Oct 012012

Question by : novel ideas! any suggestions? do you like my ideas?
okay so i have my main characters. 1 girl 2 boys. i want it to be a fantasy story. and it is going to be in 3 person narrating! thanks to everyone who responded last time! and i think i have more story ideas. do you like them??

begining: okay so the girl (Amelia) lives in the orphanage has 3 brothers. and one of the boys (Will) lives in the orphanage and has a best friend the other boy (Danny) who lives down the street from the orphanage and all 3 become best friends. they want to run away from the orphanage. now im stuck.

new idea 1..! okay so they run away to find Danny’s dad in london about 8 hours away. (still dont know how they get there) they get to the dads house and its huge!! except they walk in and the place is destroyed. Danny doesnt know what to think. what happened to his dad that he is so eager to see again. so he looks around and in the up stairs bedroom is hole in the ceiling. so he gets a chair and climbs through the hole to find himself standing in a new world. i dont know what it should be like there though?? ideas?? do you like this one??

new idea 2..!! okay so they go to try and find wills mom and dad who didnt want him but he doesnt believe that. they find the house but instead a old women answers the door and invites them in. she has never heard of wills parents. but says she is a proffesor. but wont tell them what kind of a proffesor. they stay at the house. and soon find the secret the proffesor has been keeping from them. i dont know what though!! help!!

would you rather read about mystery adventure magic or a new world?? any new ideas?? please…?? suggestions??

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Answer by gangster
my sugestion is go to this website it’ll help u
they got awesome books there all novels and all famous

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Aug 102012

Question by havardboy911: i need some ideas for theories give me any topics that would be useful for physics and science field?
am working on a theory now.i would like to use my knowledge more.please reply

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Answer by eri
Have you got a degree in science or math? Many people think they’ve discovered something new, only to find out we’ve known it for a hundred years already. Getting a degree in the field introduces you to what we know already, among other things. Do a literature review first to make sure it’s really a new idea.

Are you saying you’ve got a new idea you’re working on, or that you want to work on new ideas? If you’ve got an idea, write it up and send it in to a peer-reviewed journal in the appropriate field. Make sure you back it up with math or observations. And follow the format rules of the journal. Ask a more specific question in the category for that field to find out what journals you should consider submitting to.

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Jun 202012

Question by : What are some ideas for making a collage about The Alchemist?
Create a painting, collage, photo-essay, or sculpture which captures an idea, relationship or moment from the story. Provide a written explanation of your work.

I need some help. PLease and Thank you

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Answer by Dori
You can search on the internet to find some pictures about the theme and them make them into collages with Collage Maker, an easy to use app to make individual collages. And then, print out to be as an sample for painting. It is a useful and efficient way. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/collage-maker/id434548368?mt=12

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May 122012

Question by 88888888: How does neuroscience support Freud’s ideas about animal within, dreams, and psychosexual stages?

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Answer by hayha700
well you could say that the limbic system is the id, the cortex the ego and the frontal lobes the super-ego.

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Apr 302012

Question by man from utopia: Did Jesus steal his ideas from Osiris of Egypt ?
Osiris was also the god of the vine and a great travelling teacher who civilized the world. He was the ruler and judge of the dead. In his passion, Osiris was plotted against and killed by Set and “the 72.” Like that of Jesus, Osiris’s resurrection served to provide hope to all that they may do likewise and become eternal.

Osiris’s “son” or renewed incarnation, Horus, shares the following in common with Jesus:

–Horus was born of the virgin Isis-Merion December 25 in a cave/manger with his birth being announced by a star in the East and attended by three wise men.
–His earthly father was named “Seb” (“Joseph”).
–He was of royal descent.
–At at 12, he was a child teacher in the Temple, and at 30, he was baptized having disappeared for 18 years.
–Horus was baptized in the river Eridanus or Iarutana (Jordan) by “Anup the Baptizer” (“John the Baptist”), who was decapitated.
–He had 12 desciples, two of who were his “witnesses” and were named “Anup” and “Aan” (the two “Johns”).
–He performed miracles, exorcised demons and raised El-Azarus (“El-Osiris”), from the dead.
–Horus walked on water.
–His personal epithet was “Iusa,” the “ever-becoming son” of “Ptah,” the “Father.” He was thus called “Holy Child.”
–He delivered a “Sermon on the Mount” and his followers recounted the “Sayings of Iusa.”
–Horus was transfigured on the Mount.
–He was crucified between two thieves, buried for three days in a tomb, and resurrected.
–He was also the “Way, the Truth, the Light,” “Messiah,” “God’s Anointed Son,” “the “Son of Man,” the “Good Shepherd,” the “Lamb of God,” the “Word made flesh,” the “Word of Truth,” etc.
–He was “the Fisher” and was associated with the Fish (“Ichthys”), Lamb and Lion.
–He came to fulfill the Law.
–Horus was called “the KRST,” or “Anointed One.”
–Like Jesus, “Horus was supposed to reign one thousand years.”

Furthermore, inscribed about 3,500 years ago [1500 years before Jesus’ alleged advent] on the walls of the Temple at Luxor were images of the Annunciation, Immaculate Conception, Birth and Adoration of Horus, with Thoth announcing to the Virgin Isis that she will conceive Horus; with Kneph the “Holy Ghost,” impregnating the virgin; and with the infant being attended bh three kings, or magi, bearing gifts. In addition, in the catacombs at Rome are pictures of the baby Horus being held by the virgin mother Isis—the original “Madonna and Child.” As Massey says:

It was the Gnostic art that reproduced the Hathor-Meri and Horus of Egypt as the Virgin
and child-Christ of Rome . . . You poor idiotai, said the Gnostics [to the early Christians],
you have mistaken the mysteries of old for modern history, and accepted literally all that
was only meant mystically.
Source Inquisitive Atheist

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Answer by RELIGION
He stole his ideas from the Yinzers of Yore.

