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Question by Bry: For mixed religion families: how do you incorporate each tradition into your holiday celebrations?
I don’t know if I worded that right, but basically this is my situation…I am Buddhist, my husband is Catholic. We aren’t really raising our kids any one religion, but a mixture of both (and when they are older, we will encourage them to explore their own ideas on life, religion, etc.)

Now that are kids are getting old enough to really understand the holidays, we want to start family traditions of our own to incorporate both religions. Any ideas from other Buddhist, Catholic or mixed religion families?

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Answer by Stopper :)
My grandma is a Catholic and my grandpa is a Muslim, my grandma always tried to raise my mom as a Catholic and my grandpa didn’t mind, but he did encourage her to learn more about the Muslim religion considering they lived in Pakistan, a Muslim country. They always celebrated Eid, Christmas, and Easter.
Anyway my mom decided to be a Muslim and she married my dad who is also a Muslim and they moved to the states. We still celebrate Eid, Christmas, and Easter.
In my opinion I do not think you should raise your kids with both religions. That’s what happened to my mom and she hardly knows anything about being a Muslim.
It is a hard situation though, but I really think you and your husband should discuss it and decided what religion you are going to raise your kids.
Good luck!

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