Dec 132013

Question by Samantha: How do I prepare for a future in Neuropsychology?
I live in the United States and I am about to start my junior year in High School. What colleges should I look into to start my education in Neuropsychology? I am hoping to find a school with a good theatre program as well but I am open to suggestions. I am not entirely sure what I want to do after college, but I am looking into maybe working with kids and teens in a mental hospital or maybe working with soldiers coming home form battle. I am also unsure about how to get a degree in Neuropsychology. Am I supposed to major in Psychology and take Neuroscience classes on the side? I also heard something about getting a degree in clinical psychology? Should I get a PhD or an MD? And what is the difference between the two for this particular field? Also, what courses should I be interested in after High School? I have just enrolled in my community college so that I can take general classes, such as Statistics and English. I am also taking AP Psychology at my High School. What else should I be doing to prepare for college? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by DaniBaje
Psychologists are not medical doctors. Only medical doctors have MD degrees.

Neuropsychologists have PhD or PsyD degrees.

You would major in Psychology, then complete a PsyD or PhD in Clinical Neuropsychology.

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Jan 122013

Question by Ronna Gage-author: Can correcting a past mistake save a person’s life in the future?
Is it impossible to imagine? Drake Boyd, will soon find out for himself in Mystic Journey.
Sent back into time of King Henry VIII, he must correct a wrong in order to save his future. Trouble is, whose wrong? While there he learns more about himself than he thought.

Check it out and tell me if you think the story is possible.
Noble Romance Publishing

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Answer by d’bob
well, i read a story about this. Even if they were to do that, for all you know the whole world as you know it would change.

(In the “Timemachine” they go back in time and someone accidently kills a butterfly and then they go back and a different president was elected)

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Jun 122012

Question by haringmarumo: when a woman you like tells you that she doesnt want to get married or to have kids in the future?
what do you say, like if you just reached that point or topic in your casual conversation and a 20 year old woman tells you she would rather tour the world and have an adventure of a lifetime and that if she was ever going to be your lover then she doesnt like to get married and would not like to move in with you because she wants mystery and the fun of it, like can you stick with that kind of situation if you loved a woman?
does she become more interesting as she continuosly insists that she likes to be single.

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Answer by abominusprime
well if she keeps insisting that shes single then you’re not really dating her, are you? in that case, you’re wasting your time. forget it and move on.

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May 142012

Question by sum1_anon: what will the future hold for the field of Neuroscience?
I am currently at northeastern university and double majoring in economics and neuroscience. I’m really ansy about the neuro portion and wondering what the future will hold: job outlook, salary and progress in the field.

any thoughts?

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Answer by Alex H
I think nueroscience is awesome!
Did you enjoy is, what does it consist of?
do you have to be good at math?

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Jan 032012

In this video, I describe my predictions for America in the near future. From Nov.1 to March 30th. (Next 6 Months) Dow Jones will dip below 7000. The Dow and S&P break the record lows of 2008. Stock Market will price in poor earnings, company loses and bankruptcies in retail, heavy industry and finance. Dollar Death The Federal Reserve Dollar will seize to be the world reserve currency and hold a fraction of its current value by Dec. 25th, 2010 The Federal Reserve Dollar will be below 40 on the USD index by January 1, 2010 The Federal Reserve and its dollar will no longer exist in 5 years. Hyperinflation kicks off in the latter part of 2010. The black market will triple in size by the end of 2011. The Black and grey economy will become the dominant markets. Americans will use a barter system on the local level to conduct business. Americans will use gold and silver for International transactions. Food will be the most important commodity, followed by water and medicine. Demand will vary from region to region. Food shortages in 2010 through 2012. The US will lose its place as a superpower, people will suffer, but there will be a transformation. The US financial and economic system will completely collapse by the end of 2011. Crossroads 1.Revolution (Violent or Peaceful) 2.Reform 3.US Dissolve.
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Jan 022012

Question by list: my 8 year old son thinks that he’s from the future. should i try to convince him that he isn’t?
he claims that reincarnation works in reverse in relation to humans’ perception of time, the science of his generation has figured out how to manipulate this, and he is the reincarnated consciousness of a scientist from the year 2036 who sent himself to our time in order to dispense the knowledge that humanity will need in order to survive certain events.

needless to say, this is odd stuff to hear come out of the mouth of an 8 year old, and i wouldn’t normally consider such musings, but he displays a knowledge of advanced physics and quantum mechanics that doesn’t seem normal for a child so young, and he’s never been interested in Sci Fi movies or books.

should i A)tell he’s lying, and not to say such things (in order to avoid ridicule, and possible institutionalization)
B)make him prove it to me
C)believe him, and try to help him avoid the extermination of human kind
or D)have him write it all down, and cash in, Phillip K Dick style?
( A) tell *him* he’s lying…)
he is able to predict certain events, but only with a certain amount of accuracy, because, he says- time is like a vast network of train-tracks, and that whenever you penetrate the continuum, a new track is created with a slightly different reality map.

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Answer by C K
C and D

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Oct 202011

Future Babble: Why Expert Predictions Are Next to Worthless, and You Can Do Better

An award-winning journalist uses landmark research to debunk the whole expert prediction industry, and explores the psychology of our obsession with future history.

In 2008, experts predicted gas would hit a gallon; it peaked at .10. In 1967, they said the USSR would be the world’s fastest-growing economy by 2000; by 2000, the USSR no longer existed. In 1908, it was pronounced that there would be no more wars in Europe; we all know how that turned out. Face it, experts are about a

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