Aug 242011

Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set

  • 4-DVD, 6-workout fitness set designed to work your body from head to toe
  • Loaded with red-hot dance steps, pulsating rhythms, and easy-to-follow routines
  • Comes with maraca-like toning sticks to add muscle to your sculpting workouts
  • Includes basics workout, 20-minute express workout, and sculpt-and-tone workout
  • Also includes “cardio party” workout and flat abs workout

Shed pounds and have a blast in the process with the Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD set. Loaded with red-hot dance steps, pulsating Latin rhythms, and easy-to-follow routines, this invigorating dance-fitness “party” will have you movin’, groovin’, and shakin’ the weight off to the sexy, exotic rhythms of salsa, cumbia, samba, merengue, and more. Each routine features interval training sessions that combine fast and slow rhythms with resistance training, helping sculpt and ton

List Price: $ 69.95

Price: $ 54.95

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Jul 102011

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Move By Move Fitness Membership Site
The Move By Move Fitness Membership Site is where you want to be to get and stay fit! You receive all of the resources you need to transform your life and body. It’s a recurring monthly payment of . You also receive a free copy of Fat Burner Fitness.
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Jun 222011

Sure Victory- Fitness Bootcamp Pro Package
Fitness Boot Camp Kit-How To Run Successful Fitness Bootcamps,How To Design Fitness Boot Camp Workouts.Pro version upgrade option higher payout. now 1-click upsells!
Sure Victory- Fitness Bootcamp Pro Package

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Jan 172011

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Mindset to Fitness
Before you transform your body, you have to transform your thoughts. Mindset to Fitness is designed to help you mentally through your work out, fitness program, or new nutritional lifestyle. for more info.
Mindset to Fitness

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Affiliate Cash Revealed

Fb Cash – Advanced Facebook Marketing Package Fb Cash is a one of a kind advanced Facebook Marketing Course. It takes beginners at Facebook and Transforms them into Facebook Experts.
Fb Cash – Advanced Facebook Marketing Package

Dec 152010

Jonathan Takiff: With a focus on art, music and fitness, new video games appeal to players of all ages
MANY’S the “concerned citizens group” that’s come down hard on video games. This season, though, these same Priscilla Goodbodies ought to be offering “most valued citizen” honors to game-company execs for all their family-friendly fare.

Cowboy Humor Baxter Black and Lee Pitts brighten your day. MarketWatchOnline Market insights emailed to you twice daily.
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Dec 082010

Fitness calendar
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Asheville area fitness calendar
Submit entries at least two weeks in advance to Fitness Calendar, P.O. Box 2090, Asheville, NC 28802, e-mail to or fax to 251-0585.
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Exeter/Hampton/Rockingham community calendar
n Holiday Open House: at Exeter Historical Society from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 7 at 47 Front St., Exeter. Enjoy the exhibits, refreshments, music, decorations and good cheer. Seacoast Academy’s Chamber Music Ensemble and Jazz Choir will be performing during the event.
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Image: Speck between rings
Saturn’s moon Atlas can be seen just above the center of this Cassini spacecraft image as it orbits in the Roche Division between Saturn’s A ring and thin F ring.
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Sep 072010

Lionsgate, Jane Fonda enter deal to improve high-profile fitness
Reflecting an overall strategy of allying itself with world-class, brand name partners in all of its businesses, LIONSGATE, the leading next generation studio, has entered into a home entertainment distribution deal with Jane Fonda, the two time Academy Award winning actress and fitness pioneer who first coined the term “workout” in the 1980s.
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The Glenn Beck Phenomenon – A Yearning for Fascism?
All of Beck’s references to ‘divine providence’ and doing the work of God reminded me of a quote from W. S. Merwin, our new poet laureate, who once wrote: ‘The president of lies quotes the voices of God’, notes Matthew Rothschild .
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Craigslist’s decision a blow to free speech?
The online classified ad site’s decision to use the “censored” label is coming under fire by free-speech advocates. Craigslist – Classified advertising – Freedom of speech – Law – Prostitution
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If you’re an omnivore you have a dilemma
In recent years, more and more of America’s attention has been focusing on what it eats. Cookbooks and store products abound with all types of specialized health and diet regimens: Gluten-free, lactose-intolerant, vegetarian, lacto-ovo vegetarian, vegan, free-range, free-trade, etc, etc.
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