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Mar 072012

Question by ☯ ӽ Ϻɩƨƨ Đɑɴɩɛʅʅɛ ӽ ☯: I Need Some Help With A Beginning – Any Ideas?
14 year old Crystal Highland lives the ordinary lifestyle until she becomes a young agent at a top secret base and ends up being thrown into the world of violence and mystery.
That’s my basic storyline – I have all the details prepared, and I don’t know how to start my story. I’ve been staring at a blank Word document on my laptop and hoping that an idea pops up.
I just need some ideas so that my brain responds and goes into writing mode :) I’d appreciate normal answers please – not just ‘do it yourself’.

*I Don’t Copyright, Just So You Know So Any Ideas You Come Up With Will Not Be Used As They Are Your Ideas – I Will Just Read Through Them And Possibly Mix A Few Together And Change Things To Make My Own Idea

x Thanks In Advance x

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Answer by XxxsimxxX
Option 1: You could start of by emphasising how ordinary her lifestyle is by having her on her way to school. Mention her friends and the lessons/teachers she likes. Her family situation and boyfiend status – stuff like that. She could then see – during this ever so normal day – the catalyst which will send her hurdling into a life of mystery and violence!
Option 2: It could be the week-end and she could be seriously bored – perhaps a friend calls and asks to meet up. She agrees and on her way to meet her friend… Bam! She is swept into the world of violence and mystery!!!
Good Luck!

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Feb 092012

Question by Katie Heartless: Ideas for plots?
I’m bored, and having a bad case of writer’s block. Does anyone have an idea for a roleplay, or a story plot in general?
Genres to mess with:
World war _
End of the world
Back in the old days
angels vs. demons
Real life
Gnags and mobs
Band (meh)
humans that can change into animals
Dragon rider
New ideas? (Always welcome!)


Thank you for your help!

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Answer by TL
It doesn’t sound like you need ideas,honey,what you need is focus.I write myself&I know how frustrating this phase of the experiance can be.Which of these themes,”speak”to you?That’s what you have to figure out.A vampire story?Why not?See if you can bring a new take to the genre,that’s what editors look for

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Jan 302012

Question by littlemisscontroverse: What are some good ideas for a diversity awareness activity?
This is for a college ethics class. This can be an activity only for the class or for the community. But it has to teach diversity awareness by experience. We only have a month to finish this.
Please be ethical as this is for an Ethics class.

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Answer by CoachT
If you want people to experience the reality of bias and bigotry then it would have to be something that isn’t as apparent as sex or race.

You also have to be very careful how you decide to present this, some biases out there result in dangerous situations. I’d be cautious about suggesting participants “pass” as Muslim in some areas for example. And therein lies the real problem with this type of experiment, the results can be dangerous.

You could always replicate a study I read some years ago but apply it locally. The researcher completed employment applications at a variety of businesses. Everything was essentially equal except that the applicants had clearly identifiably ethnic names. The result was that the people with ethnic names didn’t get interviews.

Another researcher I read had people of different sex/race/socio-economics park on the side of the road with the hood up to see who got helped. The hot blonde got a lot of attention. The poor looking guy got left to fend for himself.

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Jan 292012

Question by Sean S: To what extent was the Second Great Awakening a continuation of the religious ideas of the Great Awakening?
To what extent was the Second Great Awakening a continuation of the religious ideas of the Great Awakening, and to what extent was it a departure?

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Answer by DT
To a large extent it was a continuation because the ideas were carried over in the 2nd awakening.

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Jan 232012

Question by ☆Proud Mom☆: What ideas for breast cancer awareness month do you have?
I am in charge of this project at work. We are raising money for breast cancer awareness month for October. I have a banner coming and some stuff to sell for the cause, but I need unique ideas for the table or display. I was thinking using a pink table clothe and maybe make some pink ribbons out of construction paper to hang up. What are more ideas?? Thanks so much.

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Answer by Dave
You could have detailed instructions on how to do a check-up. You could show actual pictures of breast cancer and how it appears (there are color photographs of it taken from a Micron Microscope on line)

You could have a diagram of the stages of breast cancer (different stages)

You could explain the various treatments that breast cancer patients go through. An explainition of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

With that the effects of the treatments themselves.

You can explain that even though ten people are diagnosed wtih breast cancer it would be different for each of those ten. Breast cancer is an individualized disease.

You could list the popular people that have been diagosed with the disease and are doing well now. Christine Applegate and Fran Drescher just two examples.

You can explain that it is rare for somebody under thirty five to have breast cancer, and that it is even rarer (but does happen for men to get it)

A lot of these ideas are on line so you could download it and paste to a board.

I have read a ton of books about breast cancer since my wife was diagnosed with the disease and would use some quotes from some books like the Chicken Soup Series.

With the focus of the President on a National Health Care Plan, I would estimate how much treatment costs the average person diagnosed with the disease.

For example:

We spent about ,000 of our own money fighting the disease. That is some of the deductables and what was NOT covered by our insurance. I estimate going with our records that it cost roughly 0,000 to fight the disease including all the tests and visits including a mastectomy and 27 weeks of chemotherapy and 6.5 weeks of radiation treatments.

Some people that had a cancer diagosis but lost their jobs since their treatment need to go and get an MRI done to make sure it had not returned. But it costs about ,000+ dollars so many are going without and risking cancer returning.

Good luck, I am counting on you to do a great job and you may be saving a life.


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