Aug 072011

Question by joedee: How does Mary Shelley’s Franknestein stem from the science and physics during that time period?

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Answer by Ralph
The novel was conceived and written during an early phase of the Industrial Revolution, at a time of dramatic advances in science and technology. That the creation rebels against its creator can be seen as a warning that the application of science can lead to unintended consequences.

Also, Scientists were experimenting with electricity as a muscle stimulant in both animals and human cadavers around this time. This practice came to be know as galvanism which refers to electricity produced by chemical reactions. The term gavlanism was coined by Alexandre Volta after Luigi Galvani, an Italian physicist of the 18th Century who helped lay some of the foundations of bioelectricity (the production of electricity by living organisms via there constituite parts). Galvani advocated the idea of “animal electricity” under the belief ( stemming from his experiments involving the application of electricity to a frog’s legs ) that organisms produced a fluid that generates an electric charge, which might explain how the idea found it’s way into Frankenstein

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