convert?

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Answer by Ray Patterson – Extra Cheese
You answered your own question. There is no other religion which will grant you the benefit of becoming a country’s citizen. Therefore, Judaism has to be protected stringently, because you can actually use it to gain something.

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Jan 012012

Question by Jon: How long should a magic act be time wise?
Right now, I’m making a magic act I’ll be performing at children’s birthday parties or dinner parties. It’s about 8 tricks long, and I’m expecting it to be 25-30 minutes long when I practice it. I don’t want it to be too long so that the audience gets bored, but I don’t want it to be too short so that the audience doesn’t get enough magic. How long do you think a magic act should be time wise?

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Answer by &; nikki♥
actually, i think 25 – 30 minutes is perfect.

when the audience gets bored, it`s not the magic act is too long. it`s just because they`re not interested. a good thing to do is to have audience interaction so they`ll get to participate. good luck!

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Dec 122011

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Dec 022011

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Nov 232011

Question by liam: How long does it take to get a black belt in a marial art?
also have u ever used a martial art in real life/ is it effective?

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Answer by Night
Not very long for certain people for me like 2 or 3 years if you keep at it and work hard I’m sure everyone can do better! =D
If you want a black belt i hope you get one asap and good luck!!!

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