Dec 072013

Question by opal log: does anyone know good fast and easy ways to make money in runescape?
i need fast good and easy ways to make money in runescape.

because i need money for death runes and split bark,mystic,weapons,armour,shields,ect.

so please help.

Best answer:

there is no fast way to make money in runescape. runescape is a waste of your life stop playing it

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Sep 072013

Question by toomuchtv23: what are the best fast roller skates to get?
my boyfriend got me some Roller derby Mystic roller skates for christmas but I just tried using them outside and they go so slow. They feel so cheap.

I want a good super fast pair of roller skates at an affordable price. Any idea’s or suggestions? thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by andrew b
your roller skates alway depend on the bearings…on the box it will say something like…abec 1,3,5,7,9, or 11. 11 is the best…and 1 is the worst. bearings usaully decide how fast and how long the skate will ride. The higher the bearings the more expensive the skate. I would recommend you get skates with abec 7 – 9 bearings. there a little expensive…but they are fast. 11 could range into the hundreds but they ride amazing. It also has to do with the way to wheel is made…like the materials…but that only effect how smooth it rides…not speed.

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Jun 272013

Question by daspurtitan: What does Write any stream of consciousness stuff for 10 minutes, fast; do not stop for 10 minutes mean?
Im not sure what she means by any stream of consciousness stuff? any help out there..thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by perseph1
It means you shouldn’t pause to consider what to say next or to overly consider how to say it. Just write write write. Write whatever’s on your mind, whatever comes to mind. It’s not easy to do! I’ve done this before – sometimes I will describe my feelings about how hard it is to write stream of conscious for 10 minutes, describe the room I’m in, what I did today, what I’m going to do later, what I hope had happened yesterday, what I had for food, maybe tell a story….anything and everything!

You can practice writing for shorter periods and work up to 10 minutes.

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Jan 132012
becoming new
by wallyg

Question by juddle: Is metal fast becoming the new nerd thing?
Not that I care, I’ve been the quintessential Magic the gathering, D&D dork nerd of the cosmos for years. But I find it strange that some ppl & even some bands are describing themselves & their music as “Nerd music.” (don’t ask me who-I usually hear it from local bands.) I kinda take pride in that if it’s true. Nerd=smart & we all know that darker, more extreme forms of music go over the top 40, ass wiggling depth-less masses of assess heads.

Just curious.

Best answer:

Answer by Luke G
well there’s guitar nerds, and it’s mostly guitar so yeah, maybe.

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Dec 212011

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Nov 142011

Question by CJ: In RuneScape, what is the best item to high alchemy in order to get money fast?
I just got to level 55 Magic and now I want to know what the best item to alchemy is. This means money wise.

Best answer:

Answer by Tyler
Back in the day, I made loads of money making runes; I’m sure things have changed a little bit since I played last.

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Nov 092011

Question by daf yhuthj: A thought. Are we giving up to fast?
Hey to all readers,

I am probably not experienced in relations as much as the majority of the readers here. I m young, only 23 years old. So my record is not really impressive. I know. But let me share with you a thought I have. Something I have built In my mind. My thought is about relations between couples, not just married ones. I think something got lost on the way. You can say its just a words. Well, words are a lot. Just paying attention in filling the smallest of things can make the biggest change for you two. It could do such a change in the mystery world the two of you live in. Its nothing complicated. You may think it is because every where you point your look, there are splitting couples. Hey. The first thing you got to do, in the way I see it, is start understanding what you want. Maybe, like me, you envy those old couples holding hands at the peer and deep in you want this. Wanting is not enough. Wrong!!! It is. I think all is need is to come to the understanding that there is a person (that you love) in the to other side. It all became so…ugly and superficial. I don’t really know how to bring the thing I feel into words, I just hope you feel it in within. Words, soft ones, are something to practice on. Its all about making your partner…make room for some mooshy stuff…feel special. You came home from a hard day, that’s great. You are not alone. there is someone else in the next room that also just came from a hard work day, maybe harder than you had. come on!!! Ever thought of it that all it takes is for you to listen. Just listen. All I am saying is that if you love- show it. Make it look like its important to you. Don’t be lazy. If you would- it won’t bring you two holding hands in your elderly.
I don’t know, maybe it just me but I think its huge. Experience it. The outcome would be instantly in shape of a smile, of hug or just a a eye piercing look. Respect. Respect is the key of relationships. A lost key. Find it and use it. Don’t Give up so fast. Try understanding the other side.

Take care,

Best answer:

Answer by Jess
I agree- I have only been married for 3 years- and during these years I have had plenty of reasons to leave my husband. However, when I spoke my marriage vows I meant them. Divorce to us was never an option- and I think to so many people it is..the way out. Marriage is NOT easy- I tell others it is like having another full time job and unless you are willing to work at that other job don’t get married.
It is a daily joy for me to respect my husband and do things to make his life easier….I do this because he loves me so much and does the same for me. It is not always easy- we have our moments. But we are committed to each other with a love that is worth it.
Good thoughts- Don’t give up too fast. Or don’t go into a marriage with the thought that if this doesn’t work then we can just seperate. (I am NOT talking about the situations that there is abuse or cheating…if that is the case LEAVE now)

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Sep 072011

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Aug 222011

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