Jan 042012

Question by **LIBERTY**: What do you get out of taking a course on intro psychology and neuroscience in college. What do you learn?
What can you apply this knowledge to?

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Answer by Terry S
How to jump through the hoops! lol

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Oct 222011

Question by landon0179: Where can i learn meditation for free? Any websites that offer free guided meditation?
I am so depressed right now, I need something positive to cheer me up and help me remain compassionate. I want to learn to meditate, I checked with the Buddha learning center today and it cost for a session! I didn’t pay, of course, i want to see if there are any alternatives.

Anyone know of any good websites that offer free meditation?

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Answer by Veronica F
selfhelptree.com is really good, I used to be depressed all the time until I learned meditation with my yoga teacher. She plays clips from selfhelptree.com as we sat still. I noticed my mind became so quiet and clear.


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Oct 072011

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Aug 302011

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Aug 212011

learn-hypnosis.com Hypnotist Jonathan Chase tells you how to be a better hypnotist as part of his free online learn hypnosis training video faq series which answers your questions on how to hypnotise people or hypnotize people if you spell it that way. This hypnotic hints and tips are hopefully going to help every hypnotist up your game.
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Aug 192011

Question by Phil: Does anyone have any good websites or books for a complete beginner wanting to learn hypnotism to look at?
As I said, I’m a complete beginner to hypnotism. I’d just like to find out how to hypnotise someone… ever since watching Derren Brown!

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Answer by Dr. Bob
You might try this site, with a large bibliography on hypnosis books:


You might also try Googling “Wilshire Book Company.” They have published a number of paperbacks on hypnosis in the past, not sure about now. They also have published some of the top books in self-help and self-motivation.


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Aug 182011

Question by marigold: How can I learn more about Christian mysticism?
I’m interested in this field and would like to learn more. What writers should I look into? Thomas Merton? Who else?

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Answer by LIke Danzin wit your dog
Two things are essential

Mysticism by Evelyn Underhill — for the breadth
The Interior Castle by St Teresa of Avila — for the depth

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