Dec 272013

Question by Paul: How long do I have to decide what I want to go to school for?
I’m going to be going to college in September, but I’m really torn about what I want to do. I can’t decide what I want to do, physics, or computer science. If I do physics I would have to do a lot of work and go to grad school (which is no problem, I enjoy school), and CS would pretty much put right in the job market. I really enjoy both of these and I don’t what I really want to do in life? How much time do I have to decide what I really want to do? (Also I am attending Community College as of right now due to some financial issues, and If I pursuit a degree in physics I would have to do some undergrad research to get into a really good grad school, not easy to do in community college.
thats the thing though. I would want to go into research.

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Answer by eri
You don’t have to go to grad school in physics, only if you want to do research for a job. Physics is a very employable major. You don’t have to declare a major until the start of junior year, but a lot of your classes will count towards both majors anyway (intro physics, intro to programming, math through calculus). And they’re useful as double majors for many fields.

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Nov 192013

Question by Crazy Cupcake: About how long did it take turn wolves into chihuahuas?
Apparently all dog species came from wolves, so about how long did it take to turn wolves into chihuahuas?
Sharon, are you insane? And Cookie, how is it a question for Google? 99% of questions here can be answered on google but then this site would be obsolete! Also advising people to google the answer is against community guidelines so how about next time you leave that unnecessary comment out hmm?

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Answer by Sharon
The same amount of time it you……. to turn from an ape into you.

Evolution is certainly not fast, in another 1,000 years your dog could have wings and take over from humans as the “Superior species’? Would be great for animals to have revenge on us who have abused them for do long…Karma!

magic, not insane but you do get some trolls on here..

Well evolution shows human ape like fossils dating back 600 -2 million yrs ago, with others found since showing the differences leading to our form today.

t’s known that dogs have been domesticated for quite a while, but it’s not all that clear how it originally happened way back in the beginning. The oldest known fossil belonging to a domesticated dog dates back to around 14,000 years ago. However, there is no actual fossil link between ancient wolves and the smaller dogs that were discovered from the same time period, lending some questions to whether these smaller dogs were domesticated wolves or a separate but related breed of animal. In fact, the origin of dogs (not wolves) has been quite a mystery. There are theories that man took wolf cubs from wolves and domesticated them anywhere from 10,000 years ago to 140,00 years ago but the exact time frame is still unconfirmed.

Although the subject continues to be controversial, most authorities now agree that all dogs, from chihuahuas to dobermans are descended from wolves which were tamed in the Near East ten or twelve thousand years ago”. Which to me dosent seem to be a very long timeframe…evolution is amazing.

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Oct 122013

Question by Dy699: How long do SKYPE INTERVIEWS for graduate studies last?
I am applying for masters in Neuroscience and the university decided to interview me on Skype.
-How long will the interview be (approx.)?
-What type of questions should I expect?
-What can I ask them?


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Answer by JQuick
Nobody can answer your questions except the person who will be interviewing you, or perhaps the administrative secretary of the department for that graduate program. If you don’t answer the questions very well, the interview might not last very long at all. These interviews are often focused on how well you are prepared to handle the program, to compare you to other candidates, to judge your verbal communication ability, and to see if the program is a good match for you. Expect to explain why you picked that program compared to similar programs at other universities. You should study the specific interests and research areas of all the faculty in the program and be able to discuss each professor by name that focuses on topics that match your interests. If a few professors are particularly good for your research topics, then do your homework on them by reading all of their most important papers and publications well enough to discuss the topics intelligently. Your preparation (or lack of it) will show very quickly in the interview. Many students do not prepare extensively for interviews, so doing this research could set you apart from the rest of the applicants. Professors want highly motivated graduate students that they can use to the research work for them, so that they can get most of the credit.

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Apr 112013

Question by Ginger Kid: What do you think of this poem I wrote a long time ago?
Sunset in the forest,
Streaming through the trees.
Geese flying south for a warmer breeze.
But by the Aspen pines, magic seems to shine.
Only the lonely unicorn can see that mystic line
of detail for us all, in life we can not see.
Making it harder for you, making it harder for me.

