Oct 082013

Question by The Architect: If the universe is consciousness, can it evolve?
If the universe is consciousness (quantum computer), can the way it processes information evolve, such as a change in the fundamental laws of physics?

Could the big bang be a prior evolution?

Any thoughts about the topic are welcome…

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Answer by doeboy111
the universe is constantly changing and shifting and exploding 10000000000000000 times more powerfully than nukes. the big bang, was the start of the universes time stream. just watch doctor who from the ninth doctor till now and you will learn everything you want.

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Sep 112012

Question by askyourmind: Did matter evolve to create consciousness or did consciousness evolve to create matter?
Said another way, the Spiritual world is said to be nonphysical in nature and exists independently from matter. That is, the physical world would not exist if there was no one (sentient beings) there to perceive it. The Spiritual world is also said to be infinite and not subject to the constraints of linear time, death, or decay.

Conversely, the physical world is defined by its limitations. Everything is composed of the same material, but differences in configuration, finite dimensions and measurable attributes are what distinguish one thing from another. Thus: Spiritual world = infinite. Physical world = finite. Mathematically, we know that the infinite can not be produced from the finite; but, the finite can be produced from the infinite. So, did matter (finite) evolve to create consciousness (infinite) or did Spiritual consciousness and perception (infinite) evolve to create matter (finite)?

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Answer by General Dogbitz
at first glance your question appears plausible.

then I read it.

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Aug 092011

Question by -♣-: Why did we evolve the cerebral cortex or specifically consciousness?
I mean whats the point of consciousness?

Other organisms are fine without it, so why did we evolve it?

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Answer by don
Other “mammals have a cerebral cortex qualitatively similar to ours, though, with rare exceptions, much smaller. Some exhibit intelligence and a learned behavior and are moved by feelings and moods, even with emotional attachment and understanding. So we must give them some feelings and qualia such as we human beings experience even though it cannot be rationally established in the way that is possible by interhuman communication.”
Evolution of consciousness


“Sir John Eccles, a distinguished scientist and Nobel Prize winner who has devoted his scientific life to the study of the mammalian brain, tells the story of how we came to be, not only as animals at the end of the hominid evolutionary line, but also as human beings possessed of reflective consciousness. Eccles traces the line of human evolutionary descent through developments such as skilled bipedal walking and dawning spirituality, linking them with the growth of the human brain. He conjectures that the beginning of human language came with Homo habilis and its greatly enlarged brain, while the mystery of self-consciousness is related to the newly developing neocortical areas of the brain.”
Evolution of the brain: creation of the self – by Sir John Carew Eccles


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