Oct 292011
black art
by DK727

Question by Ben Reynolds: Christian horror punk bands in the same vein as the Misfits and Black Sails/Art of Drowning era AFI?
So far the only thing I’ve found is Grave Robber, which works, but I’d love to find some more variety within the Christian community. It doesn’t necessarily have to be horror punk lyrically, with the actual horror themes, although Grave Robber does that; it’s more the guitar and vocal style I’m looking for. Lots of gang vocals, heys and whoas.

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Answer by Enthralled
The Deadlines. They are one of the only Christian horror punk bands I know of.

Here’s a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Deadlines

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Mar 042011

Gothic: Transmutations of Horror in Late Twentieth-Century Art

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