Jan 132014

Question by IPU Reigns: Could the entire universe in an of itself be a living thing?
All living things within it being parasites living off the host?

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Answer by Pre-Destined
Yes. The universe is alive and dying as well. The universe is expanding and all the heat will seperate and the universe will end up dying in ice.

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Jul 112013
by sbpoet

Question by ʟɪʟɪтн: Do you believe that we are living in a time of a great shift in human consciousness?
Regardless if you believe in the 12-21-12 doomsday thing… Would you say that an abundance of unexplained phenomena is happening around the world; human consciousness, extreme weather, etc.?

Your thoughts? What’s your Moon, Mercury, 9th House?

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Answer by J Balls
I have a feeling it has to do with the internet/social media sites. Generational dumbing down and laziness.

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Oct 202012

Question by synchronicity915: Is the universe itself a living entity with a consciousness?
I began wondering about this after having heard Sheldrake speak
of a star such as our sun having as much electromagnetic activity as
our brains posess. The argument against Sheldrake’s proposal, as
Stephen J. Gould said was that he could see no reason why a star
would need to have evolved a consciousness. Yet, the idea intrigued
me and still does. I am not a scientist by any stretch of the
imagination but I am not close minded to scientific study, nor am I
ignorant of the fact that at any given point we may ourselves reside
at differing levels of consciousness, as I have demonstrated to my
own satisfaction through meditation (and yes, many years ago,
experimentation with psychoactive chemicals.) I wondered too at one
point if the universe were indeed alive and because it is so complex
has qualities of an “ultimate” consciousness which some might
interpret as God.
I hope someone will comment on the possibility that through
some medium a universal consciousness could exist. If so, what do
you think is the connective mechanism and how does it affect us in
our everyday lives? Could Carl Jung have stumbled across it when he
described synchronicity as an acausal connecting principal? Did
Sheldrake come even closer to the truth when he wrote of
morphogenetic fields and morphic resonance?
Thank you for your attention and consideration.

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Answer by matt s
The first philosopher to comprehensively cover this concept was Spinoza.
The Universe is God:
God is the entire universe

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Jan 252012

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Jan 242012

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Jan 212012

Question by katkat59@rocketmail.com: What is the sixth sense called when you can feel the presence of living people?
What is the sixth sense called when you can feel the presence of living people? I know it’s real because I have it, i don’t want to hear your opinions, just what it’s called.

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Answer by jdk2509

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Jan 202012

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Nov 012011

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