Oct 302011

Question by Lame Duck 0bama: Is the liberal idea of “open minded” the idea to flip flop on any issue during a dinner conversation?
It is nice to be open minded and all but whats so bad about having an opinion and sticking to it? Every liberal I encounter who is confronted with an issue someone may have a strong opinion they cower into a corner and roll up in a ball and just end up agreeing with me. It drives me nuts. Do liberals have any testosterone in their bodies?

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Answer by snoopy_0752
Sorry…but the use of Liberal and “open minded” together is an oxymoron.

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Oct 072011

Question by chrisp2424: What do you think about the idea of there being no death, existence just continuing in a circle?
Our consciousness affects our subatomic particles and by quantum physics we know that the particles can be anywhere at any given moment or spring up in multiple places at the same time and most likely in more dimensions.

So, wouldn’t it make sense that we are existing somewhere else at this very moment and when we die we just continue life in one of the places that we are already alive? Life just continues in these circles with there being no true death other than past things falling apart.

Does anyone believe this idea? If you don’t, why? If you do, then what is the point of all this?

PS. I’m not high, just bored. Don’t bother with the predictable jokes.

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Answer by xmiyokix
I like the idea.

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Oct 012011

Question by futureguy: Why are there great pyramids in Egypt and Mexico. Thousands of miles from each other and have the same idea?
The mystery of how the pyramids were built remains today. How could the ancient people think of building these great structures when they lived many thousands of miles from each other on different continents and had no way of communicating with each other.
I guess I didn’t ask my question correctly. My question is not how the ancients got the idea to build pyramids, but how the ancients on two separate continents came up with the idea to build pyramids when there was no way for them to communicate with each other, yet they both had an abstract idea to build pyramids on separate continents, without knowing each other had the same idea.

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Answer by BMS
the concept is not too hard to imagine

the aspect ratio of materials lends to the ability to stand up unsupported.

The ancient looked around and admired solid structures that were very tall.. ie mountains…

The eqyptians used a circle, hoop, for calculations, there is a height of the circle, then mark and roll it on the ground and you have a length, they didnt need to calc PI, they did it manually.

The structures in Mexico use a different aspect ratio, and there are mountains all around for inspiration. These are more of a set value such as 2:2, over 1 up 2, etc, not difficult math….just common sense.

In response to your additional information…it appears that the ancient civilizations have always looked up or to large effigies looking down, as ref to the gods.
I guess Freud put it that as children, we are always looking up to our parents for safety and protection and to help us get out of danger. As adults, we manifest this into looking up for the same reasons, and the mountains were revered as the place of where the “gods” were. Humans sought to manifest this locally, by building their own mountains, or localized places for the gods to live and for them to pay homage.
still further, looking up for protection, the “gods” looking down.
We tend to overestimate the issues, and underestimate what a few simple tools could accomplish, and that they did not have TV.

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Sep 022011

Question by Lil4leafclover: Where can I find an accurate quiz that can give me somewhat of an idea of my Strengths and Weakness in Science
I.E. So then I can pick between the 3 Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

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Answer by Mike M
take a sample SAT test. it will not only indicate your personal strengths it will help you understand what the establishment considers strenghs.

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Jul 152011

Question by Meaghan Ross: I have an idea for a mystery is it good?
I have an idea there is two girls that go to a corner store to buy skittles but there are none they got robbed of skittles so they end up going to wal mart same thing happens so they go to another corner store same thing they start getting suspiciuse they investigate and in the paper there is a story of a skiitle monster they start to figure out what’s going on then they her an evil laugh and it’s the skittles monster they here it coming from an old wearhouse they go back the next day to find these giant skittles and a wierd contraption they then trap the monster and it turns out to be the owner of the corner store he wanted to make the biggest skittles in the world

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Answer by Contio
It made me laugh but I’m not sure that’s the effect you want a mystery to have!

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Jul 112011

Question by PWF: To what degree do Enlightenment thinkers reflect the attitudes and idea of scientific revolution?
To what degree do enlightenment thinkers reflect the attitudes and ideas of the scientific Revolution?

