Dec 302013

Question by endless bliss: No creator, No God, everything is useless and nothing exists?
Since scientists have found out that the Universe after the “Big Bang” came into existence on itself, and just as the quantum particles behave and a proton can come into existence on its own.

There was nothing before the Universe and all this expansion of it and its quantum particles is simply governed by their own laws and they can come into existence without any other force.

Is everything useless, nameless and nothing, are we humans living in complete dreams and there exists only nothingness endlessly beyond time without any any reality in any of our knowledge?

Is everything false and only nothing a truth?
Beautiful Answers all of you, esp. Phil on pill, Jesere and Curtis Edward (I understand what you are trying to say)

@Plogsties, I am not stupid that I posted this question in Philosophy forum, You are ignorant and each scientist will see where a question is posted and what the person is trying to ask.

Had my question been in a Science forum it would have been valid what you said.. but based upon the discovery of science(without even blaming science for anything) I am asking this Philosophical question about reality with other people here, I don’t need stupid people like you to show off their street side medicine knowledge here.. don’t judge me for what I am not, I am responsible only for what I am

When science inquires into something naturally the philosophical questions about it arise, nowhere in my question I insulted or said anything about science but people like you are ready to feed your ego by
wanting other general people to ridicule science so that you can throw your

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Answer by Phil’S On Pills
It is wonderfull isnt it? We thought we were a full cup, and now we find out that we are actually an empty cup. And as everybody knows, there is only so much you can do with a full cup. But with an empty cup, oh the possibilities are endless. You can fill it with the drink of your choice and even mixx them up with whatever you want to. You are the captain of that boat, the barman of that drink.
So grab life by the horns cos you are in charge.
That is of course only from the perspective of Atheist and Anti-theist. So try to be more positive in how you type out your views cos not everyone is willing to think like Atheist and Anti-theist.
Go get em and enjoy your day! :-)

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Jul 252013

Question by Jayden’s ♥mommy♥: Does the idea that the universe exists for the conscious observer have some scientific merit?
I’m talking as either an intelligent being created the universe *for* us, or we are in some kind of computer simulation.
I also would like your own interpretations, outside of what the religion says is preferable, though religious opinions are good answers too, just insert some independent thought if you can.
(props to BlueSkies)

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Answer by Alexis
There is no evidence to suggest this.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that it *isn’t* true. But there’s no reason to believe there is.

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Sep 182012

Question by : what is the title of the alchemist hand book for advanced dungeon and dragons if it even exists?
I started a new class and my mother told me of a book/pamphlet the she had used when she first started. But I cannot find any kind of alchemical hand book any where. So if anyone could maybe drop me a link to one that I can download it from or even give me a title to search it would be appreciated. And my search is not restricted to just advanced D&D.

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Answer by Vince Lethal
Seeing as you mentioned your Mom using it:

She might be referring to “The Compleat Alchemist” published by Bard Games in the 80′s. There have been other treatments of the Alchemist profession I’m sure.

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Dec 172011

Question by valpuq: How do you know everything actually exists??
We create a perspective of the world based on what we observe with out senses. But what if our senses are wrong?
How do you know that everything you think is real actually exists.
What if your consciousness were the only thing that existed and everything you know (physics, interpersonal relationships, our senses..etc) has been a vast fantasy you’ve created out of loneliness and just haven’t realized it yet?

You can have faith that this is real, but there is never certainty. You could never actually prove that anything exists without relying on the very senses that you trust in but have no way of proving are real.
IF you really are the only thing that is real and everything you see has been created by you.. could that mean that you are the real god?

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Answer by ?
umm because I’m here right now

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Nov 222011
by sbpoet

Question by Alex: Do you think reality exists separate from our consciousness?
If nobody in this universe had consciousness, no animals would it still exist? What do you think makes something real? Is it just the interpretation we get from our five senses? Do you think there are more senses we are not conscious of?

