Jan 222014

Question by nikosmommy28: Pretend that you are in a discussion with friends and the topic is hard sciences versus soft sciences. It is?
argued that psychology is not a true science at all, as are sciences like chemistry and physics. How would you defend the proposition that psychology is a true science?

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Answer by PooPooLaTrash
Psychology is a social science. Chemisty and physics are natural sciences.

To answer you, they are all sciences, but approached and studied differently. The natural sciences are based on experimental, quantifiable data or the scientific method and focus on accuracy and objectivity, where the social sciences are rooted in methodology and theory. Just because something isn’t a natural science doesn’t mean it isn’t a science, it’s merely a different type. Apples and oranges.

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Sep 072011

Question by Girl3000: How does one conjure up imaginary friends?
Also, who do you model them on, and why?

Am curious to know.

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Answer by unuhhwhere
An imaginary friend is just that, imaginary. If you don’t have an imagination, maybe you aren’t going to have, need, want this kind of friend.
Didn’t you play as a child and read to your pets or anything of that sort… it comes up rather naturally as a rule. It can also be an unnatural filling of a void in your life if you need an escape.

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May 212011

Question by Love of Truth: Would it be more right to consider animals we have charge over friends or “pets”?
In western present day society it seems we have an erroneous mentality of ownership instead of stewardship. “Pets” unfortunately denotes property and our intended use for them instead of their being our friends of equal value. Shouldn’t we strive to see ourselves as guardians of their welfare instead of being owners?

Do you agree with such statements and how do we go about influencing a cultural shift in societies general perception towards animals?

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Answer by sakira_starwolf
Pets ARE friends, but because they depend upon us for survival, I think the word has to carry a sense of responsibility and ownership with it.

But they’re certainly both, always have been for me.

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Jul 142010

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Jul 032010
Old World Mystery
by wallyg

Question by MOE: the phone has been ringing allday -old friends -havent seen in long time –some kind of sign ? clue??mystery ?
askin me how i im and then i hear the tale of woooosss and all the problems –3 of my best old school friends are all a mess –can,t save the world -one day at a time –i,m stuck -x-mas and friends that all ask me for help –what eles could i ask for x-mas needed some of the good old boys –it,s a wonderful world – any ideas to make this a nice x-mas

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Answer by sweetboba
maybe they’re calling to wish you a merry x-mas & happy new year….

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Jun 082010

‘My friends called me Boozy Suzy’
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A money-conscious subconscious
COLONIE — She has been called a ‘witch’ and accused of dealing in black magic, but Deborah ‘Maggie’ Ferrari , a hypnotherapist by trade, has found herself at the center of a revolution in high school sports: the growth of psychology in athletics and the push by parents to have their children secure college scholarships at any cost.
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