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Answer by rosie recipe
B*gger all.

Scientific revolution was not really analysed til the 1960s , by Thomas Kuhn.

About a couple of hundred years later than the enlightenment.

Some of the features of enlightenment were preconditions for new scientific thought.

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Jun 212011

Question by Alana: What is a good project idea for the book incantation by alice hoffman?
Sooo I have to do a project that shows I have read this book. I?t’s a high school project…not elementary. hah so it can’t just be like a book summary or poster board, it needs to be worthwhile and have a lot of effort to it…but I have no idea what kind of project I can do on this book..help please?!

Best answer:

Answer by Christine A
Well, we have this project at your school ( it’s high school, btw =]) every month, and it’s called Outside Reading, and she let’s us choose the book and then choose which project you want to do.

These are some of her choices:
book cover
- a front page with a drawing that symbolizes the book
- inside page with 2 most important quotes in the book, and why you chose them as the most important
- next page is the discussion of characters
- and then a back page with a brief summary that doesn’t give anything really important away.

or you could do a radio talkshow:
- you pick questoins that talk about writing techniques, storyline, and influences.
- write answers that you think the author would reply to. (this requires extra research on the author.

or you could write a monolouge:
- use 2 diffrent characters
- choose one important scene in the book
- write a monolouge for each character that depicts what the character is thinking and feeling in that scene of the book.

hope they helped, i had a lot of fun with this project because i love to read, and when i chose Incantation for my book, i chose the monolouge project, because it was the easiest for the book.

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May 192011

Question by loves 2 write!: new story idea for a teen drama/ mystery/ suspense. tell me if you think it is a good idea?
Okay so I posted this earlier but I just came up with a new twist tell me what you think:
Abbie(mc) is a 16 year old girl who lost both her parents in am accident when she was 2. She was taken in by her aunt Selene who then when abbie is 12 has a baby with a man who abuses her and once the baby is born he leaves and she goes into a depression by the time the baby(chloe) is a year old Selene has a drinking problem and is constantly drunk. Abbie now takes care of Chloe most of the time. Now that Abbie is 16 and chloe is 4 abbie hates her life being with selene is torture and she has no time to attempt to make friendsb/c of Chloe. she doesn’tknow what to do anymore.

switch cities and we r now listening to the story of Abbie’s parents who never really died but their deaths were faked by a criminal who now holds them captive while the rest of the world thinks them to be dead

It would switch every few chapters between Abbie and her parents. so what do you think? tell me if you think its a good idea and if you have anything to add to it tell me! thx!
srry i meant to say she was 12 when her parents died. o and it could be possible fo r her parents to be held that long have nt you been watching the news about the girl who was kidnapped 19 years ago!
o and the other ages get switched around a bit like chloe turns a year old when abbie is 14 instead of 12 srry I copy and pasted this from my earlier question and forgot to do some editing after my addition to the plot

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Answer by Steph
How have these criminals kept Abbie’s parents captive for 14 years without anyone finding out about it? What were the circumstances surrounding their alleged death? It would have to be some incredible accident for there to be no evidence whatsoever of their bodies afterwards, but to still have authorities believe that the two were actually involved.

What other adults are involved in this story? I’d have a hard time believing that Child Protective Services wouldn’t get involved if Selene is indeed an alcoholic who depends upon Abbie to care for Chloe.

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Apr 302011

Question by j o: Macbeth – Why was it good idea to have witches at the beginning of the play?
For my school work. The question is:

Why was it good idea to have witches at the beginning of the play? Include a quotation from the opening scene in your answer. (Describe the opening scenes and explain their significance).

I need to right about two paragraphs on this so I would appreciate some ideas about why Shakespear decided to have the witches at the beginning of the play and why the opening scenes with the witches are significant.

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Answer by shkspr
I think what it does is establish immediately that we’re dealing with a universe in which both human and supernatural elements are at work.

In their very first scene, the witches establish that they are aware of — and deeply interested in — the goings-on in the mortal world, and that Macbeth is absolutely “on their radar.”

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