Jan 292012

7probes Starcraft 2 Training Course – 25 Lessons To Masters
The Only Starcraft 2 Product Created By One Of The Worlds Best Players, Valyrian. This Product Is The Highest Paying Sc2 Product Available. It Has The Highest Conversions And The Highest Quality.. Making It The No-brainer Choice For All Sc2 Affiliates!
7probes Starcraft 2 Training Course – 25 Lessons To Masters

Aug 112011

Lessons from 50 Spiritual Leaders Volume 1 and 2
Your Divine Lover is waiting for you! What if you had the same passion for yourself that a lover would? What if that love were within you, guiding you every step of the way? This book features interviews with 27 spiritual leaders.
Lessons from 50 Spiritual Leaders Volume 1 and 2

May 082011

Fourteen Lessons In Yogi Philosophy And Oriental Occultism

An unique work covering the entire field of the Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism, stating the most profound truths and hidden mysteries in the plainest, simplest, English style. No Sanscrit terms to puzzle the reader. Just the book you have been waiting for.

This book has been digitally revised and optimized for Kindle, including an interactive table-of-contents.



List Price: $ 4.99


Sane Occultism

An omnibus edition of two titles – SANE OCCULTISM which deals with the many pitfalls of occultism, and PRACTICAL OCCULTISM IN DAILY LIFE which reveals the various minor rites that can be used to achieve a steady concentration to deal with everyday problems. Both titles include previously unpublished text.

List Price: $ 8.95


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May 052011

Question by missouricardsfan: What are some good lessons on meta-physics, for science class?
We haven’t yet gotten into the area of meta-physics in the science class that I am observing for college and I know that almost all schools cover it. If you have any advise about how you teach meta-physics in your classroom, I would greatly appreciate it.

Best answer:

Answer by louisa p

What is nature, forms, environment
Real & unreal: fact, fiction
Possibility, probability, impossibility
Terminology: absolute, infinite
Observation, experience

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Apr 262011

The Rabbi’s Four Leadership Lessons, Part 3
…Every great leader knows that the more he focuses on helping others succeed, the more successful
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Vast Majority of Americans Admire Pope John Paul II and Applaud His Beatification
Many saw him in person, watched papal events and his funeral, and remember his visits
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Police and community briefs for April 26, 2011
Crime and community news for the Ocala area.
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