May 212014

Question by Jeffrey K: Is free will an illusion?
We feel as if we have free will but is it just an illusion?
Your body and brain are made of atoms which must obey Newton’s laws of motion, electromagnetism, and other laws of physics. You can not direct where atoms or groups of atoms go just by thinking about it. They will move according to the laws of physics. Your mind can not force them to violate physics. So every action must be deterministic.

If you consider quantum mechanics, atoms obey probabilistic laws. Your mind can not affect how a wave function collapses just by thinking about it. The collapse is completely random. So our actions are partly deterministic and partly random.
Where is there room for free will? How could your mind possibly control anything, even atoms or nerve impulses in your own brain?

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Answer by mggzer
I guess it depends on what you believe. Wow a paradox.

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Mar 012014

Question by TRAE: If Mystic swordsman attacks facedown wall of illusion?
is mystic swordsman returned due to the effect of the wall of illusion or is the effect negated due to the ability of mystic swordsman.. if you can a good explanation would be i can explain to my friends also..

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Answer by Gavlois
Your answer is kinda correct, but here’s a better one:
Mystic Swordsmen destroy face down monsters WITHOUT flipping them face up or calculating damage, so if Wall of Illusion was NOT FLIPPED, your Mystic Swordsman does not return to your hand. It counts as if it were sent to the Graveyard face down and was never flipped.

Hope I helped.

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Oct 272013

Question by : Atheists, do you exist or are you just an illusion?
I keep hearing atheists talk about physics out of nothingness being evidence that God does not exist. However, the Apostle Paul explained to the Athenians the attributes of God by contrast to physical reality. In ancient Athens, they had thousands of statues that they worshiped as gods. There were a few that were dedicated ”To An Unknown God” just in case there was a God they forgot to honor. Well, Paul explained the unknown God to them: that God can not be restricted to any man-made institution, nor anything conceived in the minds of men; physical nor conceptual. God is an un-embodied mind that you can’t know unless you bridge the gap between your human philosophical perspective and God’s theological revelation.

So do atheists think the same way as the Athenians when it comes to their own person? Does the ego not exist, even though human consciousness is macro-centralized into real time? Is the fact that you’re able to conceive of eternity not transcendent beyond physics? Why does your cause-effect reasonability not limit you to your own world?

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Answer by Femdyk
How is it that my reason doesn’t limit me to my world? I’m ok with that, even if it is limiting.

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Dec 132011

Question by its a girl! aka chan chan: How and why is there an illusion of a puddle of water in the middle of the highway when it’s a hot day?
And how is it that sometimes if there’s a car in front of you and there’s the illusion of water in front of your car that you can sometimes see the reflection of the person’s car that is in front of you in the water thingy? And why does that happen?

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Answer by jennylee
i don’t exactly know how it happens but when it is that hot it just happens. it is like the desert, when it is hot people see illusions of water. so it is not just the road.

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Dec 122011

Models.Behaving.Badly: Why Confusing Illusion with Reality Can Lead to Disaster, on Wall Street and in Life

Emanuel Derman was a quantitative analyst (Quant) at Goldman Sachs, one of the financial engineers whose mathematical models became crucial for Wall Street. The reliance investors put on such quantitative analysis was catastrophic for the economy, setting off the ongoing string of financial crises that began with the mortgage market in 2007 and continues through today. Here Derman looks at why people– bankers in particular –still put so much faith in these models, and why it’s a terrible mi

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Dec 112011

Nothing Personal: Seeing Beyond The Illusion Of A Separate Self

“The beauty of this collection of Nirmala’s talks and dialogues is that it covers much of the spectrum of spiritual awakening, from the initial experience of one’s true nature to the practical challenges, which always call for a deeper seeing and deeper understanding of how spirit manifests as all of life and beyond….Nirmala welcomes whatever arises within the field of experience. In the midst of this welcoming is always an invitation to inquire deeply within, to the core of who and what you a

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Dec 112011

Question by Hi: What is the difference between Illusion and Disillusion?
I know Disillusion means illusion but dis should change the definition so why are there two different words?

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Answer by bjk1961
Your knowledge is faulty.

illusion = something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.

disillusion = to free from or deprive of illusion, belief, idealism, etc.; disenchant.

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