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Question by musicinme: Give me some links or ideas for a science project in a science exhibition?
Please give some links which will give the complete description of a project on science esp. on Physics. U can also give some ideas and tell me the entire procedure. I need it for my younger sis. for a science exhibition

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Answer by A-cronos
Do an electroscope (wait I know it sounds hard but it isn’t).

Take a round metallic box (like a cookie box or something). Paint it on the outside (just to make it look better). Make a hole in one of the sides. Take a Clip and brake it so you have two even parts. Then take play dough and cover the hole with it. Insert each part of the clip into the play dough so that the tips are near each other, but make sure that the parts are touching each other in any place. If this is done correctly the parts of the clip will be seen inside the box. On each part (inside the box) hang a rectangular portion (doesn’t have to be very big) of aluminum foil. Find a silk cloth (or a material that produces static electricity well enough) and a piece of plastic. Rub the plastic against the cloth, then touch the two parts of the clip (simultaneously) that are outside the box. You will see that the two portions of aluminum foil will move creating an inverse V, repealing each other. Hope it helps. If you need more info, e-mail me. Trust me its easy I did it when I was in 6th grade.

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A tool-assisted speedrun of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening by me. Thanks to ccfreak2k for encoding the run. “The Legend of Zelda – Link’s Awakening is a classic Game Boy Zelda adventure. Link must travel across the dream world of Koholint Island, collecting the 8 Instruments to wake the Wind Fish and go home after a terrible shipwreck. Swordless Link, however, decided collecting instruments for a one-man band was a waste of time, so he skipped all of that and went straight to the Wind Fish (with a pesky boss battle in the middle).” This movie beats the previous one by 11 seconds, thanks to a new route in the dungeon, and further optimisation. The actual movie page, as well as my comments on the run, can be found here: This movie was made on an emulator, with frame-by-frame shooting, savestates and rerecords. It is NOT meant to show skill; it is ONLY supposed to provide entertainment. Therefore, any anti-TAS comments will be deleted instantly. Try to remember that speedruns and TASes are different. Speedruns aim to show how skilled the runner is, and TASes aim to provide an entertaining video for the viewer. There’s nothing more to it. Try to appreciate each category for what they are. This run was made by me. It should not be uploaded without getting permission from me first. If you enjoyed watching this video, then visit for more information on tool-assisted speedruns, and to watch the many already-existing tool-assisted speedruns.

Dec 102011
by Elfboy

Question by weirdo: What are the links between the Enlightenment and the revolutions of the late 18th century?
What are the links between the Enlightenment and the revolutions of the late 18th century? (American revol. in 1776, French 1789, Haitian 1791)

The dates are close together.

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Answer by SSF Tofu Beast
The enlightenment thinkers emphasized freedom and human rights. This was in stark contrast to previous philosophers, who found rule by royalty or by the church to be the most important. The three revolutions you speak of all were centered on freedom and human rights.

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Dec 062011

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The Duel Aspect of Wisdom
Psychic and Noetic Action
The Sign of the Times
Black Magic in Science
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Sep 102010

Question by Allusionary: Anyone have links to bizarre scientific theories?
I am looking for links to unusual, bizarre and perhaps eccentric concepts based on science or some semblance thereof. (Hard to do a Google search for something I don’t have a name for.)

I have read info on Roger Penrose and his views of physics and consciousness.
I have seen Wikipedia articles on the Holographic Principle/Paradigm.
Dark Matter and Dark Energy make me wonder.
A website that explains the basis of the String Theory in a version of English that doesn’t require a doctorates degree would be wonderful.

Topics in which social preference has won over Occam’s Razor. (The most reasonable explanation means a structure predates the culture claiming it so something unusual has been proposed to explain how that culture built the structure.)

I would even enjoy alternatives to scientific and medical/psychological explanations such as Indigo Children.

I am not looking for comments on the validity of any of the topics I mentioned. Just looking for information on topics I have not seen before.

So, other suggestions?


Best answer:

Answer by JenE
Look up Phrenology on Wikipedia.

Read about “The Selfish Gene” (a book).

Game Theory is interesting if you haven’t read much about that yet. Is there ever any true altruistic behavior?

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