Apr 162014

Question by J: is there anything historical left to discover?
artifacts, treasures, locations, etc. Or are we just left with the mysteries?

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Answer by Derek
If you can fund me to go to Egypt, I’ll let you know in 5 years!
Seriously though, the answer is yes. If you are English, watch “Time Team”. If you are not, find “Time Team” and watch it. The point is that even when you find an artifact, it is still a mystery. Why is it there, where did it originate? Having worked on digs, you never know what you may find. Two years ago, near a Medieaval Church where I volunteer, Time Team started an excavation under a playing field. Three inches below ground level they found 800 year old building remains. I’ve walked over that ground for years and never suspected anything. I hope this helps.

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Oct 092013

Question by Kelvin: How can I use both the left and right side of my brain?
What are some simple tasks I can do to train both sides?

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Answer by Miguel Lahunken
Google “lahunken”. There are physical, ubiquitous, free, ways to turn on as much of your brain as you
want. Here is a cut & paste from a colleague as an example:

“Did you know that there is a disease that you are secretly
forbidden to know? God help you if you get it. Anyone can
easily get it from a simple injury, an accident waiting for
anyone. It is similar to reflex sympathetic dystrophy, RSD,
but it is the parasympathetc muscarinic nerves that get
perpetally hyperactive from a simple injury. In this case,
the muscarinic nerves in the brain, which occupy that large
portion of the brain called the mind, override the seratonin
mediated inhibitory neurons which normally sedate 90% of the
mind. The same effect is caused by blocking seratonin with
LSD. The experience has been known from time immemorial as
the “passage through the underworld”. Virgil said in his
“Aenied”, “You cannot enter the underworld without the
golden bough.” This golden bough is the vagus nerve, the
most accessable of the parasympathetic muscarinic nerves.
Simple vagal stimulation temporarily accomplishes the same
effect and was used by initiates into the “sacred
mysteries”; but, injury to such a nerve gives a permanent
irreversable “one way ticket” to the underworld. With
knowledge and will power the condition can be enjoyed. All
the ancient “books of the dead” graph the ways of the
underworld and there the mind is very powerful. Total
control of thought confers mastery of the situation and
mastery of life. A secret society which is the “heart and
soul” of the “one world order” doesn’t want you to have any
access to this power. When everybody knows these facts this
secret “inquisition” should give up its ruthless enforcement
of this secrecy. Only then will we be safe.”

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May 022013

Question by Blue: Why is it that I am left brained and good at math and history but bad at sciences?
I am left brained but whenever I take a science class like physics, chemistry and programming, I have difficulties regardless of effort and am only good at Math, History, Geography, and English. The question is why is it that I am left brained and good at math and history but bad at sciences

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Answer by Carlos
You can’t relate sides to the brain to specific school subjects or any subjects for that matter as the brain does not register information in the form of subjects but as knowledge as a whole therefore if your bad at science and good at other subjects it’s not because of you being left brained it’s just lack of interest or difficulty in understanding that specific topic.

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Oct 212011

A few nice Mental Health images I found:

MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS: LEFT FINGERNAILS: I hate myself enough already without this BITCH making me feel worse,… She’s Not Even A Clinician… She’s A GODDAMNED Worthless SOCIAL-WORKER as far as I can tell…. Why is she inquiring about employment to m
Mental Health

Image by spike55151

Greater Portmore Mental Health Clinic
Mental Health

Image by airborneshodan

200608 mental health corridor
Mental Health

Image by iambents

Jun 172011

Question by reeses pieces: Where did the superstition of throwing salt over the left shoulder originate?
I have an essay due monday and i am trying to find out where the superstition of throwing salt over the left shoulder originated and why. I need to be as specific as possible in my paper.

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Answer by Joe
This question was already asked, so here’s the link:


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May 082011

Click Here to watch part 2 first: www.youtube.com This time around I tried something new with uploading these videos. I uploaded the original part 2 to Machinima and made a super speshul part 2.5 just for you guys. This way you dont gotta go searching through the tons of machinima videos and you’ll be alerted when I make a video by staying subscribed to me :D Believe it or not I gotta make a living too so that’s why some episodes may appear on Machinima and pretty much everything else will appear on my channel. Anyways this episode around I tried something new, instead of just gameplay with text comments by me I added some “fitting” music overlay. Let me know if you think it contributed to the lulz or it just got distracting. Lastly I’m finally getting my new computer soon so hopefully the next part 3 – 10 will be in pure HD and look amazing. Until then no need to flame me with angry comments about making more videos, I’ll make what I can when I can. Hope you guys enjoy :D -Criken
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Jan 092011

Question by figwit_elf: How do I get rid of drip lines left by Mystic Sunless Tanning?
I did the mystic sunless tanning today and I just looked down at my calf and it has drip lines dried onto it. Any way to get rid of them without ruining the effects of the tan?

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Answer by Candice
Rub lemonjuice on it. I’ve heard that works as a sort of eraser.

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Dec 272010

Question by LSM: what percentage of left brain should a person have to be considered autistic?
I heard the left side of the brain is usually the side autistic people have. Is there a percentage of it that would infer that a person is autistic. Like maybe 98 percent left brain and 2 percent right brain. I’m not sure if this is right, but can some one shed some light.

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Answer by Naguru
Either you can just try to get further details from the same person from whom you heard earlier. Or please tell us the name of that person, so that we can go and find out the details.

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