Dec 192013

Question by Avenue17: Any good summer camps located on a college campus?
I will be a junior in high school this coming fall, and I wanted to get a small bit of college experience this summer. I’m looking for a shorter camp focused on medical science, and if it’s really specific, neuroscience. It would be ideal for the camp to be only a week long, but I could stretch a couple of days. I’d be open to most places in the U.S.


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Answer by Jez
There are thousands of camps around the U.S, in your situation i would search around for Academic camps, or locate a medical focused college as they might even run a summer program or at least put you in touch with someone who does. Check out: that should help get you started

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Dec 132013

Question by Faith H: What are some good romantic anime movies?
Hmm a fantasy one would be good or just an adorable teenage romance or something :)
ANd ould you include a website i could watch them on withhout getting a virus?

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Answer by kAtHy
o my gosh, fushigi yuugi is the best anime ever!!!!!!!!!!!! check it out on youtube, type in fushigi yuugi episode 1 part 1. best anime EVER!!!!!!!!!!

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Dec 072013

Question by opal log: does anyone know good fast and easy ways to make money in runescape?
i need fast good and easy ways to make money in runescape.

because i need money for death runes and split bark,mystic,weapons,armour,shields,ect.

so please help.

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there is no fast way to make money in runescape. runescape is a waste of your life stop playing it

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Dec 062013

Question by sp: Does anyone know any good traits for the character Santiago in “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho?
Does anyone know any good traits for the character Santiago in “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho? Thanks so much

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Answer by SarahJayne
Santiago is hard working, trust worthy, loving, and energetic. He tends to trust people too much, in my opinion. Like how he let the guy hold his money when he had just met him. Bad idea.

I have a question about this book, too! Answer mine:

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Dec 042013

Question by Sharry: What are some good new fantasy books besides Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings?
I’m tired of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. They’re old news now. I prefer books with drama, romance, fantasy, magic, adventure, and other similar traits. Can anyone reccomend some new books that I’d like please?

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Answer by David M
You may enjoy the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson. It begins with “Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment.” It borderlines sci-fi and fantasy – but the books are pretty good. A real “page turner”.

Happy reading.

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Nov 202013

Question by emilytstrange: What are the good science textbooks that I should buy?
I’m going into grade 12, but during the summer I’m really bored so I was just curious what are some good science textbooks (biology/chemistry/physics) that I should buy that will help me for majoring in science for university. Thanks :)

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Answer by khush
good science textbooks it is depend upon ur syllabus.

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Nov 082013

Question by John S: Any good books about a fox that is relatively about life in the wild?
I love foxes and reading is pretty nice. Any good books where they follow a fox in the wild or something where you can get an idea of life as one. The only one I know is “Hunted” by N. Browne. Thanks

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Answer by YoSafBridg
one or two of these might work:

The fox woman
In a novel set in medieval Japan, a young fox kit becomes enamored with a Japanese nobleman and will stop at nothing, even magic and sorcery, to win his heart.

The plague dogs by Richard Adams
A large black mongrel named Rowf and a white terrier named Snitter escape from an animal experiment center in England’s Lake District and, aided by a cunning fox, learn to live on their own, until rumors of slaughtered sheep and bubonic plague-carrying dogs transform them into fugitives.

The foxes of firstdark
This novel by a Booker Prize nominee is an engaging saga of two lovers paired for life, bound by strong family ties and firmly united by their terror of a common enemy. A familiar scenario, perhaps, but here the devoted couple is a pair of foxes–O-ha, a vixen born in the British countryside, and her second mate, Camio, who, after escaping from the zoo, becomes a streetwise scavenger in the suburbs. O-ha’s first mate was killed by fox hunters and her initial litter froze to death. Her life with Camio in Trinity Wood is equally hazardous; daily survival is difficult. Yet the most ominous threat is from Sabre, a vengeful ridgeback hound bent on destroying them both. The author endows his anthropomorphized characters with complex emotions, clear thinking, reasoned judgment and a shared stock of ancient clan memories. Their adventures and the misadventures of their pups are seen through a framework of their own mythology, a world governed by rituals and traditions that began at the time of creation: firstdark. A true sense of peril, a wry observance of their other enemy, man, some quixotic digressions into the lives of their offspring and avoidance of sentimentality all combine to invite comparison to Watership Down.

