Jun 152013

Question by Taylor: Does anyone know of a hiking trail through an old growth forest in England?
I am trying to find a trail in South England, near Sussex, that goes through an old growth forest. Thanks!

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Answer by LOU
the New forest in Hampshire is an ancient forest

History & Culture

There can be few other places in England where the ancient landscape has remained so unchanged. In 1079 when William The Conqueror named the area his ‘new hunting forest’, little could he imagine that nearly 1000 years later his ‘Nova Foresta’ would still retain its mystery and romance.

The ancient system established by William The Conqueror to protect and manage the woodlands and wilderness heaths is still in place today through the efforts of Verderers, Agisters and Commoners – literally the judges, stockmen and land users of the forest.

As well as the ancient systems of managing the forest, man has left his mark on The New Forest in many other ways. Learn about the forest’s history and archaeology at our many museums and Heritage Centres. From stately homes such as Beaulieu to the Roman Villa at Rockbourne, The New Forest has it all

this is a link to their website


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Nov 082011

Question by I’mTheRealest: Can a spell for Hair growth be performed in the morning and How can I make it effective?
I am going to perform a “Hair Growth spell.” However, I feel that it is best that I do it this morning, is this okay or should I wait until night. In addition, what or who should I call on to aid me in this spell? I am going to use Aphrodite but how can I make the spell more effective and strong? Thank you!

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Answer by Girl of the shadows ღ
grow grow grow hair
money will make me a millionaire
with the long locks you gave me,
in which you cannot disagree
make my hair grow
and say to everybody hello
bing bang bow
make my hair grow!

and vala! you will have lushes long locks*

* only if you’re a witch :\

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Oct 302011

Google Tech Talks April 22, 2009 ABSTRACT This interactive talk will examine two major questions: What is the mind? and How can we create a healthy mind? We’ll examine the interactions among the mind, the brain, and human relationships and explore ways to create a healthy mind, an integrated brain, and mindful, empathic relationships. Here is one surprising finding: the vast majority (about 95%) of mental health practitioners around the globe, and even many scientists and philosophers focusing on the mind, do not have a definition of what the mind is! In this talk, well offer a working definition of the mind and practical implications for how to perceive and strengthen the mind itself—a learnable skill called mindsight. Then well build on this perspective to explore ways that the mind, the brain, and our relationships are influenced by digital information flow and also how they can be moved toward healthy functioning. Presented by Daniel J. Siegel, MD
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Sep 242011

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Sep 192011

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Aug 162011

OSHO International Foundation — www.osho.com. Thefull video of 98 minutes is now available for rental at http in the US (other countries will follow) Osho, a contemporary mystic speaks on virtually every aspect of human consciousness. In these talks, the human condition, whether the mind, the heart, love or awareness is exposed with humor and insight, as never before. Here Osho responds to the following 4 questions: Question 1: Are there different stages of spiritual growth? And if so, can you talk to us about them, and how people in these different stages can be helpful to each other? Question 2: Your emphasis has always been that every human being has the birthright to become enlightened, that it is nothing special. However, not many people claim this birthright, or are even interested in it. Why not? Is there some ingredient, some quality which makes some people more interested in the inquiry than others? Question 3: Often you have spoken about your rebellious childhood and how it gave you such freedom, how you insisted on discovering your own individuality. How did you know the need to rebel at this early age? What about those people who didn’t have the courage to rebel and who had a hampered childhood? Is a rebellious childhood necessary for enlightenment? Question 4: You have said that your sannyasins live individual lives in freedom. Doesn’t everyone live an individual life? What is the difference that makes a person a sannyasin? Is it meditation? “…If we can

Aug 122011

Question by PostHolocaustINDUSTR1@L MUSAK: 15 year old growth trends (regarding build-type)?
Does anyone know why i am so small compared to pretty much all of the other grade 10′ers. I am quite physically active and am strong for my size, but weak compared to people my own age, i feel like crap. In the fucking 3rd world democracy that i have at my school, i can’t fight at all and make for loser with everyone. Thinking of myself really sickens me, maybe i could be at least a cute good looking small dude, but no, i’m ugly and puny. However, my mum is average size person (muscle wise) and my dad comes from a long line of well-built italians. He’s very muscular and built houses for a bit, i am 15 and my dad kept saying, hang in there, you’re gonna be a big guy one day. I’m 15 and one of the puniest fuckers in my school. I am wondering that maybe i will stay small until like grade 12 then grow into a tank, like my dad. Is this the case, or is it just a case of one of those huge dads having really small children and it’s a mystery to why they’re small? Or will i just grow more at a later time. I’d like to know, at least if i’m ugly i can’t change that but if i grow to be a well-built guy, at least i wouldn’t be picked on all the time and no-one would fuck with me. Can someone suggest what’s going on here? Thanks


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Answer by Corey B
I was 5’8 at 15 and grew 2.5 inches more and now am 5’10.5 at age 20, I was a somewhat late bloomer too, I would give yourself about 3 more inches of height.

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Jul 052011

Awareness: The Key to Acceptance, Respect, Forgiveness, and Growth

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Apr 292011

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