Oct 062011

It Gets Easier! . . . And Other Lies We Tell New Mothers: A Fun, Practical Guide to Becoming a Mom

There is no question that being a mother is challenging, but this fun, frank, and prescriptive guide tries to do the impossible and make new motherhood easier. Featuring interviews with hundreds of moms and candid stories from author Claudine Wolk’s own experiences as a mother, “It Gets Easier!…and Other Lies We Tell New Mothers” mixes humor, honesty, and insider strategies that will give new moms a ‘leg-up’. This upbeat and entertaining book drives home the point that new moms are not alone a

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Slavery and Sentiment: The Politics of Feeling in Black Atlantic Antislavery Writing, 1770-1850 (Becoming Modern: New Nineteenth-Century Studies)

From the eighteenth century on, appeals to listeners’ and readers’ feelings about the sufferings of slaves were a predominant strategy of abolitionism. This book argues that expressions of feeling in those texts did not just appeal to individual readers’ inclinations to sympathy but rather were inherently political. The authors of these texts made arguments from the social and political ideologies that grounded their moral and social lives.

Levecq examines liberalism and republicanism, t

List Price: $ 35.00

Price: $ 35.00

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Sep 222011

Question by anto: If somebody gets a black belt in a martial art but does not train for many years – are they still black belt?
For example if somebody has a black belt in a martial art but has not trained in about 10 years since getting the belt , when they return to the club should they still be recognised as black belt ? or start again at white belt ?
even if they have certificate on the wall showing their black belt test ranking ?

Best answer:

Answer by Les
Technically yes. If I were them, though, I wouldn’t reasonably expect to compete…….

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Jul 092011

Schizophrenic Paranoia

Image by rpeschetz

‘Mass Effect’ Movie Gets A Comic-Con Panel
Legendary Pictures will host their very first standalone film presentation at Comic-Con 2011, bringing panels for Pacific Rim, The Seventh Son, Paradise Lost and Mass Effect. After reading this article, people also read: Comic-Con 2011 Movie Panel Schedule: Thursday ‘Uncharted’ Movie Has A New Writer & Director Complete Comic-Con 2011 TV Panel Schedule [Updated]
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Federal Elections Commission members question dismissal of complaint against Congressman Kevin Yoder
Two members of the Federal Elections Commission said in a recent letter that they object to the dismissal of a complaint against Kansas Congressman Kevin Yoder. Commission chairwoman Cynthia Bauerly and commissioner Ellen Weintraub, both Democrats, claimed a majority on the commission embraced “deliberate misinterpretation” of campaign finance law to close the case against Yoder, The Topeka …
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90th annual Fortuna Rodeo kicks off with Chili Cook-Off on Main Street
Heather Nyberg-Schlotzhauer Beacon Correspondent The Fortuna Rodeo Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization and is sponsored jointly by the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce and the Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department.
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So John Wiley Price Really Wanted Some Land…
Federal agents of both the IRS and FBI persuasion have fanned out across our fair county and state, maybe even traveling to exotic shores, trying to tease truth out of the densely woven fabric of Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price’s financial affairs. Lots of luck. As of …
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May 122011

Tsawwassen Springs gets star power launch
The Tsawwassen Springs development got a hefty dose of star power at its launch event for the media Thursday (May 12).
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Full power back on at Beaumont ISD administration building
share: digg facebook twitter Lights, internet, air conditioning, phones and email are back online at the Beaumont ISD administration building. Administration employees were allowed to take an early lunch around 11:30 because of the outage, which was caused by a shortage in the building’s switch box.
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May 102011

Sragow Gets Reel: Opening night: The seltzer short brought the fizz
The Maryland Film Festival Opening-Night Shorts usually leave you sated. Last night’s program left you feeling, “OK, on with the Show!” Three of the four selections were similar in length (15 minutes), mode (live-action drama) and muted tones (tender, sardonic and ominous).
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Keeping with the Joneses (Robert and Fay) at Ellensburg gallery
A rare joint show of works by Northwest artists Fay and Robert Jones at Gallery One in Ellensburg, May 6-28, 2011.
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Heston Blumenthal cooks up new recipe for afternoon tea: plenty of sherry
On Monday the chef, known for his experimental cuisine, will give a talk and provide tasters of his new delicacies – all ideal to be served with the fortified wine.
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May 062011

In this new video, available only as of today (September 23, 2008), Sarah Palin is shown accepting a special supernatural protection from witchcraft from Thomas Muthee, who also promoted Palin’s campaign for Governor as a way to infiltrate the government with the right wing religious agenda of the Assembly of God. Really crazy stuff!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

rattles 1970.

May 042011

spelling test

Image by elginwx

Google Maps gets spellchecked
You could say Michael Scott put St. Catharines on the map. At least, St. Catharines with the proper spelling. After months of work, the Port Dalhousie resident finally got the world’s most powerful search engine to spell his hometown correctly on the mighty Google Maps website.
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ECB Changes May Spell Faster Tightening as Draghi Eyes Job
The European Central Bank may step up its inflation fight as up to a third of its Governing Council is replaced this year.
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Mar 242011

Entire Nation Gets Behind the Bodybuilding.com 0,000 Transformation Challenge
Bodybuilding.com, the Internet’s most-visited bodybuilding and fitness site and largest online retailer of nutritional supplements, and Optimum Nutrition (ON), recognized as one of the world’s most trusted performance nutrition brands for 25 years, have successfully produced the biggest transformation challenge yet with 14,000+ entrants from all 50 states vying for 0,000 in cash and prizes.
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PurposeWorks Celebrates One Year of Positive Transformation Consulting in San Francisco
PurposeWorks LLC, a consulting firm specializing in bringing right-brain functions into business models to integrate meaning into work, is celebrating one year of delivering positive solutions to San Francisco companies and individuals.
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Paisley undergoes economic transformation
It’s not immediately noticeable to the casual visitor passing through Paisley — the downtown streetscape and store fronts look pretty much the same.[...]
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Nov 042010

Question by garden guy: EVONY gets to be boring pretty quick and paying players have many advantages, anyone else quit the game?
The game had the allurement that it was going to eventually become enjoyable but after endless hours building resources, troops and city fortifications I finally had to admit it was wasted time and a stressful boring game. It was very hard to remove Evony from my Facebook account also.

Best answer:

Answer by Winston
I’ve never played EVONY, but those EVONY ADS WON’T SHUT UP!!! Thank God I’m Using An Ad Blocker!!!!

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Sep 152010

Question by Moda Moda: when my sister gets exited she does this weird thing kinda like shes conjuring something?
u know when u get exited when in thought she expresses it in a weird way she does a hand movement really fast she’s been doing it since birth lolz she’s even doing it right now
my mom says that my brother used to do it as a child butt stoped at some point
what is that thing called ??
ps she’s not crazy
she knows she does it she knew long ago she does it less now

Best answer:

Answer by aphexzangel08
It’s a tick. Kind of like what people with tourrette’s syndrome have. But, most likely, she will stop doing it when she starts realizing she’s doing it and doesn’t want to be embarrassed.

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