May 172014

Question by Think different: Where does the so call spirit get it’s consciousness from?
Living things get consciousness from their brains. How do non conscious entities manage such and for that matter memories or recall of any kind?

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Answer by Lionel1020
Man’s imagination…The same place ALL religion comes from

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Jun 022013

Question by Gorgoroth: what does ΑΠΟ ΠΑΝΤΟΣ ΚΑΚΟΔΑΙΜΟΝΟΣ mean and what is it’s origin?
i know that it is most popular among christian mystics and Thelemites (Thelema followers)
from what i have i understand it is written in Greek and it is may be translated as “go away all evil demons/spirits” or “stand behind me all evil demons/spirits”
i’ve heard that it may be used for exorcism
but yet i don’t know where it’s real origins and for what other purposes inside of religious rituals can it be used
so for the knowledgeable – any help over here?

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Answer by Be Blessed
It’s satanic. No, you cannot use it for exorcism.

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Sep 132012

Question by samuelhalb: It’s a murder mystery question: Where is this?
She lived in Buxton because she had to have spar/mineral water every day for her health. She had not taken her passport. She only had £20 so porbably would be quite near to home. She has lots of items in her room from ancient Egypt.

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Answer by john m

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Jan 282012

Sponsored by the CCCSWA & City of San Ramon
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The “Angel Dance” was created to spread awareness about Domestic Violence. The 3 dancers wearing purple ribbons around their waists represents Amy, Monica and Coty, 3 innocent victims whose lives were taken away on a June 13, 2011, while the rest of the dancers represent angels, and the final Dancer in the purple shirt represents the family that were left behind. The “Angel Dance” visually through the art of dance, shows the hurt and pain that family’s go through when losing a loved one to domestic violence. We can only hope that this dance reaches those who may be in similar situations, and are blinded by their own doubt to reach out for help, reach out because there is help. Awareness is all we have now, spreading the word, this is not the Norm in relationships or families, and that Domestic Violence is NOT OK.
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Dec 132011

Question by its a girl! aka chan chan: How and why is there an illusion of a puddle of water in the middle of the highway when it’s a hot day?
And how is it that sometimes if there’s a car in front of you and there’s the illusion of water in front of your car that you can sometimes see the reflection of the person’s car that is in front of you in the water thingy? And why does that happen?

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Answer by jennylee
i don’t exactly know how it happens but when it is that hot it just happens. it is like the desert, when it is hot people see illusions of water. so it is not just the road.

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Dec 122011

Question by Ricardo H: what kind of genre is this story? does it sound interesting? Do you think it’s short story or novel material?
A man, heartbroken years ago, decides to fulfill his career goals and succeeds but with an inexplicable emptiness in his heart. One day, in his horribly simple life, he wakes up and finds out that there is no one in his neighborhood. On the way to work, he finds out that the entire city has been mysteriously abandoned – everything left behind intact -. He enjoys the abandoning for a while, but with no one to share with, it is pointless. He decides to visit his ex wife and figure out the reason as to why she had left him. He has to travel for long distances alone and realizes the whole country – maybe world – is abandoned…but not entirely, on his journey he encounters an old man that is going to the same city he is, and a child that wants to go back to where he’s from. He finally reaches his destination after several “human” conflicts with the old man and child and figures both mysteries: why there is no one, and why she (wife) left him.

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Answer by mace_skywalker_01
Actually, I think that depends on the “Why she left him” and “Why he is alone in the world” questions. What was the cause If it was supernatural or alien influenced, the sci-fi. I`d probably say sci-fi anyway considering that only 3 ppl being in the world seems pretty fictatious. ^_~

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Nov 302011

Question by Obscenity.: Autobiographical English Essay. it’s a little weird but i need some critique.?
Due to writer’s block, I am forced to present to you the simplest form of an autobiography…. Just me. You may say it’s unorthodox, after reading all those anecdotes about basketball and whatnot, but there is a lack of sufficient details on any topics for me to write this paper on. So, I’ve decided I’ll chose three things from my life that may be interesting, or at least what I can make interesting with my sick, twisted methods… for your sake. Together we’ll delve into the history of my name, my earliest memory, and my life in general, experiencing reality and fantasy in one package, making you question whether what you’re living is real…

First off, let’s examine my name. To the shallow mind, Genevieve Marie ********* doesn’t encourage imagination, but I find great inspiration in something so simple. How did my parents think of it? Maybe, even as my parents saying their vows, my mother thought: “Hmmm… Genevieve, that’s a pretty name…”. Or maybe, she was on a trip to France and made two good friends named Genevieve and Marie ad decided to name her kid after them… it’s unlikely, but hey, it could happen. The story I heard was that my great grandma was named Delilah Genevieve (The Genevieve being her middle name) and so my mom named me after her. I guess they lost creativity when it came to my middle name, because I know about 6 other girls my age with the middle name Marie, so I guess “Genevieve” is just the vibrant, glossy cover to another Cinderella remake…

Ickle Gena: Mommy, am I really four?
Mom: [talking on phone] No.
That, my friend, is my earliest memory, taking place August 1st, 1998; my birthday party. I remember mine and my mother’s exact positions, and my tone of voice: that of a curious, two-front-teethless, commanding, inquiring four-year-old. The mystery though, still remains. Was I really just a 1460-day-old princess, or was I something more? Maybe the government brainwashed me and my family so we were deluded into thinking I was just the simple child that adults adore and babysitting teens despise. The person on the other line could have been a mind-reading anarchist, ready to ask the question he knew to be wrong at the precise moment, in an attempt to enlighten my young intellect after hearing the whispered pleas from my mother’s subconscious mind, sending me a sign that no, I am not really four, I am one-hundred-thirty-six, my whole past and any indication thereof being destroyed in a sick government experiment.

Life is a laundry room. Stains, dirty clothes, missing socks, and humming sounds; these are all part of the tangled mess of rumors, reality, imagination, and irritation of existence. Entertainment is found in simple things like lint and hair ties on pencils, and addiction can be found extremely simple things like the smell of clean clothes and YouTube. One day, you might pick up a pile of laundry and find a dollar sitting there, life is unexpected. But sometimes life can take a nasty turn, when the poop is found on your favorite pair of jeans. But not to worry, it’s only a pair of jeans; the misery only lasts a couple days, unless you’re extremely stingy. Can you decode this metaphor? Well, examine the first sentence and make the connection. Luck comes, and traumas happen, but life goes on; and the washer keeps running.

One flaw in the government’s plan to brainwash the world is that we remember, if only in dreams. Dreams of people, places, and things are that of another life, where pigs fly through skies that are raining men, and you always know what to say. You may not believe any of this, in fact, I don’t even believe half of the things I’ve said, but it’s possible, isn’t it? We all question our past once in a while, and this is one of those times where I look back and imagine what could have been, or what had happened, and why. In order to do so, I think up ridiculous reasons, because, hey, it’s my life…

Reading this over, i realize how many typos and mistakes i made, just bear with me please? this is my rough draft. i’ll smooth the edges between paragraphs soon.

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Answer by Hayo
You definitely have an interesting point of view to things. Comparing it to the cliche, the glass is half empty versus half full, it seems like you would argue the point where the glass itself came from. Lol.

But I think it’s interestingly good. The only thing that I would point out that you should maybe alter is the transitions between the three different points, but by reading with what you wrote, I think you should be able to come up with a clever way to do so.

Good luck and if it means anything to you, if my English teacher (11th grade) read that, she’d probably love it.
She is definitely one to love the twisted and odd.

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