9tail Fox by Jon Courtenay Grimwood
Grimwood, best known for his alternate-history Arabesk trilogy (Effendi, etc.), manages a new wrinkle on a classic noir plot line with this intriguing paranormal mystery. San Francisco police sergeant Bobby Zha refuses to accept the department’s conclusion that Natalie Persikov, a young Russian girl who has no familiarity with firearms, managed to kill an intruder, but he himself is gunned down in a sordid back alley before he can prove Persikov’s innocence. After experiencing a mystical vision of a nine-tailed white fox, Zha regains consciousness in another man’s body, a continent away from everything he knows. Using his new identity, Zha returns home in time to attend his own funeral and investigate his own murder.

Spirit Fox by Mickey Zucker Reichert and Jennifer Wingert
In a magic-filled land, Kiarda, a woman of noble lineage, absorbs the spirit of her birth-linked fox at his moment of death and almost leads her people to the brink of war.

The old country by Mordicai Gerstein
A grandmother tells her story of being tricked into exchanging her young body with that of a fox and trying to get it back while a war tore apart her home and her country.

A taste for rabbit by Linda Zuckerman
Quentin, a rabbit who lives in a walled compound run by a militaristic government, must join forces with Harry, a fox, to stop the sinister disappearances of outspoken and rebellious rabbit citizens.

Troll Bridge: a rock ‘n’ roll fairy tale by Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple
Sixteen-year-old harpist prodigy Moira is transported to a strange and mystical wilderness, where she finds herself in the middle of a deadly struggle between a magical fox and a monstrous troll.

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Oct 192013

Question by Krisex: What is a good inspirational book about life?
Hi, I don’t read much, I’ve only read a couple books, and I just finished this book called the “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. I wonderful short book that took my mind off all the bull sh it I’m going through in my life right now. I just want to know what book would be good to read that is similar to this one, also short. And if you name a book give a description, please and thank you.

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Answer by Karim Alayli
Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. Great book! very poetic style. Story about a spiritual journey carried out by a young boy. Read up on it online if you want before you buy it. But it is similar to the Alchemist. Hope you enjoy it! It helped me take my mind off everyday stress.

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Oct 142013

Question by Susana Velasco: Any good animes like Soul Eater and Full Metal Alchemist?
I want to watch some more anime with really good fight scenes and funny moments like Soul Eater and Full Metal Alchemist. Any suggestions?

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Answer by ♥JJCookieMonster♥
Try Claymore. My brother likes it :)
Durarara is pretty awesome too. It’s funny but there aren’t as many fight scenes as in those.
P.S. I love Soul Eater, it’s is awesome! Watch this AMV I found:D

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Sep 292013

Question by Hitenutada: Need a good clear coat for Fusion paint?
I’ve just painted plastic with Krylon fusion Mystic prism effect paint, and I tested it with Krylon acrylic clearcoat but it wrinkles up and ruins the paint job. Can anyone recommend a good clear coat for this paint? 10 points for something that works!

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Answer by T. C. B
I have been doing paint and body work for about 22 years, and the best ting I can suggest is to let it dry COMPLETELY ( allow all of the solvents to escape, and try to use a low solvent high solids clearcoat. If I am correct, fusion aerosol is an enamel. You will need to find an enamel clearcoat I’m sure. I am not familiar with clearcoating over an enamel, but I know it’s available. You may be avble to find an enamel clearcoat in aerosol, but you will have to basically spray very light coats until you achieve coverage and then let it dry until you can apply a heavier coat to get the gloss you want. A heavy coat will let too much solvent attack on the undercoat.

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