May 172014

Question by ★Greed★: Do rhetorical ideas deny the existence of the universe..?
…and thus deny the true definition of God.

Therefore, one can only know God without religion or defining what god means. Thus, the universe is not self aware within the context of our thinking as it is neither a being nor a consciousness.

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Answer by peaceful mind
First of all, I’m in love with your question. Our thinking is what creates the universe of what we want it to be, it’s what philosophy is here for, to be filled with questions that aren’t really answered, but accepted as being there and filling the universe with more mystery and the answers may be out there, but to really know the existence of the universe, there are no answers to anything.

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Apr 252014

Question by LG: Help i need ideas for a physics project!?
ok so i need some ideas for a very simple physics project. this is for a high school physics class and i have to do a project. i do not know what to do for it. i need some ideas that are easy to do and do not take a whole lot of time. please help

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Answer by Electric Blue




Science Fair Projects and Experiments
Topics, Ideas, Resources and Sample Projects
For Primary, Elementary, Middle and High School Students and Teachers

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Apr 122014

Question by Erik T: Do you think Science can fit in with some of the ideas of Buddhism?
Before you get all uncomfortable about this hear me out. In physics you have Causality or cause and effect. basically every cause should have an effect and it’s huge in not just physics but in logic, statistics, natural science, and computer science. In buddhism you have karma which is basically cause and effect and it is also big in hindu and other eastern religions.

In Buddhism, hinduism and taoism there’s ideas of Pantheism which means we all are one with the universe and nature and we all are basically growing or expanding at the same time. the theory of relativity say the universe is constantly expanding and the big bang theory is just rewinding that expansion to one, singular big bang.. Hence we are all one from this big bang.. Theres even enlightenment in Buddhism which just seems like mental evolution and many Buddhists believe in evolution because their religion doesn’t contradict it. Does the eastern religions seem to make more sense from a science perspective? Obviously I don’t believe everything about religions and cultures but it really seems like the eastern religions such as Taoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism are some what logical. would love to know what you think about it.

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Answer by Human
It can obviously agree on some points that have nothing to do at all with spirituality. Whether you want to use reality to justify your beliefs is fine, but the world is the way it is whether we like it or not.

The cyclic cycle model of the universe is incorrect,[1] so I don’t understand how their belief that everything is a cycle will fit into reality.


Although they were going about it the wrong way, they were genuinely trying to see patterns and find out why things were the way they were. This is what separates them from the western “philosophies” that were created to control populations.

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Dec 162013

Question by : Did the New World Order start with Julius Caesar and his ideas for Heaven?

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Answer by DesireE
If you think the book of mormon is enough
of God’s word (he who has ears to hear the language of eternity let him hear),
you’re right;
it’s enough to send you to hell.

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Dec 092013

Question by musicinme: Give me some links or ideas for a science project in a science exhibition?
Please give some links which will give the complete description of a project on science esp. on Physics. U can also give some ideas and tell me the entire procedure. I need it for my younger sis. for a science exhibition

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Answer by A-cronos
Do an electroscope (wait I know it sounds hard but it isn’t).

Take a round metallic box (like a cookie box or something). Paint it on the outside (just to make it look better). Make a hole in one of the sides. Take a Clip and brake it so you have two even parts. Then take play dough and cover the hole with it. Insert each part of the clip into the play dough so that the tips are near each other, but make sure that the parts are touching each other in any place. If this is done correctly the parts of the clip will be seen inside the box. On each part (inside the box) hang a rectangular portion (doesn’t have to be very big) of aluminum foil. Find a silk cloth (or a material that produces static electricity well enough) and a piece of plastic. Rub the plastic against the cloth, then touch the two parts of the clip (simultaneously) that are outside the box. You will see that the two portions of aluminum foil will move creating an inverse V, repealing each other. Hope it helps. If you need more info, e-mail me. Trust me its easy I did it when I was in 6th grade.

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Nov 102013

Question by Everything Nice: How to come with up story ideas?
I would like to hear some tips on how to come up with good story ideas.


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Answer by Ilya
Read some stories for inspiration.
Philip Pullman said he stole everything from other writers.
I paint and then write what I paint.
Also you could just write and see what comes to you, I do that as well.
Hope this helps.

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Oct 272013

Question by Cash101: Has anyone got any ideas on how i can make the story i am writing sound dark and mysterious?
I cant say what the plot is about without the co-writers consent. But it is about mermaids, teen girls, best friends, lake and a bit of romance.

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Answer by gafasdog
One word:


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Oct 252013

Question by Marga: Any ideas for an Investigatory Science Project concerning Physics?
So, our group already submitted a proposal but it was rejected (proposal was about mobile phones as device activator). Now, our group decided to create individual proposals.

Please suggest. It can be about modifying devices, creating new devices or comparing devices as long as it is related to a Physics principle.

Answers are very much appreciated. Thank you.

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Answer by norcekri
RFID for people? How do you modify it to allow personal privacy controls?

Tesla’s earth-based power grid — how would you experiment with his notes to engineer a solution? How might you then test the system for viability?

How could you project a larger iPhone screen for people with vision difficulties: not a larger font, but actually a larger display area within the same form factor?

How would you modify the hand-held displays for 3-D use? Think in actual 3-D, such as binocular cameras and hologram display.

Could you combine a tidal turbine (power production) with a desalination plant?

What can you do about the back end of the nuclear power life cycle? Can you find a long-term use for the “waste” that is too “hot” for safety, but too “cool” for typical power production? For instance, is there something you could do with the waste heat? Some way to concentrate the fuel for productive use? What do you do with the non-emitting end products of fission?

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Aug 252013

Question by Ms.ELii: I need a teacher to help me in Wicca. Any willing or anyone with ideas where I can find a teacher?
I’ve been attracted to Wicca for a while, the freedom of the religion and the focus of nature it has. But I am just starting to actually be a Wiccan. I don’t know where to start. Can I just start saying the spells as directed, or is there a way to do it? Do I have to be initiated into the religion before I practice it? I’m so confuse, and was wondering if there was someone to help…

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Answer by Pacifist
You can take guidance from the Wiccan Society.

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Jul 112013

Question by Just another Ameteur Novelist: Any tips or ideas for writing a novel?
I already have my plot, characters, and scenes figured out, but I just can’t seem to find a place to start. Any suggestions, tips, or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by sadness of heart
Just start from the beginning and make it a long story

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