Mar 282013

Question by No Name.: How did us humans get all this kind of knowledge?
People talk about things like ghosts,aliens,and other mystic beings(Like Bigfoot,Mermaids,The Jersey Devil,etc…) and yet now people cliam they are actually seeing all of them around.Since thats the case,i was wondering if they weren’t actually lying,and we got investigators(LIke Destination Truth,TAPS,PRS,and other investigators/researchers finding it out for themselves.Would this be a good but funny reason why a lot of us know all this.

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Answer by Linds
Most people “know” by experience, others are nonbelievers because they never have experienced it.
I was never a believer in ghosts until I actually saw one.
We don’t KNOW anything about any of it, we just chose to believe or not.

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Feb 272013

Question by nino: Does more general knowledge give people more consciousness?
What do you think is the amount of consciousness in the average person?… and yours?

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Answer by Jill E
I don’t think general knowledge has any connection to levels of consciousness.

A person who cannot read or write could be operating on a higher level of consciousness then a University Graduate.

It is more about the attaining of wisdom, the ability to see the whole picture, to learn from others, to live with awareness, to see long horizons ….

It is not possible to define the amount of consciousness in the average person, as there is no average person.


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Dec 232012

Question by Austin: Why do you think that God did not want Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge?
was it because human beings would be able to gain great intelligence, yet we would not be able to wield it responsibly and wisely were humans stepping into intelligence that was beyond us?

and I know there are atheists out there, but lets not argue whether this tale actually happened, or if there is a God. Instead, lets look at it metaphorically and treat it as if it were just a story, but a story that’s trying to teach us something.

What do you think?

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Answer by Terry the Klown
God kept his stash in that tree…

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Nov 132012

Question by Future: What is the difference between True Belief and Knowledge?
Or are they the same thing?

If you don`t understand the question then please dont answer it! This is for people that study the Discipline of Philosophy not the masses that believe in the Mystic Guru style or philosophy.

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Answer by Isabella T
belief is a feeling based on experience and circumstance. knowledge is what is without doubt the truth based on fact.

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Sep 222012

Question by Lavender: How could a teen with little neuroscience knowledge learn more…?
How could myself and other teenagers find information on and learn about the brain and neurology in an easily accesible and preferably affordable way?

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Answer by ohsacademy
Neuroscience for kids website has a lot of information, and links to other sites for more advanced info.

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Jan 182012

Question by jlfolger: What are some good websites to increase my all-around knowledge and awareness?
I’d like to know more about what’s going on in the world to increase my awareness and knowledge of the world and our society, everything from current events, politics, people, technology, even humorous occurences. What are some good websites that I should check out?

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Answer by appalachian_panther
We know our world from the humor and the products it produces. Try this:

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Dec 182011

Question by hamze: A short sentence ascribed to a mystic or gnostic which includes a deep knowledge?
I’m trying to remember a word, some thing like “epigram”. The definition is “A short sentence ascribed to a mystic or gnostic which includes a deep knowledge”.

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Answer by Peregrin20

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Dec 152011

Full Length Track: This meditation resonates with the 11:11 code of awakening and spontaneous downloading of knowledge/higher awareness. Encoded into this meditation are Delta, Theta, and Alpha Brainwaves. The frequencies activate your trans-personal chakra while promoting a deep state of relaxation and oneness with the self embodied here on earth. Feel the presence of your guides and angels as they accompany you in this journey into higher awareness and learning. This version is only the first part of the full 30 minute version which gives the full meditative experience of the fluctuating frequencies. The full version is also a high-quality 320Kbps file @ 44.1khz. Listening with headphones is strongly recommended.

Dec 052011

Question by MS..: Please answer if you are a psychologist or have psychology knowledge…?
Firstly,please forgive me because I do not speak english fluently(i am not from us or uk)so I am sure you’ll see a lot of mistakes..
Is it possible child autism symptoms appear progresively and very slowly and the complete clinical image of an autistic kid doesn’t appear until at 6 or 7 years?
Stereotypic movements (rocking).night bed wetting and cannot control urine at the day also,being too temperamental,aggresive and babbling too much can presage autism?

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Answer by Maggie
Another sign of autism that you’re forgetting about it lack of social interaction. My cousin has autism and she has a hard time playing with other children. She also gets frustrated when she can’t solve a problem. Babbling is a sign as well. If you haven’t seen a specialist I suggest you do just to have your child checked for autism.

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Nov 202011

Question by Jarod: Is hypnotism real?Will someone please provide me with the knowledge of hypnotism?
I am really interested in learning the trutrh and facts about hypnotism.

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Answer by ClicketyClack
I have been hypnotized and it works, if done properly. No one can explain it on this forum as it would be too lengthy and involved.

Why don’t you do an internet search on hypnotism? You’ll find tons of information but I would stick to the info from licensed hypnotherapists.

Good luck!! : )

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