Apr 202014

Question by : How can I learn about natural sciences (physics, astronomy, astrophysics) if they are not related to my major?
I love science but the only sciences I somewhat understand are biological and social science but I know almost nothing when it comes to the natural sciences (except biological) I would love to learn about physics and astronomy. I want to mention that in high school I only took the most basic physics and astronomy classes (only one time) I am in my first year of college for (majoring in nursing so physics and astronomy are not pre-reqs) and I’m taking psychology, nutrition (biology) and chemistry.

I try reading articles about astrophysics and it’s obvious I need to know about it before I can understand it

I know it’s helpful, if not necessary, to have some mathematical knowledge and being familiar with the scientific method.

Where should I start? Is there a book someone can recommend?

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Answer by eri
You can take a class in those subjects even if they aren’t related to your major. That’s what electives are for. Or you can get an intro astronomy book out of the library.

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Dec 302013

Question by STARR: Site and book that will help me learn more about Wicca?
I’ve recently become interested in Wicca. I’m thinking of converting since I never felt comfortable with being Christian. My great grand mother use to practice Wicca all the time. But I obviously can’t ask her about it since she is dead.

Is there any sites or books that will help me learn more about it? Prayers and such. Thank you!

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Answer by MissDementia
Go to http://witchvox.com/ to start. It’s the largest and oldest Pagan/Wiccan/Heathen site on the net and has useful information and contact information for people of all the old faith paths. They also have a lot of recommendations for study and you can interact with others of the faith through the site.

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Mar 302013

Question by Icelandic: did you really learn about evolution in 5th grade?
i was in the smart classes and i remember learning about ancient egypt and accelerated math, but i never remember covering evolution until 10th grade.

p.s. i’m 20 so it wasn’t a significantly long time ago.

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Answer by Put on the Full Armor of God
Nope, I didn’t

Consider this

Mysteries In Science

The Young Age of the Earth


The Origin of Man by Dr. Duane Gish


Skull Fossils – As Empty as the Evolutionary Theory

Neanderthals – Smarter Than We Thought

Creation In The 21st Century – Our Young Moon 1 of 3


The “Dark Cloud” of the Big Bang

Why do creationists feel sorry for delusionists?


Today’s World Population Debunks Evolution- Dr. Carl Baugh


Creation In The 21st Century — Noah’s Ark and Jesus 1 of 3 (Parallel)


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Jan 012013
by lleugh

Question by Awesome Prussia: Where can i learn Alchemy from Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood?
Like i want to learn the Alchemy they use in Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood. i know humans cant transmute but i want to learn alchemic notes and stuff they study

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Answer by RzK
It’s a cartoon… That stuff doesn’t exist… Closest thing is science class

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Sep 222012

Question by Lavender: How could a teen with little neuroscience knowledge learn more…?
How could myself and other teenagers find information on and learn about the brain and neurology in an easily accesible and preferably affordable way?

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Answer by ohsacademy
Neuroscience for kids website has a lot of information, and links to other sites for more advanced info.


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Aug 312012

Question by The Salesman: Where can I go to learn basic science, chemistry and physics online for free?
I have very little money and I am desperate to learn these subjects. Please help.

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Answer by Nuclear Sauce
here are some good online resources:





and don’t forget about wikipedia…it has tons of information; and surprisingly, youtube has a few decent learning resources if you can search past all the bs….

hope this helps

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Mar 192012

Question by **LIBERTY**: What do you get out of taking a course on intro psychology and neuroscience in college. What do you learn?
What can you apply this knowledge to?

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Answer by LeeCee
A better understanding of the workings of the human mind, yours and other people’s.

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Jan 302012

Question by : How did you learn how to spell Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?
Yeah I learned by playing the song over and over again and I also couldn’t stop singing it as well… How did you learn how to spell the word Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? I already know how to play it on my piano :D

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Answer by Erin_xo
I just sounded it out.

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Jan 162012

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