Jan 182014

Question by aaron r: What are some of the traditions of ancient religions as greek and egypt?
give in a list please

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Answer by Shai Shammai
That is a very, very, very complex and Long answer to give. Could you focus your question on a specific religious activity?

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Aug 282013

Question by smartone: What are some myths that involve the greek god hades?
I am writing a report on the greek god hades. I know things but I need to know myths involving him (preferably the main character in the story).

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Answer by Penn
Taking Persephone down to his world. He is also in Orpheus and Eurydice.

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Apr 282013

Question by Ab-Ham: What are some similarities/differences between Hera and Persephone in Greek Mythology?
please reply quick!!!
i have some fact, like Hera is the Goddess of child birth and Persephone is the Godess of agriculture so they both show creation. i also have, how the pomegranite is the symbol for both of them…

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Answer by jay
they are both hot milfs.- and symbolic of fertility

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Sep 012012

Question by : Did Orpheus from Greek mythology have a hero cult?
Heroes in ancient Greece were often given hero cults after their death. I know Orpheus was regarded as the founder of a mystery cult, but did he have a traditional hero cult as well as the mysteries?

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Answer by lilly
There are many different religious groups in Greece and Rome, that doesn’t correspond to the usual official religions of the various gods and goddesses. Their rites and sometimes their teachings are kept secret, and that are only understood by the cult initiated. For these reasons, these groups were known as the “mystery religions”.
Strange as this may seem, Orpheus was said to be founder of the new religion, and the central god of the cult was Dionysus (Διόνυσος). Not only that. According to the Orphics, Orpheus was said to be Dionysus’ chief priest. So why would the maenads, the followers of Dionysus, murder Dionysus’ own priest?

There are other Dionysiac cults, where the followers are involved in drunken revelry and sex orgies. The Orphic Mysteries was, however, different to the usual wild Dionysiac cults.

Central to the Orphic belief is the Creation myth (Theogony), where the cosmology began with first god being born from the Cosmic Egg.

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Nov 022011

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Sep 082011

Question by Biff H: Do Christians call Plato and Co. “philosophers” because they don’t like admitting to Ancient Greek monotheism?
Pythagoreas, Socrates, Plato — they all spoke a great deal about RELIGION, and it wasn’t Zeus and Hercules having adventures. It was the “mysteries,” from which Christianity likely stole most of its ideas.

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Answer by ♥ Diamond Doll ♥
*Everyone* (not just Christians) calls them philosophers because they philosophized. Whether or not there were religious undertones they were still philosophies.

I have no problem admitting to any culture’s monotheism, polytheism, atheism, pantheism or whatever. But if someone’s a philosopher you call him or her a philosopher. What else would you call them?

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May 242011

Question by Sue S: Is Christianity just a combination of Judaism with Ancient Greek Mystery Religions and Plato’s philosophy?
And are these the guys that made it happen?



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Answer by Augustine
Nope. You’re describing Arius and gnosticism.

Heresies of true Christianity.

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Apr 142011

Caves and the Ancient Greek Mind: Descending Underground in the Search for Ultimate Truth

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Mar 222011

Question by Terry: What takes place during the ancient Greek divination of axinomancy and why?
This is one of the true Mythology & Folklore questions I will post this day. I will give best answers, but I will ignore urls except as Sources.

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Answer by KC
They’d put a round piece of agate on the upturned blade of an ax, then try to read meaning by the way it rolled off. It’s a form of divination.

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Feb 122011

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