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Question by Jessi V: What would be a good anime for my husband?
My husband just left for Iraq. I want to surprise him and get him some animes, but I don’t know what to get. Just for reference, he likes InuYasha, Evangelion, Naruto, and Full Metal Alchemist so something along those lines would be great. Thanks for your help.

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Answer by ChaosAnime
Since i see that he`s taste is more into action anime/comedy then i would recommend watching Samurai Champloo.
You can find the full episodes with english subtitles here :


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Sep 072013

Question by taurusphere: What is the Hebraic Church all about?My husband was invited at random- on the sidewalk- to attend a new church?
It turned out to be a Hebraic service. It was cool and different, but is this like the Jewish faith,or is it different? What is their belief system? What can I expect from this church? They seem friendly and unified. Are they mystics?

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Answer by Paperback Writer KosherNinja JPA
This is NOT Judaism. Be very clear on that.

There are no such people as ‘hebrews’ any longer: there are Jews. Jews worship in Synagogues – we do not and cannot worship in Churches.

Any group calling itself ‘hebrew’ or ‘messianic jewish’ is part of the Xian Evangelical movement. They are not practising ANY form of Judaism.

Most Xian leaders condemn such groups:

In the summer of 1997 in Washington D.C. (USA), there was held an Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington. Partaking in the conference were representatives of various Protestant churches, Roman-Catholics, together with Moslems and representatives of Jewish organizations.

The Conference concluded with an official statement (published in “Interfaith Connector” Vol. 8, No. 2) which stated:
“We condemn proselytizing efforts which delegitimize the faith tradition of the person whose conversion is being sought. Such tactics go beyond the bounds of appropriate and ethically based religious outreach.

“Examples of such practices are those common among groups that have adopted the label of ‘Hebrew Christianity’, ‘Messianic judaism’, or ‘jews for Jesus’. These groups specifically target Jews for conversion to their version of Christianity, making claim that in accepting Jesus as the savior/messiah, a Jews ‘fulfills’ his/her faith.

“Furthermore, by celebrating Jewish festivals, worshipping on the Jewish Shabbat, appropriating Jewish symbols, rituals and prayers in their churches, and, sometimes, even calling their leaders ‘Rabbi’, the seek to win over, often by deception, many Jews who are sincerely looking for a path back to their ancestral heritage.

“Deceptive proselytizing is practiced on the most vulnerable of populations – residents of hospitals and old aged homes, confused youth, college students away from home. These proselytizing techniques are tantamount to coerced conversions and should be condemned.”


To the asker:

I’m sure the group were extremely friendly; but please advise your well-meaning husband: any ‘hebraic’ church is truly MISrepresenting BOTH Judaism AND Christianity.

It is perfectly possible to be a Christian AND enjoy authentic Synagogue services; our non Jewish friends are **always** very welcome to join us :)





‘jews4jesus’ = a Xian Evangelical Cult, founded by an ordained **Baptist** Minister.

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Aug 052011

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