Dec 142011

Question by CuriosityM: tv show/series where the main character is similar to Robin Hood and Merlin?
In the shows Robin HOod and Merlin, it;s both in the middles ages or something, they portray characters that save the day and they have an incredible talent (able to shoot arrows perfectly & is secretly a skillful wizard) Something along those lines.

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Answer by Spanner88
I know what you mean… They are both GREAT shows,
I watched all of the robin hood and merlin and also wondered if there is anything else out there, I found legend of the seeker, IT IS SO GOOD. Its like both merlin and robin hood in one. And of course the good guys always win and succeed. There is 40 or so episode so that should keep you busy for a while. Richard Cyher is the main character and is being hunted by Darken Rahl (evil ruler guy) Because he is the “seeker”. You have to see the show to understand it but it is just awesome. Richard has a special sword and extreme fighting skills so he is quite good at that line of stuff, and he his also quite good at running away from the enemy (hiding) and disguises…
Have FUN!

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Dec 122011

Question by Emily: What are shows like Merlin and Robin Hood?
I LOVE the show Merlin and Robin Hood. And I would like to know other shows like it. Maybe another British show. I looked at the legend of the seeker and it was a okay show but I really didnt like it. I love british shows and hope to find ones like merlin and robin hood.

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Answer by Joe C
A little OT but if you are interested in the Merlin/Arthur legand, the best film ever made on the subject was Excalibur. This is a must see.

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Nov 182011

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Aug 222010

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