May 212014

Question by Jeffrey K: Is free will an illusion?
We feel as if we have free will but is it just an illusion?
Your body and brain are made of atoms which must obey Newton’s laws of motion, electromagnetism, and other laws of physics. You can not direct where atoms or groups of atoms go just by thinking about it. They will move according to the laws of physics. Your mind can not force them to violate physics. So every action must be deterministic.

If you consider quantum mechanics, atoms obey probabilistic laws. Your mind can not affect how a wave function collapses just by thinking about it. The collapse is completely random. So our actions are partly deterministic and partly random.
Where is there room for free will? How could your mind possibly control anything, even atoms or nerve impulses in your own brain?

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Answer by mggzer
I guess it depends on what you believe. Wow a paradox.

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Feb 162014

Question by DavidVR: A question about neuroscience, free will, and moral responsibility?
Which of the following statements are true or most nearly true, in your opinion?

1. Traditional notions of the soul, free will, and moral responsibility are not challenged by neuroscience.

2. A traditional notion of the soul must be discarded because of neuroscience, but traditional beliefs about free will and moral responsibility are not challenged.

3. Both a traditional notion of the soul and free will must be abandoned, but moral responsibility is not threatened by neuroscience.

4. Traditional notions of the soul, free will, and moral responsibility must be abandoned because of neuroscience or radically revised.

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Answer by .PAT..
This question is settled now, The only way to counter the findings is to become an IDEALIST who says ALL reality is internal and solely internal

The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Case for the Existence of the Soul
Mario Beauregard

“using Carmelite nuns as subjects, Beauregard’s group at the University of Montreal found specific areas of brain activation associated with contemplative prayer. But these patterns are quite distinct from those associated with hallucinations, autosuggestion or states of intense emotional arousal, resembling instead how the brain processes real experiences. Insisting that we have never entertained the idea of proving the existence of God, the authors concede that the results of our work are assumed to be a strike either for or against God and that on the whole, we [don't] mind. “

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Feb 022014

Question by Betty Boop: I asked a question about free will and I got a great response.?
Of course as you know I am an Atheist. Still I believe in Mans Free Will. But It seems even with the Big Bang Theory and Evolution every event would be determined by a previous event so therefore how can there be Free Will? Can anyone help me with this? Or do we just not have free will?
Aquila, thank you very much I love your explanation. I must admit I don’t understand anything about quantum physics or atomic particles but I accept it and will have to do some reading.
William r, your explanation makes no sense thanking would just be something else predetermined if everything else was. kisses Betty
Aquila, thank you very much I love your explanation. I must admit I don’t understand anything about quantum physics or atomic particles but I accept it and will have to do some reading.
William r, your explanation makes no sense thanking would just be something else predetermined if everything else was. kisses Betty
So many of you have so many different explanations about the question of Free Will. I thank it is great and most of you are determined that we have it and so am I. I love you all and that is from my free will thank you, kisses Betty. The previous added details twice was not from my free will. I dont know why it happened. xx

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Answer by Atlas
There just is. Dang, is it really that hard to understand?

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Mar 092013

Question by Where can i watch full Vampire Diaries episodes for free in Canada?
Where can i watch full Vampire Diaries episodes for free in Canada?
I missed one episode of the hole season, Episode 19, Miss.Mystic Falls, and I’ve been searching everywhere, but I can’t find any where to watch it.
Please, no surveys or anything.

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Answer by Because The Drugs Never Work
Have you tried Hulu or the CW’s website ?

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Jan 062013

Question by Cody: Factors involved in a free dive blackout?
Ok so I’m thinking of getting into free diving and I’ve done a lit bit of researching into blackouts. I’m wondering what the main factors involved in a black out are. I thought people mostly blackout because they hyperventilate, but there seems to be some other causes.

What are the main causes of shallow water blackouts? Please explain factors such as oxygen and CO2 partial pressure during a ascent and how to avoid it.


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Answer by moviebuff
Stimulation of the need to breathe is driven by the level of CO2 in the bloodstream, not by the O2 level. Hyperventilation (rapid, deep breaths) has the effect of lowering the CO2 levels in the bloodstream, and if performed in moderation before a free dive can help increase bottom time by reducing the breathing stimulus (CO2) which allows the diver to hold his/her breath comfortably for a longer period. This is a tightrope walk, however, because the diver continues to consume oxygen during the dive and so must return to the surface to breathe before the oxygen content drops below the level required to maintain consciousness (a PO2 of around .10 absolute atmospheres of pressure). As long as the CO2 levels in the bloodstream allow the diver to feel the need to breathe and return to the surface without the O2 partial pressure dropping below .10 ata, blackout probably will not occur.

The risk of blackout increases if the diver hyperventilates excessively before the dive, which reduces the CO2 in the bloodstream to very low levels. When the diver holds his/her breath and dives they will continue to consume oxygen from their lungs, but now the CO2 level may not rise to the point where the diver feels the need to breathe before the oxygen level drops below .10 ata and loss of consciousness occurs (blackout).

