Mar 082014

Question by : Did extra terrestrial beings visit the earth and had their influence on our old civilizations?
Can you provide some some proof, why there is a large amount of mysteries in our history? how can you explain it?

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Answer by Liam.
No, and I think it is rather arrogant for Ancient Alien theorists to believe that ancient civilisations such as Egypt could build such wonders as the Pyramids without intervention.

People who come up with these ideas are crack pots.

Erich Von Daniken was arrested for fraud…

Zecharia Sitchin on multiple times has been criticised for mis-interpreting cuneiform tablets…

David Icke announced himself the son of God, openly promoted the antisemitic tool The Protocols of the Elders of Zion… And has dabbled with Holocaust denial.

How anybody takes people like these or their cronies seriously is a mystery…

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Nov 052013

Question by Forgotandloggedout: Consciousness, you believe in consciousness beyond influence of the brain?
Then tell me, WTF is DID (multiple personality disorder.)

If the conscious mind is beyond matter, beyond physical meaning, then why if the brain is damaged we become f^%^*d up?
How can the consciousness be separate from the brain, when there is so much evidence to suggest who we are is how the brain is developed?

I am probably quite drunk, so excuse mistakes. Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by adagio58
It’s simple. There are three levels of consciousness:

- the conscious mind – responds to information provided by the physical senses
- the subconscious mind – is the Intelligence that fulfils the directions
- the Superconscious mind – is the Director – Absolute and Unchanging

Each level has its allotted tasks to do. If the brain is damaged it will affect the “conscious mind” but does not affect the Superconscious mind which is Spirit, eternal and unchanging. Our higher consciousness (soul-mind) can and does function through our higher senses and are not dependent on the physical body’s brain and nervous system. A recent interesting case is of Anita Moorjani who almost died in hospital, had an OBE (out of body) experience, saw and heard conversations while still in an unconscious state, which proves the point that we can function in a finer body than the physical. See:

Anita Moorjani’s Near Death Experience clears in 4 days, grade 4B lymphoma cancer:


Multiple personality disorder can be several conditions but mainly it is the mental wiring that could be in error. A good source of learning is this doctor, one of the best, who makes a study of brain activity:

Art, Reality, and the Brain: The Quest for Aesthetic Universals – Dr. V.S. Ramachandran:


You say, evidence suggests who we are is how the brain is developed — that is true, but it is the “persona”, the individual personality (your habits, memories, opinions, likes and dislikes, etc.) that is built up in this manner. The LIFE FORCE (call it what you wish) is not affected. You might like to think of it as a central Electricity which is transformed down to a level that can be used in a light bulb. The light bulb can be smashed but that does not affect the central Source of Electricity itself.

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Jan 192012

Question by : In what ways did the Second Great Awakening influence Abolition?
How did it? Wasn’t the Second great awakening in the US like religious or something?

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Answer by Lilitu
Yes. The Secoond Great Awakening like the Great Awakening was religious. This made people question what was right and what was wrong, and slavery was thought to be wrong by many of these people/. Many people who were a part of the Second Great Awakening were abolitionist. And to tie in with your other question, yes, this means that many of the people in the Temprence Movement (who were mostly female) were also Abolitionists

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Jan 022012

Question by : How did the Second Great Awakening in the north influence temperance?
How did it? Wasn’t the second great awakening religious or something

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Answer by Lilitu
The Second Great Awakening was (like the Great Awakening) religious. At this time religious groups blamed alcohol for many of society’s problems and sermons expressing how evil the consumption of alcohol was, and how it ruined lives. This influenced the Temperance Movement that was all about reducing and/or eliminating the presence of alcohol in American society

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Nov 302011

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Sep 302011

Question by Kevin7: How did Jewish and Islamic mysticism and culture influence Dune the sci fi novel?

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Answer by ak6702
Wow my favorite sci-fi novel ever.Such rich character development of even minor characters.I can’t wait to see the movie(Yes they are making another one!)

Oh damn never mind.I really loved Lynch’s version as much as he had only half the book in it.
I really never noticed the Jewish mysticism.But maybe that’s in the Kwisatz Haderach…but the Bene
Gesserts sound more Catholic.He threw everything in the mix.I do notice the Fremen are a bit like American Indian/Muslim warrior(Of old) he even made them out to be a bit like Sikh’s of India.
He tried to show that the future would still have religion(I think he mentions The Bible also as past religion) abet a combination of all of our worlds(And time) religions.Yeah it got heavy on really showing that all mysticism would survive in a future dominated by space travel and the expansion of humanity.It really wrapped it all in one hellva sci-fi novel(Way to many sequels!).It really had it all.I read it sometime in my Sophomore year(After hearing about for years in Starlog and a great Iron Maiden song!),and really fell in love with how Herbert really developed the story from Paul and every little character plus a dictionary so you can understand the worlds.Next to The Stand it holds a very unique place in the world of fiction.

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Sep 182011

Question by Jonas Rand: How did the counterculture of the 1960s influence hip hop music?
It was influential in modern music, can someone provide examples of how it influenced hip-hop?

I meant to write American music; “modern” was an error (though I guess you could say that it did, to some degree).
influence != initiate. I did not say that hip hop started with the 60′s. I asked how the counterculture influenced hip hop later on, or what influences it took from the counterculture.

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Answer by Killa Sin be getting reported again, BCC
oh and here i thought it was poverty, jazz and disco

edit: the counterculture is supposed to be all those hippies and stuff, and they definatly didnt influence hip hop

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May 242011

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Mar 212011

Question by No Chance Without Derp: How did the ancient Egyptian religion influence Tibetan Buddhism?
I know there are some similarities, such as “The Book of the Dead”, and some animal-headed deities are mentioned and depicted in both books, and the Tibetan flag even looks like a pyramid. What happened? How did the knowledge of the mysteries pass to Tibet?
Er, no it isn’t. My knowledge of geography, history and religion is strong actually.

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Answer by Bharat Swabhimaan
your geography is weak.

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Feb 202011

Question by MAG: What Influence does The Golden Dawn hold over modern day Occultism?

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Answer by wildawox
A lot. The Golden Dawn basically wrote the book on Ceremonial Magick. Crowley belonged to it and so did the poet Yates and the magician Mathers and other famous people. They were from the 1800′s but they encapsulated all the previous info about real magick and witchcraft from the middle ages on up.

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