Sep 192012

Question by benyjets23: What Zac Brown Band CD is their recorded/studio extended edition of Free (with Into The Mystic) on?
I know they’ve put out a couple live albums that have it, but I am hoping to find the recorded version.. You help would be very much appreciated.

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Answer by rocker
Pass the Jar- Zac Brown & friends From the Fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta

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Jul 012011

An extended cinematic trailer from last year’s E3 for Huxley, the upcoming MMOFPS by WebZen for the Xbox 360 and PC. The game follows the story of a troubling future where Earth is crippled by war and natural disasters in the wake of a world-wide cultural shift brought about by genetic engineering and biological modification. You see humanity eventually modified themselves so much that they became split into sub-races that scarcely resembled original humans, which inevitably leads to a biblical level of racial prejudice and hatred. Two main sub-races, the Sapiens and the Alternatives, wage an all out war for their own survival, as well as to control the planet for themselves. Among the other remnants of humanity are various species of dangerous, feral mutants that only make things mor complicated for the Sapiens and Alternatives. Here a group of Alternatives is battling a nest of Hybrids, apparently provoked to attack them by the Sapiens. The cinematic is rendered with the same engine as the in-game graphics.

With Iraqi filmmaker Mohammed Al Daradjis latest film, Son of Babylon, set to appear at the upcoming Doha Tribeca Film Festival, we look back at the story behind the story of his previous film, Ahlaam. Trip Of Dreams is the story of a film that has traveled the world but never been home. Now the time has come to finally screen Ahlaam in Baghdad.
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