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Answer by monkey777monkey
Part of that is a good question.

There is an objective reality, and there is also subjective awareness of parts of that reality.

If all people were deaf, you could also ask “are there other senses?” and some would say no, others might say yes.

Look at animals that have all sorts of unusual senses, some of which scientists don’t understand. Likely there are many more senses in animals that we can’t guess.

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Sep 102011
Physics and Consciousness
by j-No

Question by Flying Grok: How do you measure your soul ? Prove it exists ?
…and someone will surely come up with early XX century experience with some doctors killing dogs and checking their weight before and after death, and trying the same with humans.
His balance was not good, and he came up with the ridiculous idea that the soul weighs 20g.

And the funny thing, some people believed that !

Seriously folks…how do you measure the soul ?
How do you prove it exists, seeing that all consciousness, emotions, memory, instincts, altruism, … have been explained successfully using biology, physics, and NOT theology or spiritual dimension blablablabla… ?
Lion of the tribe, I invite you to check some books. Research is not hypothetical.
Studying brain-damaged people, making scans of people brain while asking them to think of something,
studying animals behavior, studying toddlers, … have produced a mass of information.

I recommend easy-to-read book by Steven Pinker, Noam Chomsky, Jarod Diamond, to start learning on this.
@Weifmester, if it looks like a duck, smell like a duck, sounds like a duck…a duck then ?
if a billion people believe a stupid thing, it does not make it true !
What makes it true ? Proof that it is true !

People believe you had to leech away disease from people blood to get them better. True, the few people who survived the treatment, were fine. The others died.
Lots of people believe in sugar pills healing them ( homeopathy ), it does not make it a serious way to heal people ( just a good way to make money ).
so… a summary…you prove a soul exist by 1)redefining the word 2)saying other people believe in it 3)quoting bible

…can you do a bit better ?

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Answer by Lion of the tribe
you can’t measure consciousness

biological and physics explanation for consciousness, emotions, memory, etc are hypothetical

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Apr 292011

Question by Liberal Nemesis: Do you think that consciousness exists within the brain and dies with death?
Or that perhaps our brain is just an organ which is able to interpret consciousness which is pervasive throughout the entire universe?

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Answer by Jonathan N
yeah. maybe its an advanced survival mechanism

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Nov 302010

Question by Astarte: Does God exists if we are not in a state of consciousness?
Our brain is limited and we employ the term God to express the infinite unknown that surrounds our meaningless existence and the mysterious informations we live in and have to decode , we invented many things to simplify this multitude of informations that we receive but cannot know its reality : we invented time , space, evolution and God , therefore God is an abstract word but includes everything from the many received informations to the many unreceived ones like the dark matter in our universe , these informations interact with our lives and change it thus we have to live with what is around us from the metaphysics to the physics , we are not subjected to a random evolution as Darwin stated we live in a moving vessel called earth with no time nor space except in our minds , this world exists only when we look at it and this whole concept of God is nothing but a term that makes our existence meaningful to an extent , as the universe doesnt exist if we dont look , God too doesnt exist if we are not in a state of consciousness

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Answer by officer_betty_lou
What is that supposed to be? Like if a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to here it does it still make a sound? Maybe try reading the whole “I think there for I am speach” who was it Detante or someone like that?

And if you are going to try taking your philosophy classes the seriously you are going to end up with a nervious breakdown.

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Aug 152010

Question by bladecrimson: Is it possible that the extra dimensions are where our consciousness exists?
String theory and quantum physics suggest that there are numerous, inconceivably small extra dimensions coiled up in every measurable corner of what we experience as 4D space/time. Can energy have form and consciousness without having substance (physical matter). If so could this energy access and or emanate from these tiny recesses in reality?

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Answer by Victoria M
You may have something there Blade. I’ve been trying to figure this out for some time now. Possibly a “pocket universe” where the energy exists that we call consciousness that is activated by a nexus within our brain. Very good theory.

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