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Answer by No One

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Mar 172013

Question by Archie Bunker: Why must we live a long life and then die in order for us to go into the presence of God?
And why won’t God allow flesh and blood to inherit the kingdom of heaven,Adam and eve had flesh and blood bodies when God first created them.So why is it that we have to die in order for us to enter in to heaven?

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Answer by Dimestore Psycho
Because we just had to eat that darn forbidden fruit.

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Nov 122012

Question by Tj Corleone: How long will something take to ship via fedex ground from pensylvania to conneticut? Easy 10 points?
Hello i just bought an ipad 2 on ebay and the seller is in pensylvania the seller said they would ship it tommorow via fedex ground im located in mystic ct does anyone know how long it will take for it to get here thanks i was thinking maybe a day or two thanks for your help

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Answer by Jane Smith
probaly about 2-4days give or take

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Aug 052012

Question by RchiWawa: If a person passes out from hypoxia how long would it take to regain consciousness w/ bottled oxygen?
Imagine the events of Helios flight 522 taking place but in my scenario the flight attendant puts an oxygen mask on the seated co-pilot before the independent cockpit supply ran out (in other words assume in time to have capacity to revive the pilot). How much time, typically, for a person to regain consciousness after loosing it to hypoxia?

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Answer by Peter H
How long is a piece of string? There is no hard and fast answer to this question, depending as it does on how hypoxic the victim becomes and how long he remains in that state. It may even get to the stage where recovery is not possible.

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Jul 082012

Question by Taleweaver: Long! How exactly do I handle this? My story VS Harry Potter?
I’ve been writing a story set in a institute for slayers of supernatural beings (run by a shady organization). It’s in a walled fortress, so there’s a town inside and — at the very middle — the fotress itself, which has tonnes of towers and walkways cut into the walls. There are also magic portals and locks with eyes.

It used to be owned by a wizard, who was a massive problem for the slayers until they managed to kill him. Since he did all sorts of horrible experiments the graveyard is full of tortured souls and there are twisted creatures in the tunnels and dungeons underneath the fortress. Lots of it is also unexplored because he set up all sorts of traps and curses to kill anyone who broke in. But the slayers use it, because its concealed from regular people*. The pupils are just told to stick to the paths that have already been mapped out.

My problem is Hogwarts. I definitely, definitely am not copying Hogwarts, as I have no attachment to HP whatsoever. My reasons for having a old fashioned, grim setting are of D. Gray Man and Soul Eater — anyone who’s read/watched them will understand. They’re what inspired my writing (I actually began writing because I can’t draw). I like things that are grim and dangerous, and I love it when anything can go wrong at any time. Here I have monsters, undead and tonnes of locations, and its the natural setting for my story. I’ve been layering on magic and mystery to make it more interesting, since (in my story) pretty much everything exists.

Still, I don’t want people thinking its derivative of Harry Potter, which did the dark-building setting first. Normally it wouldn’t bother me, but Harry Potter is popular, and by the time I finish this book the second Harry Potter hype-wave will be beginning (because of the movies).

So… should I just write the story I want to write, and not give a damn about what people might think? Or should I care?

PS: Note that my storyline isn’t about a boy destined to kill some evil villain. Also they live houses in the town, and only go into the fortress for their lessons, kind of like Shibusen from Soul Eater. The fortress is more like a uni campus, not a boarding school, with rooms converted to lecture halls as well as smaller classrooms.

PSS: I’m asking this question since most of you ar Harry Potter fans, I’d like to see what you guys think.

*It’s set in London, in a pocket of space isolated from the rest of the world. It’s all old-fashioned because its been isolated for centuries. But the fortress has been updated by the slayers and has electrical plugs, toilets and lights.

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Answer by Secret Passion
write it
it doesn’t sound anything like HP so it shouldn’t matter
i like the idea of this so you should definitely write it =)

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