May 052014

Question by Brittany D: is neuroscience extremely hard?
i’m not in college yet, but i will be soon. im thinking about going to a small liberal arts school, and i want to study neuroscience. my uncle, on my moms side, and my cousin, on my dads side, have both died in the past year due to problems with their brains. i want to do neuroscience because i want to help people that need help like my uncle and cousin. im scared to take the course, though, because im scared im not smart enough. i thought i would like astronomy, and i took it, and it’s too hard and i dont understand it. but i have always had a desire to take like psychology and something in nuerscience. i don’t want to be one on one with a patient, i’d rather do research or something. is it really really hard? im so scared to take it.

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Answer by waterlily3422
I would imagine there would be plenty to study for. :)

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Apr 212014

Question by : Is it hard to switch majors from different subject areas?
Hey there, my intended major in college, which I start the coming fall, is Political Science. I don’t know if I am going to drop it, but I want to include neuroscience. They are both part of the Liberal Arts and Sciences College in my university. So is it hard to switch or add majors from different subject areas or no? I have taken AP Bio, AP Gov, AP Calc, AP English Lang, and AP World History by the way.

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Answer by SouthernGrace
No it is not hard..but depending on how many hours you have already put in I wouldn’t suggest it.

I switched from being a nurse to a teacher and all of my classes I took towards nursing didn’t help me at all towards a teaching degree so now I am very much behind in college…it added another year and a half onto my graduation date.

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Jan 222014

Question by nikosmommy28: Pretend that you are in a discussion with friends and the topic is hard sciences versus soft sciences. It is?
argued that psychology is not a true science at all, as are sciences like chemistry and physics. How would you defend the proposition that psychology is a true science?

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Answer by PooPooLaTrash
Psychology is a social science. Chemisty and physics are natural sciences.

To answer you, they are all sciences, but approached and studied differently. The natural sciences are based on experimental, quantifiable data or the scientific method and focus on accuracy and objectivity, where the social sciences are rooted in methodology and theory. Just because something isn’t a natural science doesn’t mean it isn’t a science, it’s merely a different type. Apples and oranges.

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Sep 232013

Question by angel_n1372: How Hard is the first year of University ?
I have been offered a place at the University of Manchester for Cognitive neuroscience and psychology. The problem is I have Done Access course instead of A levels because of certain circumstances. And I am terrified right now. I don’t know what is waiting for me … How should I prepare myself?

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Answer by Orcleus
Not much you can do to prepare. Just study, stay organized and communicate with your professor if you need extra help. Also take advantage of the resources you have on campus

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Aug 032012

Question by mtheoryrules: Would the hard problem of consciousness exist in analogy, if consciousness did not exist?
Can you think of an example where we find the hard problem of consciousness is analogous to some phenomena in nature?

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Answer by Cosette
Without consciousness we would be like birds, their destinations when migrating engrained. Everything would flow without question. Trying to fully understand consciousness is like an ant trying to describe a tree, it’s just hard for us to see the bigger picture. Maybe I’m underestimating us though, maybe we will evolve to the point that we will be able to understand how our brain comprehends consciousness.

I’m not 100% sure I got your question or the answer to it, but it would’ve bugged me if I didn’t try.

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Dec 072011

Question by Ryan: How hard is the quest: Animal Magnetism on RuneScape?
I am a level 89 cb looking to do Animal Magnetism quest on Runescape. I am obviously a member and meet all the requirements to start it. Is there any combat or anything special involved in this quest?

Do you think I could finish it with a walkthrough without any trouble?
Thanks! Please share your experience if you have done the quest before.

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Answer by Phantoms Cry
To be honest, despite a walkthrough saying it’s a rather short quest, it takes me a good hour or two to complete it. It isn’t hard at all, but there are some things you should prepare for if your entering this quest without the slightest knowledge of the Ectofungus.

For one, you need bones for the Ectofungus, of which, can be obtained from these dead chickens you’ll end up having to buy with Ectofungus points. I recommend bringing an extra bucket or two so you don’t have to hassle your way through the Ectofungus during the quest.

Aside from all that, it is just a quest with npc’s you need to talk to located far off the map, not really near any teleports. With a combat level of 89, you’ll walk right through this. :)

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Nov 262011

Question by nbrotonel4: How is it possible to knock someone out of consciousness by punching someone hard on their stomach?
We all see this happen in movies and even in pictured articles. So, what gives? What actually makes us lose consciousness as we get punch on the stomach?
Scientific explanations are more welcome here than wannabe mma fighters’ explanations. lol :P
thank you. Have a nice day. :)

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Answer by nabster98
you cant really. it has to be a huge impact. Like a car impact could definitely do it. But things like a liver punch will knock you down and basically paralyze you but not knocked out

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Oct 062011

Question by Eeeeeeeeeee: really hard rocket science physics problem help please!?!?
Ok here is a link to the diagram picture:

A fireworks rocket is moving at a speed of 55.4 m/s. The rocket suddenly breaks into two pieces of equal mass, which fly off with velocities v1 and v2, as shown in the drawing. What is the magnitude of (a) v1 and (b) v2?

Remember when your teachers in elementary school would say “come on this is not rocket science!” as if we would never need to learn rocket science! WRONG! Ugh! Please help!

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Answer by smb
Conservation of momentum.
M*v=m1*v1+m2*v2 (velocities are vectors)
you know m1 = m2 =1/2*M

M*v=1/2*M*v1+1/2*M*v2 (M cancels out now)


break it into vector components. Say x is the original direction of travel:



Now you have two equations in two unknowns. This part you can do with substitution, cramer’s rule, whatever your favorite technique is.

BTW this is not rocket science. :)

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