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Question by MILES P: How many of you would actually purchase a fun novel that provided a realistic link between God and UFOS?
I know people have mentioned the Nephilim theory but what if some author took the time to put the theory into a novel that was fun to read but at the same time connected the dots to the UFO mystery. For instance why are the aliens not having regular open briefings with the president or with all the world leaders for that matter. If you are a Christian does this bug you like it does me? How come there’s not a UFO on display and open to public inspection. And finally if there are aliens with extreme science and technology why haven’t they taken over our race by now? (Check out the novel UFOS GOD AND THE DEVIL)

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Answer by Egiptian
God is an extraterrestrial too and not all of them a bad, reptillian or grey. Some look like us and have interbred with us like they did in Gen-6:4. This is nothing new because it has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. This is also the reason why people have so many images of their god that differ from others. These images are representations of the beings who visited them.


This can be found in any religion or ancient culture as the one thing they all share in common.


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Jan 302012

DOWNLOAD IT FREE at OC ReMix! ocremix.org ReMixer: melody FREE at ocremix.org • SHIRTS & HOODIES! http • DONATE! bit.ly Facebook! facebook.com • Twitter!twitter.com • Game: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Nintendo, 1993, GB) • ReMixer(s): melody • Composer(s): Kazumi Totaka, Koji Kondo, Kozue Ishikawa, Minako Hamano • Song(s): ‘When Link First Wakes’ • Posted: 2012-01-28, evaluated by the judges Founded in 1999, OverClocked ReMix is an organization dedicated to the appreciation, preservation, and interpretation of video game music. Its primary focus is ocremix.org – a website featuring thousands of free fan arrangements, information on game music and composers, resources for aspiring artists, and a thriving community of video game music fans. For media inquiries (interviews, articles, conventions) or soundtrack development with OverClocked ReMix, please contact us! http Video by José the Bronx Rican (José E. Felix) www.bronxrican.com OverClocked ReMix is a not-for-profit site that provides a ton of free music, which requires a ton of bandwidth and a pretty hefty web server. We need your help to keep the site running! • http • bit.ly JOIN US: • ocremix.org • facebook.com • twitter.com • last.fm • fah-web.stanford.edu
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A tool-assisted speedrun of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening by me. Thanks to ccfreak2k for encoding the run. “The Legend of Zelda – Link’s Awakening is a classic Game Boy Zelda adventure. Link must travel across the dream world of Koholint Island, collecting the 8 Instruments to wake the Wind Fish and go home after a terrible shipwreck. Swordless Link, however, decided collecting instruments for a one-man band was a waste of time, so he skipped all of that and went straight to the Wind Fish (with a pesky boss battle in the middle).” This movie beats the previous one by 11 seconds, thanks to a new route in the dungeon, and further optimisation. The actual movie page, as well as my comments on the run, can be found here: tasvideos.org This movie was made on an emulator, with frame-by-frame shooting, savestates and rerecords. It is NOT meant to show skill; it is ONLY supposed to provide entertainment. Therefore, any anti-TAS comments will be deleted instantly. Try to remember that speedruns and TASes are different. Speedruns aim to show how skilled the runner is, and TASes aim to provide an entertaining video for the viewer. There’s nothing more to it. Try to appreciate each category for what they are. This run was made by me. It should not be uploaded without getting permission from me first. If you enjoyed watching this video, then visit tasvideos.org for more information on tool-assisted speedruns, and to watch the many already-existing tool-assisted speedruns.

Dec 192011

Question by : Is there a link between being well behaved and being susceptible to hypnotism?
Being well behaved shows that you will listen to what you are being told and to be hypnotised you have to listen and accept instructions easily.

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Answer by Ridley
A strenuous link that would surely be trumpeted by those who lack respect for civilized discourse, perhaps.

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Dec 072011

I have uploaded this because Google Video won’t give me the search results on it. I can’t find it anywhere else and the only other way to see it, is here: www.wayseers.org I think that Garret LoPorto makes his points very brilliantly and that this video should get to as many people as it can manage to get to. My notification of posting this video on YouTube was sent to him here: www.wayseers.org ———————-LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Regarding Copyright Law Any video from our channel may or may not at any time contain in full or in part, a series or multiple series of derivative works which are LEGAL under FAIR USE LAW. The “Fair Use” Provisions outlined in Title 17, Chapter 01 Article 107 of the US Copyright Law states the following: Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, INCLUDING SUCH USE BY REPRODUCTION IN COPIES or phonorecords or BY ANY OTHER MEANS specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is NOT an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include: (1) the PURPOSE and CHARACTER of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for NON-PROFIT educational purposes; (2) the NATURE of the copyrighted work; (3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation
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Aug 082011

Question by Sigrún: Does someone find the documentary:Mysteries of the Ancient Maya. for me and send me the link. Please, thanks:)

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Answer by Sylvia G

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Jul 072011

Brain link with diabetes
An Australian diabetes expert wants mandatory mental health checks in children with type 1 diabetes because of concerns the condition can affect their brain and increase the risk of depression, anxiety and eating disorders.
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Calif. mental hospital workers protest conditions
Calif. mental hospital workers protest conditions
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5 years for St. Charles health club car thefts
Daniel Kellogg, a former West Chicago resident who now lives in St. Charles, gets a 5-year prison sentence for breaking into cars outside a St. Charles health club. Kellogg, who has a long history of theft and writing bad checks, has mental health issues and was burglarizing cars to get money for alcohol and drugs to self medicate, according to his attorney.
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MedicAlert Foundation and the National Alliance on Mental Illness Form Partnership to Raise Awareness and Identify …
CHICAGO, July 6, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — MedicAlert Foundation and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) launched their joint effort today at the 2011 NAMI national convention to provide emergency medical information and identification services to the mental health community. In an effort to encourage safety and peace of mind, NAMI will publicize MedicAlert’s live 24/7 emergency …
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May 092011

Question by El: Is there a link where I could see all the Full metal Alchemist transmutation circles?
I like to draw some transmutation circles like Ed and Al’s. Or the homunculus. I don’t know if there’s others but is there a link where I could see all th FMA transmutation circles?

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Answer by lord_coolness aka Donnell
type it in google images

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