Apr 152014

Question by : What jobs are there in science?
I’m 15 and do triple science (Chemistry,physics and biology) and i am interested in doing a job in science but theres so many and i dont know what they mean.

So im asking
What types are there?
What would i do?
what qualifications do i need to get in my gcses and what courses in college?

im in top sets and get As and Bs atm in year 10

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Answer by X
What country are you in? What science do you like the most?

There are thousands of jobs in science! Everything from teaching science to experimental physics to product development.

For example, I study biotechnology. Biotechnologists create drugs for medicine, and do genetic research, and use bacteria to produce drugs like insulin, and design GM foods, and do bioremediation… there are millions of different jobs in biotechnology. Biotechnology is a single subset of biology, which is a single branch of science.

At the point you are in your education, my advice would be: do whatever is the most fun. Keep your grades up and take sciences that interest you the most, and do the same in university. Having “a job in science” is like having “a job in retail” — it’s rather broad. If you do that then, wherever you end up, you’ll be doing something you like. And unless you decide to go into something like forensic science, there should be a fair amount of job openings with most major sciences.

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Mar 092014

Question by helen: What kind of jobs can you get with a Masters in Neuroscience?
I am thinking of getting a bachelors in Neuroscience at UCSC and then getting a masters in UCB. What type of jobs can I get and do I have to get a Phd?

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Answer by iluvaaron<3
You can probably go into medical research if you are interested. I hear a lot of corporate companies are hiring neuroscience majors as well.

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Jan 052014

Question by ThisIs ForYou: What are some jobs in science?
I really love science (mainly the physics part of it) and would like to know what are some good jobs in that industry? Like curing diseases? If not I shall take a random degree in Japanese language and become an English teacher in Japan ouo.

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Answer by Zoey
ah, yeah actually there is.
you are looking at physics and curing a disease, so that leads you to biophysics.
usually you would get an undergrad degree in physics (or even engineering) and then a further degree (phd or masters) in a medicine related field using your knowledge of physics.
for example. i (used to) know this one guy. he did an undergrad in physics with a minor in biology and is now working with neuroscientists to map the brain so they can have a better understanding of various neural diseases.
you can also look into bioengineering, which involves quite a lot of physics too.

there are jobs out there. i strongly recommend you see a career counselor about it or talk to someone at a college you are looking at attending.

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Dec 172013

Question by JD: What did Steve Jobs see just before he died?
In the eulogy she delivered at his funeral service, Steve Jobs’ sister said that her brother’s last words on his deathbed were, “Oh Wow. Oh Wow. Oh Wow.” What did he see? Whether christian, atheist, or mystic, all opinions and insights are welcome.

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Answer by scooterpoop supreme contributor
Medical equipment.

He was trying to envision iPhone aps for medical uses.

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Feb 192013

Question by Christopher: What jobs can a science major get?
Hi i’m going to community college soon, and when i transfer to a university I’m thinking of either 2 paths. Go for an accounting degree and then get an MBA, or major in a science. I like physics, chemistry, and geology/geography. If i get a masters degree in a science related field can i have a good career or would i need a phd? Then everyone says with a phd you are over qualified so all you can do is teach. Is this true?

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Answer by Ben

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Jan 192013

Question by reggie p: What jobs in the hospital can I get without any experience?
Im a college student pursuing a BA in Behavioral Neuroscience. Lab work is also an option too. Im really trying to find something that pertains to science preferabally the medical career, since that is what I am going to do with my life. Serious answers please! Thanks!!

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Answer by Laura E
I got my first hospital job by accident (I really didn’t have experience). I started out by volunteering in a local hospital. I randomly got assigned to the EKG department and liked the staff. A couple of weeks after I started, one of the employees quit to go back to school and the department manager approached me about applying to take the position. The rest they say is history…

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Jan 142013

Question by peopleme: What kind of jobs I can get if I have Bachelor?
What kind of jobs I can get if I have Bachelor in Neuroscience?
What kind of jobs I can get if I have Bachelor in Biochemical Engineering?
Here, I want to go to medical School, which major should I pick out of these two?

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Answer by chargerrrrsssss!!!
there are many jobs you can get. it just depends on the area (city) you want to work in. just research your area or go to your school’s career center to see what places look for your type. as for med school, either one works. biochemical engineering is a little harder so if you major in that and get really good grades, it says a lot more than if you had the same grades as a neuroscience major. but remember, engineering majors are generally harder. also, it’s not just good grades that you need. research experience, extracurricular activities, and good mcat scores are other things they look at. one thing to note is that to go to med school, you’re not restricted to a few majors. as long as you take all the required courses for it (check your choice of med school for requirements), you’re good to go. i myself am a double major grad (management science and bioengineering), worked for a company called biogen idec. and just got accepted to ucsd med school. have a counselor guide you to the right path. it worked for me.

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Jan 132013

Question by PRINTS: What are some jobs for the following majors?
-Science degree, specifically Physics and/or Chemistry
-Language major: German

Are any of these worth it for jobs? Do you have one of these majors and what job do you have? Do you like your job?

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Answer by Emily M
Physics is likely to pay the best. You can do an internet search and look for jobs for the other majors.
Engineering is likely to pay better than basic science.

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Jan 162012

Question by Mr. Wolf: How can Republicans tout CBO prediction for their jobs bill but dismiss CBO study of the stimulus bill?
Republicans tout CBO prediction their jobs plan will create 5 million jobs in 10 years so how can they claim the Obama’s stimulus bill didn’t create jobs when the CBO study found 1.4 and 3.3 million jobs were either created or saved by the stimulus program.

It seems like they are saying a CBO projection what could happen is more accurate than a CBO study of something that has already happened.

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Answer by scottso360
the repubs have a jobs plan?

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Oct 162011

Question by nickname: What are some types of jobs you can get with a neuroscience degree?
Just curious :)
I do have a serious interest in the subject.

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Answer by Vicente
Not much with just a BS. If you have a PhD a whole lot of jobs will open for you. You can be a researcher, teacher, scientist, analyst, engineer, etc.

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