Apr 012014

Question by son_ray: human cloning?
wat is the difference of a cloned human and his origin and twins? is human cloning a bad idea?

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Answer by evelyn s
yeah it’s not natural!

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Jan 192014

Question by Fresserheim: Do you think the human presence on Mars will go something like this?
First, the explorers arrive, then the military, then, after its opened up to colonists, among the very first will be Catholic mystics, hermits, and other religious? In other words, the same routine as when the New World was discovered?
Polar, you’re bad! :)
When I said mystics, I should have said mystic hermits.

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Answer by Fleur
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Dec 242013

Question by marcin p: could the moon be responsible for human consciousness?
bare with me here, this might seem little far out.

First off, our moon is really big considering the size of the earth and therefor has a significant amount of gravity. So the moon is pulling up on us a little bit every time the earth rotates.

now, gravity effects everything, even on the quantum scale. So if the moons gravity shifts every single particle on earth just a tiny tiny bit, those particles gain a tiny tiny bit of kinetic energy.

here’s the kicker: when the particles return to their original state that kinetic energy becomes stored as potential energy.
my question is, where does all that energy go?

i’m saying maybe that stored potential energy is the fuel of our consciousness. maybe the moon is what makes us think!

now, if this were true, that means ‘intelligent life’ elsewhere would not only need H2O and a livable climate to progress, but also a gargantuan moon like our own. so maybe we really are alone in the universe!
alright, i know it’s a bit silly man, but it’s hypothetical… especially with all the things we don’t know about the universe (including the source of our rational thought).. which is what the question is really asking.

however, i suppose this would work out better in the philosophy section eh?

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Answer by rufsketch1
ummm. no. i’m pretty sure potential energy has nothing to do with our conciousness.

there isn’t anything potential about our conciousness, it’s constantly releasing energy.

if what you’re saying is right, then our minds would be feeding off of potential energy. which means that when the moon comes back around, nothing would move again because it has no more potential energy…

and why would we need to run on potential energy, when glucose works perfectly fine?

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Nov 092013

Question by ICV: What is the ethical issue behind human cloning?

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Answer by WoyMoy
none religious reasons

There is no need it
the person cloned would not have a normal life but be a living experiment
lots of cloned animal die horrible death, due to errors in the cloning method (dolly only lived for like a couple of months)

then theres all the ‘playinhg god’ stuff

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Oct 022013

Question by meow: how do other people’s minds exist and work?is the human mind and consciousness part of the evolutionary proces?
how do other people’s minds exist and work?is the human mind and consciousness part of the evolutionary process?is man condemned to be free because he is conscious of himself?

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Answer by Masonic Knight
condemned to be free?

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Jul 142013

Question by VICTORIA STUDIES: Is humor a sexual quality or just a normal genderless human trait?
We think of humor as non-sexual and have nothing to do with relationships. But I have to disagree. For one thing, humor isn’t equal amongst men and women. Men are Funnier than Women, According to neuroscience studies. Men also are more responsive to humor from other men better than women and are more likely to laugh. While women do not see the same humor as a man would from the same joke or tease but see it more of an attractive attribute. Basically, the more sense of humor and free spirited a man is, the more sexually attractive he becomes in a woman’s eyes. What are your thoughts?

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Answer by Bella
It’s simply a character trait. Genderless.

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Jul 112013
by sbpoet

Question by ʟɪʟɪтн: Do you believe that we are living in a time of a great shift in human consciousness?
Regardless if you believe in the 12-21-12 doomsday thing… Would you say that an abundance of unexplained phenomena is happening around the world; human consciousness, extreme weather, etc.?

Your thoughts? What’s your Moon, Mercury, 9th House?

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Answer by J Balls
I have a feeling it has to do with the internet/social media sites. Generational dumbing down and laziness.

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May 242013

Question by Jane: What are half human and half demons called?
Well, i was reading this weird book, and it talked about humans and demons having Babies.
What would they call those creatures?

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Answer by Nate
Well half human and half gods are called demigods so might as well call them demidemons.

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May 192013

Question by illraxvional threxzom: Is there any religion or theory that believes human consciousnesses continues on-?
Inside a corpse after brain death? I’ve never heard of such a theory or idea. I think most people agree that cadavers have no consciousness at all and if consciousness continues after brain death, than it most be in some sorta spirit or ghost form. But is there any religious or paranormal theories about cadavers retaining consciousness at some level.
Athiest but does anybody believe that the afterlife happens within the corpse?
I’m agnostic. I just want to know if a religion exists that believes this idea or something similar to it.
I should have asked this question differently than I did. The actual question is ‘ Are their any religions or paranormal theories that consciousness continues within a corpse?
I will ask this question again in a different way. David D came close to answering it. So he will get best answer unless someone else changes their answer, or another person answers it properly.

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Answer by i’m an atheist
almost every religion believes that there is an afterlife

there is no evidence of an afterlife.

I don’t believe in an afterlife. When we die, we simply cease to exist.

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