Dec 172011

PENTAGRAM PENDULUM ~ Green Aventurine ~ w/ Heart Chakra Pouch ~ Gemstone Divination Dowsing Pendulum

  • Green aventurine divination pendulum w/ pentagram endpiece
  • Green aventurine gemstone piece measures approximately 1.5″ long; Pentagram is approximately 0.80″ in diameter. Each piece is unique and dimensions may vary slightly.
  • Comes with Anahat heart chakra pouch w/ 7 Sanskrit chakra syllables
  • Shade of green aventurine stone varies – no two stones are identical
  • Properties of green aventurine are: opening & balancing of heart chakra, prosperity, strength, courage, leadership, & decisiveness

Price: $ 12.95

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Dec 132011

Tonic Exotic Mystic 25″ Green 1 Hose Vortex Hookah + Shisha Flavor + Shipping

  • Green glass – Dark shaft – Green bowl – 1 Green & Silver Hose
  • Free upgrade to the famous Vortex bowl & Unique Aladdin hose
  • 1 Flavor jar of Evolution non-tobacco shisha 50 grams (1.76oz)
  • 1 Roll (10 coals) of Starlight quick lite instant coals. 33mm size
  • FREE USA Shipping (3-8 day delivery) Incl. HI, AK, APO/FPO!

Introducing the Tonic Brand line of premium quality

hookahs. Impress them all with a hookah that’s built

with high standards & luxurious materials. What sets

it apart is the Bohemian glass. It is hand blown glass

that’s color deep within the glass itself. Not painted!

The shaft’s mixed w/ stainless steel for durability and

great anti rust properties. We’ve sweetened the deal

w/a Vortex bowl, Aladdin hose & a smoke setup kit.


Price: $ 89.00

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Dec 072011

A few spell products I can recommend:

Green Card By Marriage Interview
This Ebook Chronicles The Author’s Journey Through The Green Card Process. It Provides Information From A To Z. There Is No Other Book On The Market That Provides All The Information In One Place.
Green Card By Marriage Interview

Quick Loss Weight Action
The Expats Guide To Getting A Vietnamese Motorcycle Licence In 7 Easy Steps Is A Comprehensive Resource Which Will Help Anyone Get A Motor Cycle Driving Licence In Vietnam.
Quick Loss Weight Action

Nov 192011

Mystic Maid G721BT-G 29-1/2-by-17-3/4-inch Microfiber Diamond-Weave Professional Bar Towel, Apple Green

  • Microfiber bar towel for drying and polishing stemware, crystal, fine china, and more
  • 3 times more absorbent than cotton; woven ridges reduce binding and friction
  • Extra-large size helps prevent fingerprints and smudges; machine-washable
  • Surfaces dry streak-free, spot-free, and lint-free in seconds; reusable
  • Measures 29-1/2 by 15-3/4 inches

The MysticMaid Diamond -Weave Bar Towel in green is a premium towel for the drying and polishing of bar and glassware. This bar towel is perfect for sparkling crystal, gleaming stemware, fine china and much more! The specially designed woven ridges greatly reduces binding and friction when drying and polishing. The extra large size allows for grasping with one hand and wiping with the other hand, eliminating any chance of finger prints and smudges. Designed in cooperation with the Japanese Somm

List Price: $ 17.00

Price: $ 17.00

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Nov 132011

Question by Darth Vodka: What can we paint with only the colors green, red, blue, yellow, and black aside from abstract art?
It’s for our stain glass art project for school.

Best answer:

Answer by Irv S
You’ve got all the primaries.
You can mix quite a range of colors.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Sep 292011

Question by Vicarious Thrill: What is the symbolic value to the exposed breast of Green Tara, the Buddha of enlightened activity?
What is the symbolic value to the exposed breast of Green Tara, the Buddha of enlightened activity?

Best answer:

Answer by OralBobs
Transcendental titillation

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Aug 182011

Question by prince: What is the difference between green IT and Tech recycling from an awareness point of view?
I am working on an awareness campaign for a tech. Recycling project and want to increase awareness about e-waste and promoting a greener environment. So someone asked me about green IT and why I didn’t mention it in my campaign. Isn’t green IT part of the solution to reducing e-waste? Or would there be a difference in scope?

Best answer:

Answer by Peter
This is the problem with the english language. Different meanings for the same words.
My guess is that green IT means using equipment that is greener, what ever that is. E-waste is the trash you end up with when stuff is obsolete. So the 2 could be different with some overlap.

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Jul 082011

Counterculture Green: The Whole Earth Catalog and American Environmentalism (CultureAmerica)

For those who eagerly awaited its periodic appearance, it was more than a publication: it was a way of life. The Whole Earth Catalog billed itself as “Access to Tools,” and it grew from a Bay Area blip to a national phenomenon catering to hippies, do-it-yourselfers, and anyone interested in self-sufficiency independent of mainstream America. In recovering the history of the Catalog’s unique brand of environmentalism, Andrew Kirk recounts how San Francisco’s Stewart Brand and his

List Price: $ 34.95

Price: $ 18.04

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