Blackout usually occurs in shallower depths during ascent, hence the term “shallow water blackout”. This is a result of the physics of gas under pressure and is most closely related to Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures. Air is composed mostly of oxygen (20.9%) and nitrogen (78%), and so at normal atmospheric pressure (1 atmosphere absolute), the partial pressure of oxygen is about .21 ata (about twice the pressure needed to maintain consciousness). In salt water every 33 feet of depth increases the pressure surrounding the diver by 1 atmosphere, so at 33 feet the total pressure is 2 ata, at 66 feet it is 3 ata, etc. This increased pressure changes the volume & density of the air in the diver’s lungs (as described by Boyle’s Law), and this means the air pressure in the lungs will increase to match the ambient (external) pressure. Since the total pressure of the air in the diver’s lungs increases, Dalton’s Law states that the partial pressure of the component gases will also increase proportionally, therefore at 33 feet (2 ata) the PO2 is .42 ata, at 66 feet (3 ata) the PO2 is .63 ata, and so on.

So let’s say a diver fills their lungs with air and descends to 33 feet, where the PO2 of the air in their lungs is now .42 ata. As they stay on the bottom and consume oxygen, the PO2 level will drop and CO2 levels will rise. Let’s also say that the diver hyperventilated to such a degree that they are able to use a little over half of the oxygen in their lungs before feeling the need to return to the surface to breathe, at which point the PO2 in their lungs has dropped to .19 ata which is still sufficient to maintain consciousness. As they return to the surface, the ambient pressure drops from 2 ata towards 1 ata (surface pressure), which causes the air pressure in their lungs to drop proportionally also. Since the PO2 was .19 ata at 33 feet/2 ata, by the time the diver nears the surface the PO2 will have dropped to half of that, or .095 ata (insufficient to maintain consciousness), and so the diver blacks out.

Hopefully that helps illustrate the relationship between shallow water blackout and both CO2 and O2 partial pressures.

The following can help reduce the risk of shallow water blackout during free diving:

1) Avoid excessive hyperventilation before free dives. A maximum of 3 or four deep breaths before diving should help increase bottom time without reducing CO2 to unsafe levels.

2) Avoid heavy exertion at depth. Exertion increases the muscles’ need for oxygen and so will increase the rate of oxygen consumption from the lungs, which can result in an unsafe drop in PO2.

3) Don’t wait until you are desperate to breathe before surfacing. Surface while you are still comfortable to increase your chances of reaching the surface with a PO2 that is sufficient to maintain consciousness.

4) Increase your maximum depth and bottom times gradually so that you can learn what your physical limitations are in a controlled fashion.

Finally, always free dive with a buddy who can monitor your dive and provide aid if you should lose consciousness. Dive with someone more experienced or obtain training if possible. Use the “one up, one down” system (one buddy stays on the surface while the other dives), especially when trying for a new max depth or bottom time limit.

Good luck and safe diving.

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Dec 102012

Question by applecracker.mist: Where can I download Fullmetal Alchemist episodes online for free?
No matter how hard I look, I can’t seem to find a website where I can download episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist fore free.

Does anybody where I can download them? o:

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Answer by nhilden20

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Sep 192012

Question by benyjets23: What Zac Brown Band CD is their recorded/studio extended edition of Free (with Into The Mystic) on?
I know they’ve put out a couple live albums that have it, but I am hoping to find the recorded version.. You help would be very much appreciated.

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Answer by rocker
Pass the Jar- Zac Brown & friends From the Fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta

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Aug 312012

Question by The Salesman: Where can I go to learn basic science, chemistry and physics online for free?
I have very little money and I am desperate to learn these subjects. Please help.

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Answer by Nuclear Sauce
here are some good online resources:

and don’t forget about wikipedia…it has tons of information; and surprisingly, youtube has a few decent learning resources if you can search past all the bs….

hope this helps

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Jul 312012

Question by : Soooo……….. free will?
If man had free will that means that god could not predict what man does right? So that means that the second man appeared on earth, he would have started exhibiting an infinite number of strange, unpredictable behaviors. Reality as we know it would not exist. If god could not control any of our behaviors, this would happen. But if he could control us even a little bit, it wouldnt be free will. The bottom line is that free will is an illusion created by the consciousness that occurs from the complex relationships between particles, restricted to set laws. (the laws of physics)

Incase you havent noticed, our brains also follow the laws of physics. And as we know, things that follow the laws of physics are technically predictable, as long as you have a computer thats smart enough and accurate enough to do that. Although the main problem with predicting the future is usually difficult is because the world we live in there are lots of little things you might not account for that can suddenly mess up your predictions. That doesnt mean its impossible, it just means you need a better computer. Its called the chaos theory. Its like the fact that you cant watch a youtube video with a calculator, but that doesnt mean watching youtube videos is impossible. Are you getting it now?
Because if people do have free will, and people can spontaneously do “anything”, then the future would be unpredictable.
But we know that it is.
Adam B, something has to control your actions. If its god, then god is responsible for your actions, including the evil that you do. if its the laws of physics, then you dont actually have free will.
And in addition, if god is able to control you then he does govern your actions and you dont have free will.

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Answer by N0 chance WITH0UT blasphemy
I saw a big word on the third line, sorry they wont understand it

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